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i dont know how to read.

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Easter Mock

1st - C.J. Mosely, ILBMike Zimmer has repeatedly said he wants to build with smart players. Well then there isn't a better selection with the 8th pick in the draft. Mosely is a do it all LB, that...


Favorite Draft Prospects & Free Agents (Last Pre-Draft Post)

I'm going to be leaving a few weeks to work another season in Alaska, and while that sounds like plenty of time to write up some more stuff I have a million things to get done. So I'm just going to...


Brandon Spikes/FA + Mock Draft

Sick of hearing the same names everytime FA is discussed? "We need Michael Johnson and Alterraun Verner!" Well that does sound awsome, but like always I want to pitch a different idea. In order to...


Anthony Barr

I felt the need to put this FanPost out there because it seems like Barr has become a forgotten player. He's not my favorite player in the draft or anything, but still he is way too good of player...


Did Anyone Else Notice?

(this isn't some big fanpost with lots of stats, or detailing players or anything-heads up)Did anyone else notice Scott Turner coaching up and constantly being in A.J. McCaron's ear? I saw him...


Aggressive/Physical First Round Options

Personally I think, if there was a comparison or a team for the Vikings to model themselves after during this rebuild (i don't care what anyone says i consider it a rebuild, even without the...


Bounce An Idea Out There

There has been a lot of interesting ideas floating around about the future of the Vikings franchise. One I thought was interesting is the idea that GM Rick Spielman is trying to prep fans for in...


Re-thinking Ryan Mallett?+Tom Savage & Logan Thomas+Sammy Watkins

This is going to be one of the more quick note, post I type up so sorry in advance for the shortage of details and evidence. Ryan Mallett-So after everyone argued like crazy the other day on DN...


Free Agency Targets (PFF Scores)

Now remember despite the stats and scores, different players were asked to do different things. For example some players have more pass deflections because they were targeted more, some because...


WR In The 1st?

Alright, so alot of people are under the impression since most of Minnesotas top needs are on defense that, thats the direction they have to go in the draft. Lets try to be realistic, you aren't...


Pros vs. Cons Of Ryan Mallett

By now you've all noticed this offseason I have been a frequent poster of FanPosts, that is largely due to having too much time on my hands. Who would of guessed right? Evidently thats what happens...


Offseason Scenario/Mocks

So, the season is over. We know all of the Vikings draft spots. We know who almost all of the coaches will be. Time to wait for the official announcement of the Coaching Staff, and FA right? Wrong,...


You ALL Should Be Happy The Seahawks Won Because...

Seahawks are the Super Bowl champions! I am so happy, just a couple years ago living in California and being a Seahawks fan meant mercilessly getting flak from all the 9er band wagoners with...


Teddy Bridgewater-Aaron Rodgers Comparison, Zach Mettenberger Charted Throws, Thoughts On Ryan Mallett

So I'm pretty sure we've all heard the comparisons of Teddy Bridgewater looking like a young Aaron Rodgers when he came out of Cal, but how warranted are these comparisons really? Thankfully the...


Zach Mettenberger, Scouts Views

Well just like every "FanPost" I write now days, this one will also include some point I try to make before i get to the actual topic. In this case my point is too ignore most Bleacher Report, SB...


2 Different Mocks

Now first, before the commenting hate train starts let me get this all out there. I have non stop been hearing about how Derek Carr is the best fit for the Vikings. Even from Arif who I know is...


Stanley Jean-Baptiste, Physical Defense

First of all I love what the Minnesota Vikings have been trying to create this offseason. An ultra physical defense and an offense that will run you over then suddenly hit you over the top. We're...


Chris Borland, Underdog

Chris Borland is an ILB for Wisonsin. He lead one of the NCAAs best defenses, and oddly enough he did it supposedly only at 5-11 245lbs. He was the 2013 Big Ten Defensive Player of the Year,...


if you wanna watch film

go to by far the best site to watch collections of film on hundreds of players. they even got a grip of jimmy garoppolo film for those curious. also good so you can watch the qb...


EDITED: Que The Jimmy G Hype

First of all, I'd like to say the idea of "Reaching" for a QB is stupid. Teams don't reach for QB's. They have their own draft big boards and have their QB's ranked how they feel they will work...


The Mike Zimmer Draft (First 5 Rounds)

Now with new beginnings in Minnesota, Mocks can again be altered as they will a million freakin times in the next few months. This one is taking into consideration who our coach is and with the...


Defensive Minded Draft

In this mock my idea is to trade back from the number 8 spot. I'm going to say to pick 16th, not because I think necissarily whoever picks at that spot would want to trade up but just to throw us...


Bill Parcells on Mike Zimmer

"I don't know what they're waiting for with this guy. He can coach." Bill Parcells aka "The Big Tuna" said of Mike Zimmer and his long wait to become a head coach. Everyone should know who Bill...


AP Trade Mock (Only First 5 Rounds)

Background: Alright this mock is based on the imaginary scenerio where the Vikings have traded AP and I copied Christopher Gates' format (AP to the Cowboys for a 1st, DeMarco Murray and a 3rd next...

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