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Husband and Father of 3. My marriage and family were both started at Penn State and my heart never truly leaves there. All around Leader. Made of Awesome.

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Piecing together a great weekend

Like many of you I graduated State College with a many things. Luckily one was a diploma and the other was an ability to create a mildly entertaining form of performance art out of binge...


My letter to Joe

Inspired by BSD and armed with Joe's real address, I sat down last night and wrote a letter to him.  I just got home from mailing it.  I thought I would share it with you and potentially make this...


Posnanski - Greatest Ever

I realize this should probably be a link in the fanshots - but NOBODY READS THE FANSHOTS. So I figured I would just copy and paste it here. Mods - I hope that isn't a problem. I just couldn't let...


'Bama tailgate plans

Getting the opportunity to meet DerryPharmer in person last Saturday was awesome and really opened my eyes to how great it can be putting faces to the names on this board.   So I figured I'd post...


Who Should Replace Our Lack of Confidence?

Confidence has long been a subject that Coach Paterno has spoken of and one of my favorite quotes from him is this: “Besides pride, loyalty, discipline, heart and mind, confidence is the key to...


Who should replace our self-loathing, hypercritical fans?

20 recs gets you bumped-Fooge Last weekend, I braved the cold and bitter rain to take my family out for a Blue/White weekend experience.  While it felt like forces were certainly working against...


The middle of February in State College

This has got to be the worst time to be a Penn State Football Player.  It's been 6 weeks since your last game - and that was a loss anyway, so the only time anyone ever talked to you about it was...

Article and Interview with Angelo Mangiro


Great article on Mangiro's performance in the Under Armour game. The video at the bottom is awesome. Talks about how other schools tried to use Paterno's age against him. What a great kid. Sounds like a true Penn Stater already!


Who should replace our pre-madonnas?

Penn State football has been, is and hopefully always will be about team performance vs individual glory.  Yes, it takes great individuals to make a great team --- but they only become a great team...


Who should replace our leadership?

Hold your horses, this isn't a "JoePa is old and needs to go" vs. "JoePa is old and should stay forever" argument ---- mostly because I think I'm going to puke if I read one more thread saying the...


Who should replace Urban Meyer?

For those keeping track, this elite program genius has guided his roster of 4 and 5 star (rumored to even have the elusive double secret pink unicorn 6 star) recruits to a craptastic 7-5 record....


FedEx Field

Headed to D.C. for the game this weekend, but I've never been to FedEx field, so I was hoping some folks might be able to help me figure out what to expect. I'm driving over to MD and taking the...


Who should replace Nick Saban?

3rd in a 118 part series.  It may be the one I enjoy the most.  There was once an elite program in Tuscaloosa, but clearly this man has lost control of everything that ever resembled a football. T...


Who should replace Mack Brown?

The 2nd in a 118 fanpost series. Another example of an "Elite" program the JoePa haters were calling out and comparing us to every chance they got.  It seems they may not know the definition of the...

The Bacon-Palooza


Hope this link works - my first time trying to do it. For those that missed here, here's a wrap of the festival showcasing everything Bacon in NYC.


Who should replace Jim Tressel?

  Seriously -- let's start this conversation.  (In a safe place though, since I don't have the cahonas to post this on an OSU board) Conservative play calling - can't keep trying to run that much.....



For years now, I have made sort of a Saturday morning ritual out of watching College Gameday in order to get geared up for the day in proper fashion.   This year - for the first time - I have...

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