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Germany, Braves, and SC Freiburg

Marco Reus, Miroslav Klose, and Andrelton Simmons are 3 players that I follow

"Es ist ein absoluter Witz, mich mit ihm zu vergleichen. Ihn darf man mit niemandem vergleichen. Was er geleistet hat, die Anzahl der Spiele und der Tore, ist einmalig. Das habe ich ihm auch schon persönlich gesagt"

("It is an absolute joke to compare me to him (Gerd Müller). No one compares to him. What he achieved was unique, the number of goals per game. And I also said that to him personally")

- Miroslav Klose (on passing Gerd Müller as Germany's all time leading scorer... despite the fact that Klose is the greatest scorer in the history of the World Cup and the leading scorer of all time for Germany)

A Fan Of...

  • MLB Atlanta Braves
  • NFL Atlanta Falcons
  • NCAAB North Carolina Tar Heels
  • FIFA Germany
  • Bundesliga SC Freiburg
User Blog

My Favorite Greg Maddux Memory

I vividly remember watching Maddux pitch against the Reds one game (looking at the records I think it was the Aug. 15th, 1993 1-0 game. I was a kid and it was a long time ago, so please forgive the...


Where did everybody go? Oh well, finally a chance to rosterbate

We are nearing the trade deadline...and I do not see a rosterbation post anywhere. We now finally have some peace and quiet, to sit down, fantasize about our favorites and rosterbate. Do we want to...


My experience meeting Andrelton Simmons

So, I ran into Andrelton Simmons at Lenox Mall this afternoon while out shopping with my wife and daughter. I immediately recognized him, but at first did not want to bother him as I figured he...

Pirates DFA McLouth


Poor Nate. He certainly underperformed here in Atlanta, but I cannot believe that he is really that bad. Many people will say that statistically he fell off a cliff. I think it is more accurate to say that, metaphorically speaking, he got hit by a train...the RF Heyward Express train.


Is Minor maturing?

From the post-game interview by DOB over at the AJC after the win in game 1 over the Diamondbacks where Minor gave up only 1 ER in 8 innings in a 10-2 win: On going eight innings “It was good for...

On the impact of Walker and Fletcher on Braves hitting


Some great stuff. Thus far it certainly looks like this was a brilliant idea. The players seem to agree... "I just look at each player individually and how their swing works. There’s a lot of different ways to go about hitting. You’re trying to figure out what makes a guy good, and when it’s going bad what you can do to correct it." " So now you just start looking at ways to be effective. … I’m just a small piece of the puzzle. What I do is minuscule compared to the players. There’s a lot of failure in this game and that’s one thing I’ve never forgotten is how hard it is to play. … Over the years I’ve tried to learn about mechanics as much as I could. I’ve gone all over the country talking to people, trying to steal stuff so I can help and do some small part."

An interesting look back at 2011 predictions


I found it very interesting, bordering on the absurd, that literally every single one of the 45 analysts at ESPN picked the Red Sox to win the AL East in 2011 - every. single. one. Not one of them picked the Yankees to win their division. Not one picked the Blue Jays to make a surprise challenge. Also the vast overwhelming majority picked the Red Sox to win it all 33/45. (Not to laugh too much because I also picked the Red Sox to win their division and compete for the World Series). Further, not one analyst picked the Cardinals to even reach the World Series...or even come close. If you do not click on the link, and merely read the title (and this), note that the 2011 predictions in the link covers 45 ESPN analysts. Think about that: all 45 analysts picked the Red Sox to win the AL East. 33 of those 45 analysts picked Boston to win the World Series. Not one picked the Cardinals to even reach the World Series. Also of interesting note, nearly half (22) of the analysts picked the Rockies to win the NL West and one picked them to win the World Series. Not one of them picked the Diamond backs to even do so much as win the Wild Card. If you click the link and simply observe the predictions and then think about how the season actually panned out, you see some startling thing. I know most of us here scoff at ESPN baseball included, but seriously these were the prediction numbers of 45 2011 preseason analysts at one of the largest sports networks in the world. I find the contrast between the predictions (including number and reputation) and reality to be fascinating.


Norton vs. Proctor: a creative exercise in futility

So I posted this on one of the daily articles (8/9/2011 Uggla No Struggla) but I want to hear what people see as the outcome in two face-offs between two of the greatest underachievers in recent B...

Hilarious Awesomeness ensues after we leave Houston


This is my first fanshot. I know it is not very Braves related but it happens just after we finish a four games series there. I found it so amusing I could not help but share... It also explains what happened to our offense after we left there. Most diseases take a couple days before they set in. I just hope we recover quickly. Make sure you stay healthy.

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