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WVUE Seth Green at 1991 Saints vs Raiders Halftime show


This is hilarious! Good to see the fans still had that spirit :) Seth Green was a 17 year old struggling actor and his famous CHA-CHING! catch-phrase from Rally's Hamburgers caught on to New Orleans Saints fans. A brief portion of this clip was also featured on the November 11, 2008 episode of Late Night With Conan O'Brien when he interviewed Seth Green so now I have my 15 seconds of fame!

Brady, Brees, P. Manning to be plaintiffs in potential antitrust suit


According to multiple outlets, including NFL Network and ESPN, QBs Tom Brady, Drew Brees and Peyton Manning would be the union's lead plaintiffs in any kind of antitrust suit.

You guys might have already watched this but a friend made me watch it on Sunday because so many of...


You guys might have already watched this but a friend made me watch it on Sunday because so many of the shots are from the Saints 2009 season and Superbowl 44. The DVD is centered around the 1,000 frames per second in high-definition Phantom Cam which slows things down like you have never seen them before (this is not your mama's slow mo). Along with the great shots they detail the physics of football which is interesting no matter how you look at it. Highly recommended if you haven't seen it before!! Link to buy:,default,pd.html

New Orleans Saints RB Pierre Thomas lands back on injury report; listed as questionable for Sunday


New Orleans Saints running back Pierre Thomas, who appeared to tweak his ankle at practice Friday, was listed as limited in his participation and questionable for Sunday's game against Tampa Bay by Coach Sean Payton.

Michael Vick wants to get dog to help his rehabilitation


Here I am trying to save mine from cancer while he purposely hung his? Wow, just wow.

Several views of Whitten grabbing MJ's jersey during Austin's touchdown run. Jenkins would have...


Several views of Whitten grabbing MJ's jersey during Austin's touchdown run. Jenkins would have clearly gotten to Austin. Towards the end of the clip they show it in slow mo and Joe Buck (I think that's who it is) states Whitten got away with a mugging. Maybe I shouldn't still be pissed about this but I am tired of hearing Cowgirls fans say they should have won the game when this touchdown should have been recalled.

Saints fan gets five years in prison for beating calf to death after 2009 loss to Dallas Cowboys


What a disgusting excuse for a man, to beat a baby calf to death with a shovel why his friends watched. I hope he at least has to serve the entire term, but probably not.


Who will be at the game tommorrow?

Any of you coming from out of state?? I have posted some info on the goings on around town in relation to the game. Also per twitter "Bobby Hebert is trying to get the Who Dat nation to do the who...

Dog owner can't forgive Michael Vick


An interesting perspective from LA Times sportswriter Bill Plaschke on morality and football. "Essentially, an ex-convict is dominating America's most popular sport while victims of his previous crime continue to live with the brutality of that crime, and has that ever happened before? Do you cheer the player and boo the man? Can you cheer the comeback while loathing the actions that necessitated the comeback? And how can you do any of this while not knowing if Vick has truly discovered morality or simply rediscovered the pocket?"

Front Row Lap Dance At The Cowboys Game


Not sure if I can post this, it's a little racy but nothing horrible. Not sure if you should save it for home. I just thought it was funny and shows how classy Dallas Cowboys fans are. Go Dallas!


Saints vs Browns/My first game in pictures

I know a few people have already posted pics from Sunday's game but we were so close I thought you guys might enjoy seeing some more!

One of my favorite commercials: NFL Shop Customized Jersey Featuring The Saints (it takes a few...


One of my favorite commercials: NFL Shop Customized Jersey Featuring The Saints (it takes a few seconds to cue up)

Training at Cowboy stadium was delayed after a player found an unknown white powdery substance on...


Training at Cowboy stadium was delayed after a player found an unknown white powdery substance on the ground. Training was suspended while police and Homeland Security were called in. After analysis, experts determined that the white substance, unfamiliar to most of the players, was in fact the goal line. Practice will resume this afternoon after it was decided the team is unlikely to encounter the substance again.


Your typical smack talking fan replies?

After several run in's with local Cowboys and Vikings fans I am seeing a typical smack talking reply for each one and I wondered if you guys see the same thing. Feel free to add teams.


