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LDS Church and NBA Strike Parker Deal

Sacramento could get a star player and a Mormon missionary at the same time. And what a day to make the announcement.

Put Chris Webber in the Hall of Fame

Great article. You have to read it, if only for the 2000 Game 5 against the Redacteds.

Two Quick game Questions

We haven't been to an A's game since moving to Utah, but we have tickets for Saturday's game. We will be staying in Pleasanton and there are four of us. Should we drive or take Bart? Also, I think that's retro shirt day. How early should we be there to get shirts? Thanks for your help! Our kids have been fans for years and I grew up taking BART to see Reggie, Catfish, etc. So we are all pumped.


Is a Player Affected More by Weak Teammates or Strong?

As opinionated as I am--and I think I'm pretty high on the list--this is not an opinion piece. Rather, it's something I've been thinking about for a while and wanted to start a discussion on. So...

AK Washed up and Unmotivated?

Kirlenko was the Euroleague MVP, the defensive player of the year and of course 1st team all league. He lead the Euroleague with 24 pts, 7.2 rebounds and 2 blocks and 2 steals a games. He was the league only player to rank in the top 10 in all of those categories. Age may be a concern. Injuries may be a concern. Salary may be a concern. But the guy can still ball at a top level in what is arguably the best league outside the NBA.


Is Jeremy Lin a Major Free Agent Next Year?

Do you consider Lynsanity a major player in the FA market next year? And if so, do we go after him? For the first week or two, I kept telling myself that Lin wasn't the real deal. That teams would...

Could We See the Return of the Bench Mob?

"I want to be consistent with the bench guys and establish a rotation there and at one point have all five bench guys in the game and they are doing a great job," Smart said. "I've set aside several plays that they will only run that I though would fit them and keep the floor balanced." Sounds like Smart is looking to create a cohesive bench unit. Again, one of the many things Westphal never did or seemed to even care about.

The New Orleans Hornets are actively trying to trade center Chris Kaman

The Hornets have deactivated him and are actively trying to get rid of Kamen to let the young guys play. $14m is a lot for the remainder of this season. But is it worth it? I'm assuming we wouldn't have to give up much.


How Bad Are the Kings Really Doing This Year?

Okay, I'm going to keep this pretty short. Mostly because it's hard to argue with what people think they see. And what we are seeing from the Kings right now is pretty pathetic. 27th in offensive...


Just kind of a funny Kings story

So LPA and I are coming out from Utah for the week between Christmas and New Year. We decided it was time we bought new Kings gear for each other for Christmas. So we called the Kings store on...

Bismack Biyombo won't play in NBA this season

Biyombo is staying in Spain this season. Courts won't let him break his deal with Fuenlabrada.

Blake Griffin in hilarious Rage ad. Saw this first over at Canis Hoopus.

Blake Griffin in hilarious Rage ad. Saw this first over at Canis Hoopus.

Bad Caracter Reference

Not to pick on another team's player for acting like a jerk. But, seriously, isn't this the kind of thing Cousins' detractors predicted for him? Can you imagine if Big Cuz got drunk and pushed a cashier? Red flags? I'll give some red flags!!


Are The Kings As Bad in Close Games As We Think They Are?

From the FanPosts this weekend. Excellent look by SavageBeast. -- TZ If you think the Kings have been in a lot of close games this season, it's not just your imagination. Defining "close" as a...


To Natt or Not to Natt Part Deux

From the FanPosts - Okay, you know my opinion pretty well by now. I don't think we have enough information or reason to fire Westphal yet. We have an extremely young team who is playing like an...


Excuses & Expectations (Or What I Learned From Summer League About DMC)

I know I should take my green glow on the other DMC thread and walk away into the sunset. But quite a few good points were raised and I'd like to address a few of them, while at the same time,...


The real truth about Landry's Shoes

So as most of you have heard by now, the Rocket's announcers were making a big deal out of the flash of red they spotted on Landry's shoes. Word was that they were actually Rockets shoes, but...


Can They Play Together?

We all knew this was going to come up. So I might as well be the first one to say it. We’ve added a new player. Well, not a new player. He’s actually been here for quite a while. And I have to...

Artest Hurt, Won't Play

"I think Humpty was pushed!"

Brad Miller Christmas

And you thought the Minny game was painful!


Three Players

Three players: Player One is listed at 7-1, and 245 lbs. In one year of college play, he averaged 15 pts and 6.5 rebounds in 15 minutes in the PAC 10. In two years of NBA play, he averaged 13.5...

Free-agent swingman Desmond Mason met with the Sacramento Kings this week and could sign as soon as...

Free-agent swingman Desmond Mason met with the Sacramento Kings this week and could sign as soon as Thursday. Mason took a physical after meeting with Kings officials in Sacramento on Wednesday, a person with knowledge of the meeting told The Associated Press.

Associated Press

Putting the "Build" in "Rebuilding"

I started this as a response on the Boozer post and realized it was really too long for that. I keep reading that we shouldn’t sign this player or that player because we are "rebuilding." By its...


The Return of the Kings

via i898.photobucket.com My STR brothers. I see in your eyes the same fear that would take the heart of me! A draft may come, when the courage of men fails, when we forsake our friends and...

Mock Chad Ford 6.0

I know it's supposed to be Chad Ford's 6.0 Mock Draft, but read what he has to say about picks 2-5 and tell me if he has any more clue than we do. It's like, "They could take this person, this person, or this person. But I'll pick that person." BTW, he has Rubio going to OKC and us taking Evans.

Something to make it through the next 4 days

If you're like me, wondering how you can possibly make it through the next 4 days without exploding. Here is an addictive card game that will also teach you things like who has better FT stats--K-Mart or Yao? Who has more playoff appearances--Kidd or Kobe. I think you might have to register at NBA.com to play it. But it's free. So far I haven't been able to make it past Larry Brown on rookie level.

Thabeet cancels Grizzlies workout

"Thabeet was a combination of he's had some shoulder situations and he wanted to talk to some other teams," Grizzlies general manager Chris Wallace said of the 7-foot-3 center out of Connecticut. "It's also what goes on this time of the year with guys showing, not showing, that type of thing. The gamesmanship of the draft." So is that a nice way of saying, "yeah, he blew us off too?"

Sources: Rambis Could Be Next Kings Coach

Sorry, just couldn't resist this "breaking news" from Channel 3. Your inside source for the latest up-to-the-minute Kings news. I especially liked this part. "Rambis once served as an assistant coach for the Los Angeles Lakers." Dang these guys are good!

76ers, Kings on parallel courses

"Having worked in Philadelphia, [Thibodeau] understands the market, the demands, and the media pressures," Van Gundy wrote in an e-mail. "He has been pigeonholed as a defensive guru in the media, but he has great leadership abilities and he relates extremely well with great players as well as young players."

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