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Sean Payton at the SMU luncheon


I had a friend clean up the audio for me. It was well worth the money. He was awesome!



"This is Roger Goodell. He's the commissioner of the NFL. Someone, please, FIRE THIS A**HOLE." NAIL, HEAD.

Goodell deserves a raise, not ridicule


"Though Goodell is the ultimate steward of the sport, in some circumstances he is simply a minion. In this specific case, Goodell is doing what the NFL’s owners want him to do." Florio's writing is obviously lost on most of the people commenting but it's true that he is doing what the owners want and nothing will change until they say so. This makes me wonder about Benson during all of Bountygate, not to mention Benson is just as responsible for the ref lockout. Jim Irsay may be a crazy drunk but something tells me he would not have stood quiet while his team was being dismantled.

Sean Payton to speak at a SMU athletic luncheon in Dallas, TX


Tues, Oct 2nd 12-1:30pm. Open to the public, tickets are $60. I am going (alone). Not sure if any fans in Dallas want to join me. Dan Kelly? Link to purchase tickets:

Ref says he gave the 49ers two challenges they didn’t have


"The replacement referee working today’s 49ers-Vikings game didn’t know the rules about when a coach can challenge a call. According to the Associated Press, referee Ken Roan said after the game that he had mistakenly awarded 49ers coach Jim Harbaugh two challenges after Harbaugh called his final timeout. " This is straight up cheating by Harbaugh. He knows the rules, he challenged the play then did it again because he got away with it the first time. If the Vikings would have lost this situation would be hitting defcon level 5 right now.

Illness means Panthers could be thin on the defensive line


The Panthers could be thin up front when they face the Saints tomorrow, after a bug made its way through the locker room.

NFL will honor decision of appeals panel


"Commissioner Goodell will, as directed, make an expedited determination of the discipline imposed for violating the league’s pay-for-performance/bounty rule," NFL spokesman Greg Aiello said. "Until that determination is made, the four players are reinstated and eligible to play starting this weekend.""

Camp Buzz: Blitzing Drew Brees not a bad idea


"Blitzing Drew Brees worked in 2011. This goes against conventional wisdom, but it's also undeniably true."

Brees’ call for dialogue and understanding puts Goodell on the spot


"With a few days to let that bomb marinate in the minds of the football-loving public, Brees had time to cool off on his own. Maybe it was that he was finally throwing passes for real in a training camp situation, but when he spoke to SIRIUS NFL Radio on Wednesday, Brees tried to strike a more conciliatory tone."

Video: Fitzgerald on the art of reception


Since the HOF game is only a short time away, thought I would post this video. Pretty interesting by one of the best in the league.

NFL Power Rankings 2012: Packers Head Into Training Camp No. 1


"NFL training camps begin this week, which means it is time to assess where each team is heading into the 2012 season. We compiled the average power rankings from our NFL bloggers." Saints at #8, after the Ravens, Texans and Giants, right before Denver...interesting.

Trust Goodell without proof? No can do


"But Goodell’s actions say he wants us to just trust him. I’m not trusting anyone. We do that all the time, trusting Joe Paterno and Jerry Sandusky as leaders doing what’s right for young men. We trusted that Tiger Woods was a good family man, that Roger Clemens was defying age."

Vitt's Pre-Draft Press Conference


Assistant Head Coach/Linebackers Coach spoke with the media on Tuesday One of the best quotes... "We never taught any of our players that when they crossed the white line to injure another player. I regret the words that were spoken at meetings. Again, I want to say this one last time and (the) players in our league already know this, what you do on the field speaks so well that there is no need to hear what you have to say. The body of work that our players have on the field has spoken well. I don’t think that you acquire the players that we have and the coaches that have come here unless you’re a first-class organization. That’s what we have here."

I'm not replacing Payton, I'm more like a substitute teacher


I'm sure the transcript and video will be up soon but if you didn't hear Joe Vitt's interview it's freaking AWESOME. It's easy to understand why he was chosen to be interim head coach. And he flat out denies any intent to injure.

Saints' Drew Brees still wants 'bounty' evidence from NFL


I wish I could find the audio I head tonight on WIST. I have never heard him like that before. He straight up defends his team like he is on fire. It made me feel like he is still with us regardless of not being in practice today. Maybe a news site will post it at some point. "Brees told that when discussion turned to the "bounty" system, near the end of the meeting, "we didn't get any meaningful evidence, or any meaningful truth or facts." Asked if progress was made toward a resolution in the one unresolved area of the case -- player penalties -- Brees simply responded, "No."

Carlos Rogers confirms that Gregg Williams used bounties in D.C.


Link leads to audio. Starts at 8:47. He said it wasn't a bounty system to intentionally hurt someone, it was for legal hits, interceptions, etc. Everything he says is exactly what most of us have been saying. Never an intent to injure. Either way this is a FLAT OUT ADMISSION. If Goodell does not investigate this it will be total BS.


The NFL's joke of an appeal process and Goodell's ultimate power

I read an article about 2 Broncos players, D.J. Williams and Ryan MCBean, who recently filed a lawsuit against the NFL in order to overturn their drug suspensions. They filed an appeal that was...

New Orleans Saints could make interesting Hard Knocks viewing


Ah, yes please. Not sure if the Saints would even do the show but it would be AWESOME. Maybe we should write to HBO?

Insight: In bounty seasons, Saints among NFL's most violent


"The Saints were second in the NFL with 17 regular-season defensive flags for violating rules intended to protect players from being hurt, just behind the Oakland Raiders' 18. The league averaged nine per team."

Minor rule tweaks could play major role


Point of emphasis for officials: "Here is the statement straight from the NFL’s competition committee report: "Prior to a snap, any quick, abrupt movement by an offensive player, or several offensive players in unison, which simulates the start of a snap, is a foul. These acts include (a) a quarterback in shotgun formation thrusting his hands forward in an exaggerated manner when there is not a simultaneous snap, (b) abrupt movement of the ball by the center, (c) abrupt movement by the center's head or other body part, and (d) a quick abrupt shift by two or more players in unison.""

Agent says New Orleans Saints assistant Joe Vitt will appeal his six-game suspension


"The agent for the Saints' Joe Vitt says his client has decided to appeal his NFL suspension for his role in New Orleans' bounty system. David Cornwell said in an email to The Associated Press on Friday he and Vitt had talked about the appeal. first reported Vitt's decision."

New Orleans Saints running back Pierre Thomas speaks about injury against 49ers


"Tight end Jimmy Graham and running back Pierre Thomas were judges for a dunk contest at Fogelman Arena on Thursday."

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