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Free Agent Market Changing


This is a great analysis of the changing market for free agent players. We won't be seeing as many young stars hitting free agency in the coming years.

Jerry Remy Paints a Different Picture of Infamous Team/Management Meeting


Jerry Remy was on WEEI this morning and related a discussion he had with Dustin Pedroia last night about the July management/player meeting. According to Remy, the meeting was arranged by upper management and they spoke with players and management seperately and the focus on the meeting was how to fix issues with the team, and was not an effort by the players to get Valentine fired.

Cots Baseball - Red Sox contract commitments


I may be the last one to come across this at the excellent Cot's/Baseball Prospectus site - http://www.baseballprospectus.com/compensation/cots/ - but I thought I would highlight it anyway. It shows the Red Sox have more financial felxibility than some think, largely due to the nice Pedrioa/Lester/Bucholz contracts. Thanks Theo.

Door cracked open for Inglesias?


Good article by Mazz at Boston.com about Sox SS questions. I wonder if part of the reason the Sox dumped (and that's exactly what they did) Scutaro, is to open up a potential path to get Inglesias to Boston this season. As Mazz points out, the risk is that Aviles is not up to the job and Inglesias is still not hitting in Pawtucket. I still don't like the deal, as Inglesias looks like he could use much more time in the minors and the idea should be to have the best team on the field in Boston.

More Theo compensation talk


The longer this goes on the more I blame the Red Sox management for this fiasco. Why didn't they agree to a player or a pool of players for a single choice before letting Theo walk? How difficult would it have been to have Cherrington and the boys put a list together? Nice work, Larry.

Is Jenks Done?


Is Jenks done? This does not sound good and I wouldn't count on anything from Jenks in 2012. The guy appears to be a physical mess.

Will the Yankees want Ortiz in FA?


Hello Yankee fans - there is a lively discussion going on at Over the Monster about what the Sox should do about David Ortiz. Some believet the Yankees won't have any or little interest in Ortiz. Some belive the Yankees will have A-Rod or Jeter DH soon. I believe the Yankees will want Ortiz and the Sox are crazy not to offer a 2-3 year good $$ deal now. Your thoughts?

WEEI.com - Middlebrooks & Weiland for Ubaldo?


Can't be true. OK, who would not do that trade? I would even throw in Dubront if needed to close the deal.

Sox looking for OF help?


Boston.com's Nick Cafardo feels the Red Sox may need to make a move for a righthand OF bat and lists a number of possibilites.

Sox looking to trade Scutaro?


Probably just talk, but kinda interesting. More than likely, this is just some Sox insider relaying some team(s) asked then about Scutaro. I can't see much upside to this trade, because I can't believe the Sox will get much, in terms of young prospects in return. I could see a scenario where some team needs a decent, cheap veteran SS for 2011 and may have an expensive arbitration or pending FA to dump to the Sox. Remember, if Lowrie enters the starting lineup, the Sox will need a good, versatile IF player that can play 3 positions like Lowrie. If Lowrie becomes the full-time SS or 3B, the team won't want to move him around, allowing him to settle into one position.

Rangers Decline Vlad's Option - Papi Effect?


Does the Rangers decision to decline the $9 million one year option on Vlad signal the market for DH's like Ortiz? Vlad's numbers were about the same as Papi's, and the Red Sox hold a $12 million option on Ortiz. I still like Ortiz in the DH slot for another year or two, and the Sox can quickly put the issue behind them by picking up the option today while trying to negotiate a two-three year deal at less annual cost. Besides, Ortiz has been very reliable and Vlad is a walking DL.


A Catching Project? Now?

OK, we all agree the Red Sox will need some catching help next season and beyond, and the Saltimacchia deal seems decent, but couldn't Theo have used the prospects traded for Salty in some...


A Bridge Year too Far?

This is all becoming clearer now after the Sox passed on Jason Bay and all the discussion of prospects, usually in relation to Adrian Gonzalez. Theo got bashed when he talked about the dreaded...


Could Dunn get done?

I surprised we haven't heard anything about Adam Dunn moving from the lowly Nationals, to the Red Sox or any other team.  He signed a $20 mil. 2 year deal with the Nationals before last season,...

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