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Get Caps SWAG when you donate to help special-needs children!

As some of you may know, I'm running the Marine Corps Marathon 10K this Sunday in honor of my deceased aunt in order to raise funds for Jill's House, a respite care center for children with...


Why do you think the Caps are so incredibly awful? *PLEASE VOTE IN POLL*

Like many of you, I waited with eager anticipation as the lockout slowly ground to a halt, after many false starts and countless hours of pouring over twitter updates regarding the CBA process (and...

For anyone wondering about the mysterious circumstances surrounding the Varlamov deal this past...


For anyone wondering about the mysterious circumstances surrounding the Varlamov deal this past summer, I got a chance to ask GM GM personally about our off-season acquisitions at the Acela Club VIP event this morning at Verizon. As It turns out, he shared in a rather jovial and unabashed mood, #1 and the Caps were in agreement on terms and "only $50,000 apart in salary when everything just stopped." Apparently after a few days they had his US agent look into why he hadn't responded to their offer, and he found out that "Varlamov's father had accepted money from the KHL club to help sway him" to sign there. Once it became apparent he was going to go to Russia or be claimed on waivers if they attempted to move him/were forced to match an offer sheet, it was just a matter of time before he got traded. Money quote of the day: "I'm hoping we win the Stanley Cup and Colorado does poorly, so we get both the 1st and 30th picks in the first round."


What are your new lines for 2011-12? (with FanPoll)

Wow... Merry Christmas in July! Finally a UFA Day that Caps fans can enjoy, too. In addition to snagging two tremendous picks for a goaltender that had reportedly already packed up his bags for the...


NEW FANPOLL!!! How much will Brooks Laich make next year?

Well, we are finally here: the dog days of summer. Aside from a hopeful Bruins win tonight during what is sure to be a Stanley Cup "Game 7 For the Ages" and some Cap-less hardware to be doled out...

Meet #90, Marcus YOU-han-sun


For all those like me who thoroughly enjoy learning the correct pronunciation of our Nordic and Slavic hockey compatriots, according to #90 his surname is pronounced "YOU-han-sun." In the wake of Knube's wicked-sweet and timely $2.0 million contract extension, this may not seem quite as epic.* This little factoid, however, I believe changes everything. *Especially since the link was covered in today's Caps Clips, which is actually not where I found it originally.


The 2C Issue on Trade Deadline Day: Patient Predators or Ugly Girl at the Prom? **WITH FANPOLL**

Well, here we are again, patienly waiting and wanting for our beloved Capitals head office to play another round of "Let's Make a Deal" with the rest of the league. As much as we may respect,...


Star Wars: Return of the Dorks! rocks Verizon

Summer free-agency blues got you down? Tired of drinking the GM GM Kool-Aid? Already confirmed our cumulative fears by injecting some reality into your off-season hopes, reading and re-reading the...


Let's be honest with ourselves... we knew it was a longshot

Before this series began we've roamed the entirety of cyberspace and TV and were astounded to see how everybody, and I mean EVERYBODY thought we were going to take home the Cup this year. After...

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