One of the reason I love this franchise the most

Is the fans and how everyone embraces the spirit of celebration. Just as much as music and revelry is a part of New Orleans it surrounds the Saints team in a way I don't see with other teams. It's...

Watch Pierre Thomas, Robert Meachem, Visanthe Shiancoe & Anthony Herrera on NBC's Minute to Win It Wednesday night!


They weren't on Tues night b/c Barrien and the 49ers cheerleader kept playing but will be on Wednesday night for sure! "The players in the NFL episodes, airing Tuesday and Wednesday, September 7 & 8 (8-9 p.m. ET), include New Orleans Saints Pierre Thomas and Robert Meachem and Minnesota Vikings Anthony Herrera, Visanthe Shiancoe and Bernard Barrien. Thomas and Shiancoe will team up together to win money for their respective charities – United Way for Greater New Orleans Area, The Children’s Hospital, Inc., New Orleans and National Kidney Foundation of the National Capital Area, Inc. and National Kidney Foundation of Minnesota, Inc. Bernard Barrien will play with cheerleader Amber Wright from the San Francisco 49ers cheerleading squad "Gold Rush". They will play for their respective charities Second Harvest Heartland and Bay Area Women’s Sport Initiative. Later, Meachem and Herrera will team up to play for their respective charities as well – Boys & Girls Club of Greater New Orleans, Indian Nations Football Conference and Boys & Girls Club of Collier County."


Semi off-topic question - Saints tattoos?

Do any of you have a Saints tattoo? Post it up! I have seen pictures of some crazy ones including full sleeves and chest pieces, especially following the Superbowl win.


New Orleans Saints boutique, coming to Magazine Street (already open)

The first ever NFL owned all woman's shop has opened in Nola until Sept. 18th as a tester "pop up shop" that may be expanded to other cities based on how it does in NOLA. The shop has caused so...


Not a big deal to most

but I got my tickets yesterday to my first ever Saints game at the Superdome! I am BEYOND excited for this game!!! Does anyone have any first Saints game tips for a newbie? I don't want to miss a...

New Orleans Saints schedule for your for outlook, Iphone and google calendars


Some of you probably already have this but it was a great help to me last year. You can download the schedule right to your calendar. I use the google calendar on my blackberry so I added the schedule to my google calender online, updated it on my phone and it automatically adds the dates, times, opponents, and TV network for you.


Madden 2011

You can trade a game in at Gamestop and get a $40 credit towards Madden 11. My husband's Xbox 360 broke last week so I surprised him with a new Xbox 360 Elite yesterday. It came with Halo, which he...


Gotta love these odds

The Saints prediction is the BEST!


When keeping it real goes wrong - Chad Ochocinco vs the Saints

So Ochocinco started smack talking on twitter towards guys he is facing this season and it turned personal but only with the Saints players (from what I can tell). Obviously missing some background...


This might be more for your wives or girlfriends but

if you like buying a lot of Saints crap that you don't actually need you should check out It's a bunch of artists with their own stores that sell a lot of awesome stuff. I have found some...


Going to see the Saints vs. the Browns on Oct. 24th

My husband is the "awesome" and surprised me with tickets in section 142 row 10 on the 50 yard line. He has been saving for months. Now you see why I love him? It will be interesting to see Fujita...


Inside the NFL - episode 23 - Superbowl edition!

Okay so I have this on megaupload for download in case you want to download it. If you have the room you will want, trust me, haha! I am waiting on a friend to possibly upload it onto his website...


Just thought I would share something weird

I was awake watching TV at 3:33am on January 21st (I should have been asleep) when a strange sense of calm came over me with a message that felt "other worldly" - the Saints would beat the Vikings...


Did anyone see Inside the NFL tonight?

It was AWESOME and all about the Saints as it should be. They sang the Saints praises - although I think they should have given defense more credit than they did. Pretty great overall! If you...


Peyton conspiracy theories

I heard on the radio today a couple people mention that Peyton had to of thrown the game to give his dad and city the win. They said he never throws like that and knew Porter would go for the...

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