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FINALLY, The Savage Has Returned, With a life altering question

While on my world appreciation tour, of which I was unable to involve MHH due to mostkly my laziness I encountered an existential crisis, which cant be solved by buying a new suit. But it can be...

All Star Jerseys revealed

I like them, I could do without the number on the front but it's better than the wordmark crap of the last few years. Keep the shield.

JML on Puck Daddy radio

Editor's Note: find the recorded episode here. In it, Liles talks about the cross-check from Semin and Ovie's allegation that Liles has sensitive skin, saying that is why he was bleeding. However, it appears it was a skate that cut his neck. Scary. He also says that his ideal match-up for a Winter Classic in Denver would be the Wings. Agreed.

Down Goes Brown Western Conference preview

Featuring such greats as: Chris Osgood has inspired a generation of hockey players by winning three Stanley Cup rings despite being born without the ability to be an adequate NHL starting goaltender. and: The team enjoys a spirited rivalry with the Blackhawks, in much the same way that cake enjoys a spirited rivalry with a fat kid on his birthday.(Vancouver)

Enough to make me want to buy a desk.

A Zamboni vacuum cleaner, how is that not cool.

Close look at Bood's Mask

Nice, close up views of all three sides of Budaj's mask. Unknown moto guy is officially Rossi.

I think Kris Draper needs to get a life, honestly

I think Kris Draper needs to get a life, honestly

Good news everyone - Johnny Boychuk Named AHL Defender Of The Year

Former Av Johnny Boychuck, who we traded for Hendricks or someone else starting with H, I'm not too sure, was just awarded AHL Defender of the year. Awesome news, just awesome. For full comedic effect read like Professor Farnsworth.

Interesting look at Boods game

Dater actually worte an interesting blog talking about Boods. He does seem to make some valid points about his game.

Roy vs Brodeur

Fun, interesting look at the Roy vs Brodeur rivalry over at Habs Eyes On The Prize.

Flames blog

Theres now a Flames blog on SB nation, leaving only the Oilers without a blog in the Northwest. Now we can go to their house and talk about Lappy destroying Phadouche. Should the need arise of course.

Sens Fire Hartsburg, Take notes FG

Well the Senators have fired Hartsburg after only 48 games as coach because of how bad they're playing. FG really needs to learn from other teams that if the teams playing poorly and the coaching sucks get rid of the coach and see if you can get some decent play that way. It'll be interesting to see if the Sens season gets better without Hartsburg.

Red Wing fans get stupider

In an article about how the NHL is against them because of the ALL Star game suspensions Detroit journalists and goalie, prove how stupid they are. Osgood acts like he made a huge difference, Lidstrom claims he would have skipped the game even if he knew he had to go but the best is this quote from Bob Wojnowski. "If the NHL All-Star Game was so important, there would have been one in Detroit more recently than 1980, right?" Why would you hold an important event like the All Star game in a 5,000year old arena where theres a 95% chance one of the players/officials/sponsors or even Bettman wouldn't walk away.

Improving your goalie game, the real way

Finally I can improve m,y goalie game, without actually having to work. Its the American, and by assocciation, The Australian way. The trick, put the net ON your pads.

Pure Class by Pittsburgh

This has nothing to do with the Avs, and very little to do with the NHL in general but I figured I'd post it anyway to show just how much class NHL teams have. The Penguins signed a 8 year old Make-A-Wish foundation kid to a one day contract and let him practice with the team before they're game against Carolina. Incredibly classy gesture that should get more media coverage than it probably does. Gives everyone a good impression of NHL teams when they read stuff like this.

Goaltending could be worse

We could be the Islanders, who signed Dubielewicz to back up Danis while DiPietro and MacDonald are on the bench only to have Columbus pick him up on waivers because Snow doesn't know the CBA rules. They now have no backup goalie tonight. How bout a game of rock-paper-scissors for the Isle backup role Mike?

Arnie, Boods #1

According to Dater's blog Arnie is the No. 1 center and Boods is in net against the Dead Wings.

Hi, Adrian! I see many teams in the NHL taking out their third jerseys. And maybe I missed...

Hi, Adrian! I see many teams in the NHL taking out their third jerseys. And maybe I missed something, but I do not think I've seen the third Avalanche jersey this year. Do the Avs have any? I think the Nordiques' light blue jerseys would Milan - The Avs will not wear a third jersey this season. There are a lot of logistical issues with teams wearing them, more than you might think. So, that's partly why they aren't wearing them this year. It creates more logistics for the visiting team. The Avs say they will wear them again next season. And, yes, I agree it would be nice to incorporate some kind of Quebec connection on them -- although I wouldn't go so far as to wear their pure light blue old colors

Vrbata goes home

Former Coyotes Avalanche Winger Radim Vrbata will leave the Tampa Bay Lightning and head back to his home in the Czech Republic to finish out the season there. He was waived on Monday and cleared waivers. I 'borrowed' this from Five for howling, yeah i'm lazy


MHH, DD get more love from AD

Dater is still very much in love with MHH's own David Driscoll-Carignan as shown by his latest mailbag. When asked who his favourite hockey writers are he throws in two bloggers, Greg...


Full Lappy Transcript

“Those hits are unecessary. I thought it was dirty. You don’t need to hit a guy like that, especially when he’s in a vulnerable position. It’s a lack of respect. He’s a young guy trying...

Leopold on trading block?

According to Dater, Leopold may be traded to the Sens.

Roy's Biography

Figured I'd throw this out, The Patrick Roy biography by his dad has now been released in an English version, Something almost every Avs fan should have, just in time for christmas. Someone better fix this damn currency exchange rate soon.


Clark for Halak

According to Dater there's some rumours of a trade between the Avs and Canadiens that would send Clark to the Habs and backup goalie Halak to the Avs. It would be interesting to have Halak and...


Tucker facing suspension?

Daters new blog is primarily about Tucker facing possible suspension for telling Schultz he's going to take out his knees and then clipping him. A stupid thing to do, yes. But will he be suspended...


Dater and Q still got it.

Dater's latest game recap is up and you'll be glad to know, he still can insult Budaj It would be tough to put the majority of blame for the loss at Budaj's locker. He did make some fine saves,...

Vancouver has problems

They've named Luongo as the captain. The guy's a goalie and therfore not allowed to be an official captain and had to put the C on his mask. Have they no normal players who can lead, must they resort to a goalie who isn't really a leader anyway.


Pre-Season Radio

For anyone living in Colorado the Avs website has a list of what radio stations will be broadcasting the pre season games along with some hype for the frozen fury game and a recap and schedule...

Habs Retire 33

The Montreal Canadiens are rumoured to finally retire Patrick Roy's jersey. No Canadiens player has worn the number since he left.


This is ridiculous

The Hockey News has just published their NHL logo rankings and like everything to do with logo's it's completely screwed up. The top 10 is as follows 1. Chicago 2. Detroit 3. Montreal 4....

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