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I recently turned nineteen and work at your local Burger King in Loomis. I am an ardent Kings fan who has followed the team for as long as I've been alive. Even though there has been a lot of news around the Kings moving lately, I have refused to deviate from my standard posts that center primarily around basketball and how to improve the team while it remains in Sacramento, where it belongs.

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Derrick Williams Trade "Close"; Brooklyn, New York, Utah and Sacramento Potential Suitors


I'd be okay with this.

Ben McLemore with an epic slam dunk during practice.


BDL posted this, and asked for Ben to be penciled in for the dunk contest. When was the last time we had a dunk contest participant?

Thomas Robinson busted doing 107 in a 55 zone in a Porsche Panamera.


Kind of unexpected, considering all I heard with him coming into the league was his great character and story surrounding him and his sister.

Pelicans have made Tyreke Evans a 'lucrative offer' per Sam Amick.


Sean Deveney says 4 years 40 million.

George Karl Fired


Not exactly Kings-related, but its amazing that the most recent winner of Coach of the Year is on his way out.

Mike Malone says: Chris Paul would 'look pretty good in a Sacramento Kings uniform'


I don't think this is anything to read into too much, but its interesting that they stay in touch.

Graswich: "Inside word is M's have been told to take Sac offer for Kings, period."


When Being Terrible is not Terrible: A Reminder that the Draft Exists

Well, we're wrapping up yet another season filled with uncertainties about the future of basketball in our region, and once again the season was also filled with plenty of losses. Whether or...

Rich Bucher Reports: Kings likely staying, Johnson to NBA front office?


I'm not sure entirely why Buchers credibility is, but from the looks of it people seem to be optimistic.


I need links!

I am currently in a college level government course at my local community college, and I received an assignment to describe in lengthy detail (8-10 pages or so) a Californian government policy. I...


Patrick Patterson and an Organization Making a Choice

As we have all heard, read, and screamed at our monitors in response to, we traded away 2012 5th pick Thomas Robinson, Francisco Garcia, and Tyler Honeycutt for a package centering around Cash...


The View of the Jackass from 222

I promised the piece, so I am delivering. First off, I apologize to anybody that was put off by my antics, as I was bursting at the seams with energy. I stood, I screamed 'defense' even when my...


A Thank You

Today, I was reminded once again that these Sacramento Kings are the luckiest team in professional sports. Yeah, they may not have the luck that helps them pick Blake Griffin, but nevertheless...


Eighty-Two Million Little Fibers: Why Rudy Gay Isn't Your Guy, and Who Might Be

A couple rumors about new owners have been flashing around the Twitterspace, and I think that once a new owner is installed (Seattlite or no) they will want to make it clear that they are...


Rosterbating 'til my Palms get Hairy

The ball dropped, and a dubious year for the Sacramento Kings was behind us. Following a surprising blowout against Boston, the Kings were sitting at 11-19, a mere four wins behind the Los...


Looking for Shrapnel

Earlier today, members of Sactown Royalty were surprised that Cousins was suspended found out that Keith Smart has a backbone, and the franchise has decided to sit Cousins indefinitely. While I...


Giving up the Family Dog

In 2010, Kings fans were treated to yet another metaphorical kick in the jewels during the Draft Lottery following a 25-57 regular season, good for the third worst record in the NBA that year,...

A Declaration of Independence

When in the Course of yet another abysmal season, it becomes necessary for one fan-base to dissolve the emotional bands which have connected them with a roster, and to assume among the powers of...

The All Important Reason behind Why

Recently, now more than ever I have begun to question myself for continuing to support the Sacramento Kings. Earlier this year, we were blessed with the opportunity to draft Thomas Robinson, the...


One possibility gone, can I have another?

Following the colossal Dwight Howard trade that involved four teams, eight players, and a lot of money exchanging hands; people were pretty riled up about the Lakers' gains. Los Angeles sent...


So I got to Talking to a Basketball Coach about Perry Jones III...

The basketball coach at my high school and I will often swap ideas and news from around the basketball world. He and I would take the talking points from potential trading partners, playoff...


The Tale of an Old Team that Goes 'Nowhere' & A New Man Who Could go Anywhere

Needless to say, the events of Friday the 13th will forever mark a dark day for me. The Kings' chances of staying in Sacramento were greatly hindered, detonating countless 'f-bombs' across the...


A Story Within the Enemy Camp

The day was February 12th (Thank you Aykis), 2006, and the Sacramento Kings were heading into their last playoff appearance to date. At the age of fourteen, my sister was enjoying a blossoming...


Blackout Contest: 15 Houses, One Team

I'll start by saying: The Sacramento Kings are just about the only stable thing I've had in my life, and I'll scream my lungs out to keep them here. I am eighteen years old and live in the little...

Stern: Nothing to be encouraged about in NBA talks


Two things in the article caught my eye. "The players offered a reduction to 54.3 percent that would have reduced their take by about $100 million a year—an offer Stern called "modest"—and said the owners’ proposal would have them well below 40 percent in the later years of the deal." and... "Owners had proposed a deal that would guarantee players total compensation of no less than $2 billion annually, with an average player salary of about $5 million. But that represents a pay cut from the more than $2.1 billion players were paid this season." Don't both deals here represent the same loss for the players, and yet the owners are going for a CBA that gives below 40% to players? I don't really know everything about the labor talks, but that seems a bit screwy.

"Jimmer played well. Of course he shot well, though not spectacularly — for him," said Andrus. "He...


"Jimmer played well. Of course he shot well, though not spectacularly — for him," said Andrus. "He passed very well in the 3-on-3, dominating without shooting a lot. He also looked good, and I would guess quicker than the Kings' braintrust might have expected, on defense. Offensively, he had some moves that had Jerry Reynolds, Pete Carril, and the whole row of Kings brass laughing and shaking their heads at how good he was. At one point he probably hit 15 20-foot pull-up jumpers in a row. "It was actually comical to see how much (co-owner) Gavin Maloof seemed to be enthralled with Jimmer. While Tyler Honeycutt's athleticism was impressive, both Maloof and Petrie went directly up to Jimmer afterwards and spent a considerable amount of time with him. I didn't see them even speak to the other five players."


The 7th Pick, What have other teams gotten?

         After dropping back in the lottery (again.) to the 7th pick in the draft, there has been much debate on what to look for with this pick. The two leading thoughts are: - A surefire...

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