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Tampa area sports and cold beer go together like peanut butter and jelly. I'm also a Mariners fan now.

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On Plate Discipline

Spencer Schneier recently had a fantastic read on a new way to evaluate plate discipline. While his take is strong and worth the read I feel we can take it further. The basic concept of plate...


Nobody Reads Fanposts: A Fanposted Trade Suggestion From an (the?) Outsider

Gentleman, ladies, trolls: It is no secret that the Royals have much coveted talent just oozing like an open sore. While tradesterbation focuses (unrealistically?) on Wil Myers, a tantalizing...


Offseason Community Service

Baseball is over, but the time to reflect and project is only just beginning. There is a rich community here of folks that have opinions and basic writing skills. Heck, some even know how to...


sandy's favOriTe fanTasy hOckey sTuDs

You guys are in luck that I finally discovered this place. I've been playing fantasy hockey for the last 17 years and I can assure you that I've never had a losing season. Now that you have some...

Using Pitch F/x to delve into Pitcher/Catcher results


The idea here is to look for which catchers line up best with each starting pitcher using the 2012 data thus far. Jose Lobaton could prove to be exactly what the doctor ordered when it comes to turning the Rays catching situation from a negative to a positive as he's had real success so far with several of the Rays pitchers. The following link tells the tale.

A Quick Look at the Toughest Batters Using Pitch Values


I can't help but laugh when I hear announcers say things along the lines of, "This guy is the best/worst and here's why..."  There are various renditions of this, but what we're talking about here...

Looking at Allowed wOBA vs. Expected For AL Pitchers


Being a fan of a team from the American League East can be trying at times as other teams around Major League Baseball don't appear to be playing the same game. Sure, the bases are 90 feet and the...

Rays 3 - Jays 2: Quick Recap


Rays win in the bottom of the night has B.J. Upton hits a 2-run homer.


Toronto Blue Jays at Tampa Bay Rays, May 3, 2011 GDT

The Return of Longo is going to be much needed this series as we take on two lefties and a very good righty.  Go Rays! via i273.photobucket.com


Apr. 15 Twins at Rays GDT

Only thing better than a 3 game winning streak is a 4 game winning streak.  Tune in to see if Wade Davis can beat Nick "Ball in Play" Blackburn. Fuld lfDamon dhJoyce rfLopez 3bUpton cfRodriguez...

Top 30 Starts of 2009 - Part 3


With this installment we now reach the half-way point in this countdown.  As a recap, here are Parts 1 & 2.  Here is a brief rundown of who has done what so far: Shields: 23, 24 Garza: 28, 29 P...

Top 30 Starts of 2009 - Part 2


In part 1, we looked at the  26th - 30th best starts of 2009.  Continuing on the countdown I now bring you 21 - 25.  If you use your memory or clicked the link you may have noticed that Jeff...

Top 30 Starts of 2009 - Part 1


Over the next six weeks I will be bringing you the best starting performances by Rays pitchers this season.  Every Friday you will get the chance to rewind to a better part of the season, when the...

Did the Rays Bats Get Tired?


Remember when the Rays had the most runs in either league?  Remember when they were the best offense in the game?  Yeah, it's been awhile since we've seen the dynamic offense that carried our...

Maximizing Ronde Barber


Should Ronde be moved to free safety? Check out the argument for it inside

Matt Garza vs. The World


Ok, not really the world, but near the end of the GDT tonight there was a quick mention about how we could not trade Garz, because of his numbers against the AL East.  Off the top of my head I...

Dave Cameron Officially Ends the Rays 2009 Season


2009 was a missed opportunity. If Tampa Bay wants to remain in the mix with the big money teams, they can't afford more missed opportunities. The Rays need to reload their roster this winter, and...



With the grand playoff push starting in roughly January this year it is easy to lose track of just how far we've come.  I became a big fan of the Rays in 2002.  Since then they have assimilated...

You can't have pudding until you finish your meat


via www.fangraphs.com Lance Cormier -.462 WPA

Jason Bartlett's Trade Value


Since we were discussing this earlier I thought I would put some work in on this.  There is a messy, quick example within the Bartlett Declining Defense thread.  The first step is seeing how much...

Pat the Bat by 10 Game Increments


A couple of statistics, calculated from B-Ref, for Pat Burrell.  These are by 10 game increments.  This is the most success he has had all season, but I wouldn't necessarily expect it to...

Fangraphs Team Win Values - Part 5


So I haven't done one of these since May 11 so I figured it would be a good idea to see how things have moved in the last 2 months.  I'm not going to go as in depth, because, frankly, I don't have...

Estimated Wins updated through last night


It sure is nice to watch a great start.  Niemann was brilliant last night and is really showcasing himself as the sponge that can go out and soak up some innings.  I wanted to present the update...

I was wondering if you guys wanted anything for Henry Blanco? The Rays could use a solid backup...


I was wondering if you guys wanted anything for Henry Blanco? The Rays could use a solid backup catcher on the cheap and, well, I mean do you even want anything for him? Could we just like give you a handshake or a milkshake or maybe rake your yard for an hour? Anyways, not sure if anyone reads fanshots over here, but some kind of answer would be appreciated.

Sandy Kazmir

A Look at Runs, By Inning Splits


  The above image is the Rays, and their opponents', runs by inning.  Look at that vast chasm from the 5th inning on. The only inning we have been outscored is the first (thanks Kaz & Sonny). ...

Updated Deserved Wins


I've updated the FIP look I did the other day and thought you guys might find it interesting.  I have made the workbooks more user friendly, though it is still a process.  I now have the Red Sox...

Est. Wins using Fip for and Against


FIP v. FIP, Rays Starters expected records using probability to compare Rays FIPs against Opposition pitchers FIPs.

A Look at Pitch Type & Value


Where do your Starters rank when it comes to pitch effectiveness? A look at how well a starter uses

Rays win 5-4, Everyone is Happy


via www.fangraphs.com

Beej's Slash by Batting Order Position 2007 - 09


    Total BOP PA  AVG   OBP   SLG   OPS  1 288    0.235    0.328    0.371    0.698 2 289    0.268    0.383    0.389    0.772 3 453    0.277    0.376    0.424  ...

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