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The Blazers have always been an important part of my life, and I have a deep appreciation for the history and importance of the Trail Blazers for the city of Portland. Plus, Bill Schonely is my hero!

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  • MLB Chicago Cubs
  • NBA Portland Trail Blazers
  • NCAAB Gonzaga Bulldogs
  • NFL Oakland Raiders
  • Tennis Roger Federer
  • Soccer Portland Timbers
User Blog

Adam Morrison Appreciation Thread

Farewell Adam Morrison. You may not have seen the court much during the preseason, but your brief time with the Blazers will be remembered by basketball fans in the Northwest. You had a large group...

Podcast of Schonely's call


Apparently you can download the entire second half with Schonely's call at Blazers.com. You can also stream it at http://blog.oregonlive.com/blazers/2009/10/audio_bill_schonely_calls_the.html Maybe someone can edit together a mix of Schonely's best calls from last night?


Contest Entry: How the '06 Blazers got me through college

This goes under the category of "My personal greatest Blazer moment."

Just be glad the Blazers didn't do this again


OK, so the whole "signing" of Hedo Turkoglu turned out to be bogus. But it could have been worse. Remember this?


Covering the tourney at the Rose Garden

This weekend I experienced probably the biggest thrill in my short career as a college journalist: I got to cover the Gonzaga Bulldogs at the Rose Garden for the first two rounds of the tournament. ...


No love for the ladies?

Come on, Courtney Vandersloot wins WCC player of the year, and her, Heather Bowman, and Vivian Frieson were named First-Team All-WCC! Hell, even Kelly Bowen was named to the all-freshman team! J...


Blazers' Mt. Rushmore

Scoop Jackson recently wrote a new column in which he picks the "Mt. Rushmore" for every NBA team. In other words, he wanted to choose the four most significant faces in the history of each...

Western Aerial Blazer theme


Western Aerial Blazer theme

Anyone know where I can download the Trail Blazers theme (the rock version performed by Western Aerial)?

Bill Bayno resigns at LMU


This is too bad. I was really pulling for him at LMU. Hopefully he is able to recover from his bout with depression and move on with his life and career.


Will Nuggets trade affect Blazers' playoff hopes?

I'm suprised there hasn't been a lengthy discussion on this topic yet. but I wanted to gage the reactions of my fellow Blazer fans to see how today's trade sending Iverson to the Pistons and...


The gift of the Blazers

Courtesy of Sandberg On Sports I spent Tuesday, Oct. 7 trying to figure out something meaningful to do for my birthday. Turning 22 isn’t exactly a huge milestone, but I wanted to find something...

Wikipedia cracks me up


I love wikipedia, because anyone can go on and edit whatever they want. Often you're going to find how someone really feels about the subject, including Sacramento King Spencer Hawes. "Hawes played center at Seattle Prep, where his questionable leadership skills caused the team to miss the state tournament entirely in 2005 (despite playing alongside fellow future NBA top-ten draft pick Martell Webster)." And then later... "Hawes is an ignorant, conservative Republican and critic of Al Gore's documentary An Inconvenient Truth." Anyone seen other random Wikipedia entries for NBA players, possibly Blazers?


1977 title series on TV!

Has anyone else noticed that Comcast SportsNet has been replaying the 1977 NBA title series this past week? Games 1 and 2 were on the past 2 nights at 7 p.m. That means that for the next four...


Vincent Askew arrested

As I said, former Blazer Vincent Askew was arrested today. Does Jail Blazer status count if it is applied retroactively? Granted, no one associates Askew with the Blazers (I think even John...


Saw Petteri Koponen play tonight

The Gonzaga Bulldogs were playing an intersquad scrimmage tonight in front of the fans, and I happened to go just to check out next year's team. As I watched the first game, I noticed a player out...


Save Our Sonics

Hey everyone, I wrote this a few days ago, and I figured it would be best for everyone to read it. As big of a Blazer fan as I am, it is a total travesty what Stern and Co. are doing. Read on...h...


Rip City c/o Spokane

Hey everyone, just wanted to show that even though I'm 300 miles away, I still represent the red and black.When I first started going to Gonzaga, I thought that it would be hard to adjust to not...

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