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Lakers fan and Oxford Law scholar from Melbourne, Australia.

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Cavs-Celtics Postgame Overflow Thread


PAGFL asked, and so you shall all receive (and therefore we shall receive more page views :D). The Cleveland Cavaliers were beaten down pretty badly by the Boston Celtics today, and knocked out...

The Los Angeles Lakers: A Tale of Two (Hundred) Injuries


The Los Angeles Lakers: A Tale of Two (hundred) Injuries. and age.

SSR's Round 2: Lakers - Jazz Positional Preview


SSR's Round 2: Lakers - Jazz Positional Preview

So, what now? Calming down might be a good start


So, what now? Calming down might be a good start

Lakers choke, and it depressingly isn't surprising


Lakers choke, and it depressingly isn't surprising

Dear Los Angeles Lakers: An Open Letter


Dear Los Angeles Lakers: An Open Letter to our beloved team

Breaking News: Lakers' Owner Jerry Buss elected to Hall of Fame


Well-deserved, Jerry is one of the greatest owners in sports history, even if he is somewhat distant these days. Roland Lazenby should love this.

Bynum STILL can't run or jump


Far out, I know Drew has a famously long recovery time, and Lakers' staff are well-known to underestimate recovery times in general, but they claimed he'd be back by now and instead he's not even ready to run or jump. Pray he's back by the Playoffs.

Danger Zone Ahead


Danger Zone Ahead: Lakers/Spurs and the dreaded 'let down game'.

Lakers Win Basketball Game, International Disaster Avoided


Lakers win basketball game, international disaster avoided. (Lakers-Jazz recap)

Homecoming (for Kobe (of sorts))


Homecoming (for Kobe (of sorts)) - Lakers/Hornets game preview.

The Credits: "Apocalypse Now"


The Credits: "Apocalypse Now"

Andrew Bynum, Luke Walton may be back next week: ESPN LA


This is good news, obviously. While the Bynum return was expected, I hadn't heard anything on Walton in a while since there were murmurs he may be done for the season. It's great that he's already practising and can come back soon, as he really stabilises the bench. Maybe for once the team can all be fully healthy together, or at least healthy enough to get on the floor (touch wood).

SI Article on Pau Gasol


A fascinating insight into Pau Gasol, the person. It speaks of his life off the court, and highlights what makes him unqiue as a player and as a person. It also talks about the trade and how Marc has developed as a player and a person; and mentions the other members of the Gasol family. A nice reminder that athletes are people, too.

Luke Walton has started running and is hoping to rejoin the team before the playoffs, Jackson said....


Luke Walton has started running and is hoping to rejoin the team before the playoffs, Jackson said. Walton has played only 24 games this season, mainly because of recurring problems with a pinched nerve in his back.

http://articles.latimes.com/2010/mar/09/sports/la-sp-0310-lakers-fyi-20100310 Sounds like he may be back, soon. Good news for us, as I'm sure I don't need to emphasize to you guys the positive impact Luke has on our offense with his passing and ball IQ. His defense against larger SFs is passable, too.

Not only Odom


Fisher's showing some fire, too. Now if only he could hit his jump shots... Recommend you read that article, it's very encouraging. Just keep your hopes tempered, as the Lakers have not yet done anything to back up this newfound attitude.

Lamar Odom on the Lakers' Aura


Good to see the team in general is finally realising it. If Lamar Odom, the mellow calming presence in the locker room, is feeling this intense, the team as a whole is serious. The problem, however, is not just in terms of heart. The players need to execute, to show results. Pau's been talking for weeks, it still hasn't gotten him anywhere. Regardless, this is a good development.

A unique take on the state of this Laker team


Yahoo Sports' Ball Don't Lie blogger Kelly Dwyer presents a refreshing and valid view point into the Lakers' current play. I particularly agree with what is said of how our offense is the issue, which runs contrast to the majority of people blaming our defense, but is statistically proven to be the case. Link courtesy of hrghori, in the comments.

Kobe Bryant, before all this started


Golden oldie from right before the 07-08 season started, a good read.

Kobe's Ready - Will The Team Follow?


Kobe Bryant is back in 'Mr. Grumpy' mode, as his daughters Natalia and Gianna would put it. He's exhibiting the same intensity that carried him throughout the Playoffs last season. The question is, will his teammates listen? Not even Phil Jackson seems sure. With Cleveland just having lost to the Bucks, if they do listen, it's a perfect opportunity to regain Home Court Advantage throughout the playoffs.

*insert witty and relevant title here*


The Lakers have effectively gone fishin', as the Inside the NBA crew would put it.

Ilgauskas back to the Cavs


While he can't go back till March 22nd, as per League Rules, he's told his agent that the Cavs are his first preference, after having given out enough crap about 'considering his options' to avoid being busted for a handshake deal. No surprises here. They really should change that rule to extend the no-sign period from 30 days to a season.

Phil Jackson on Pau Gasol: "He's been weak and sickly"


Pau Gasol: "That's funny." Phil's been making an abnormal number of excuses for his players this season. What I can't figure is whether this is another case of making an excuse, or a subtle dig at Pau. Pau's reaction doesn't aid in clarifying to either train of thought.

Are we there yet? No, really, cos otherwise I'm gonna start messing stuff up.


So, L.A. lost. Unless that loss miraculously starts the playoffs 7 weeks early, there's really no reason to care.

LeBron emulating Kobe?


Kudos to both madmaxx350 and intuitive for the link (they both posted it in the comments within 5 minutes of each other).

Ron Artest discovers nutrition


First running, then *gasp* dieting! How does he do it!? On a serious note, great to see he's dropped to a more apppropriate weight - he lliterally weighed more than most centers previously.

The NBA - A broken model?


It kills me to link to Bill Simmons, but this article really does deserve a read. While I don't believe his solution is the perfect one, it is a good starting point.

Ron Artest's miracle weight-loss idea!


I'm sure you all noticed the doubtless numerous Ron Artest posters likely plastered all over the city of Los Angeles, as last game he did something we haven't seen in a long time - he dunked. HARD. How'd he learn this miraculous trick? Through weight loss. Now, I'm sure many of you would like to know his marvellous weight loss tips, expecting a trendy new diet, and you won't be dissapointed. His method of weight loss is (*gasp*) RUNNING. Who woulda thought it, ey?

Peeking Through the Rubble, Scanning the Aftermath


Peeking through the rubble, scanning the aftermath of the Nuclear Missile that was the Trade Deadline (hint: it was no Tsar Bomba).

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