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Let's Go Rays!

So with 14 games to go, it looks like we are rooting for some playoff baseball.  Rays have a slight advantage to go over the evil Red Sox.  Hopefully we can old thos bastards off and get to the...


GasLamp's "Adopt a Team"

Being a baseball fan, and being use to rooting for my team during the September Push/Playoffs, I feel a little depressed that we have all this negativity surrounding our team.  So I think we, as a...


2009 Padres Season Outlook

So with the rumors going around about the payroll, and people talking about how the padres should sign this high price free agents and that free agent.  I decided to take a look at the FA list and...


2008 Padres Drinking Game Rules!

Season got you down?  Have you realized that the team you have invested so much time following through the past years, reading updates from the owner’s meeting, debating at length is free agent X...


Outfield options

So, spring training is a few weeks away.  While the young guys, Headley and Antonelli, will get a shot at OF in Spring training, I would rather see them start the year in AAA ball to keep there...


Matty V makes TMZ

So, My wife is addicted to gossip columns.  I guess everyone needs a vice, and since she has rights to the Padres season tickets I will give her a free pass (that and passing a human being out of...


Dodger Make Offer for Santana

So after the Padre's were able to "steal" Wolfe from them, the Dodgers made a huge offer for Santana.  While the offer is really reall big, not sure if it will immedietly help the twins.  After...


Open Thread Dodgers at Padres, 1PM today

A weird Monday series opening day game at Petco.  Its $1 Micro-Brew day also!  Happy B-day TTG!  Hopefully Jake can come through.  We need him to pitch well today, since he is also going tommorrow....


15 wins and 20 Wins

I think a few of us are hoping that Peavy will get 20-wins, which seems to be the benchmark for a GREAT pitching season.  I think he can do it.  6 more starts, and he needs 4 wins.The great Maddux...


Jake Saves the Season

Similar to a Phoenix rising from the ashes we turn to are talented Snake Slayer to extradite the demons of this losing skid. Ron Mexico has left us, and his brother Ookie has to much on his plate...

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