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Fill in your own Caption.


"The Cubs need all the help they can get." Given the fact the Astrodome was a House of Horrors for the Cubs, the cartoon is appropriate.


It takes a lot for me to praise the Padres.....

But I guess it's time to give them some props.


If you are unhapppy with the 2010 Cubs

It has been so much worse. The long-timers have pointed this out here more than a few times along the way after the failures of the past few years, when so much was expected.  I've found a Chicago...

Mesa still facing problems in the attempt to keep the Cubs


The regular season has gotten in the way of Spring Training News.


The "Cubs Factor" Of The Cactus League

Unfortunately, I cannot make the trip to the Valley Of The Sun this season.  But, friends of mine are keeping me posted about their Cactus League experience this spring.

The Past 15 years of the Cactus League, and the Future


The Cubs have talked with the Gila River Indians? I don't recall this....

The Naples Daily Rag says..."Speculation Swirls about Spring Training Location."


I guess the author of this rather one-sided piece (If this is actually journalism) could not find another "S" word to continue the alliteration.

Curses! (But not in Chicago, eh?)


I think a donut at Tim Horton's would solve this angst.

End of an Era In Scottsdale


Jack Brickhouse and Vince Lloyd used to always mention this establishment....back in the day...

Doonesbury and the Cubs 8-14


In no way am I trying to be political here, so please do not go there.'s funny.


Scam or Souvenir?

  While watching some of Thursday's White Sox/Angels game, Steve Stone read a promotional announcement that I found to be pretty remarkable. Give the White Sox credit. They've found a way to make...

Cubs fans are frustrated, but it could be worse.


This reminds me of the Cubs teams I grew up with. This season may be a wash, but THIS situation is worse.

"Moneyball" -- "Stoplighted" by Hollywood....


Why am I not surprised? I never thought this would translate to a feature film.


If you want to be in the Movie, "Moneyball......"

  Well, here's your chance.   From    Project Name: Money Ball Starting a new movie called MONEY BALL - from a book of the same title. This takes place 2001...


Why Didn't Scales Make The Show Earlier?

Here are some possible reasons that Bobby Scales didn't make the Padres, some 5 years ago... (First posted in a fan shot thread, but perhaps it would launch more discussion here) After a good...


A Visit To Camelback Ranch

Al has given you the recap, so I can fill in some the details.... Z's homer was a....bomb. He lined it right over the power alley fence....the wall is marked 380 to left-center, so it was 400' --...


Sirius-XM may drop MLB

And for that matter, the NFL, too. From "Inside Radio'" via the "Wall Street Journal:" Facing a $925 million debt repayment schedule this year, the satellite radio operator is assessing just...


OK, A New Spin on The Padres and U-Know-Who...

I -- and I'd wager, all here -- would think that Jeff Moorad would be in full charge of the Padres as soon as he was approved, and the ink was dry on the contract. But, as I interpret this story...

A Day In The Life Of A Cubs Scout


As some may know I do some news writing/anchoring for a SD radio station...I'm always on the lookout for different sources that might offer interesting stories. I have seen this new site -- -- that has local branches nationwide. On the Chicago site...I found this....

Padres desperate; Peavy Pissed?


Many reasons why this deal is NOT dead. Again, patience wins this one in the long run, and the Cubs give up fewer pieces.

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