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We've arrived at the point in our journey where the ivory tower meets the slippery slope.

So, it has come to this


Curiousity and speculation on marketing, Texas, Inc., and how the business of Texas football may respond to increased competition.

The Eleven Million Dollar Excuse


Apparently, Longhorn players are too busy preening for the LHN to learn how to tackle. On the bright side at least someone is watching the LHN. Right?

Taking Low Comedy to New Heights, Or Gig'em Lawya


Whoever makes the best hybrid Aggie/Lawyer joke gets a cookie.* *Advertising Puffery. Cookie does not actually exist. Many may play, no one will win. Participants using the phrase third-tier-toilet or any abbreviation thereof who are not referring to the Iowa offense under Greg Davis may be exiled to the Texas A&M School of Law at Texas Wesleyan University with or without cause.

GTFO Series: Day 5 - Aggies by Epoch


The BON GTFO series continues with a brief and biased history of Texas A&M.

Update on Longhorn Soccer Star, Kylie Doniak


After being the victim of a hit and run Feb. 3rd, Ms. Doniak was sufficiently stable to be moved to a California facility to continue her recovery last Friday. She is still recovering from a brain...

Maybe it would be easier if Texas just bought OU...


The Indianapolis Business Journal and IU finance prof Ryan Brewer attempt valuations for college football programs. Spoiler: Texas runs up the score on the balance sheet. Do we have any bored business students with access to the 242 page study who are willing to summarize UT vs. UGA? 1. Texas $848.3 million 2. Georgia $483.6 million 3. Penn State $446.9 million 4. Florida $421.8 million 5. LSU $397.4 million 6. Michigan $393.5 million 7. Alabama $374.3 million 8. Auburn $359.4 million 9. Oklahoma $343 million 10. Tennessee $321.3 million (Hat tip: Year2 at Team Speed Kills)

A List of Demands, From the Desk of Bill Powers


Much has been made of the demands Texas is making on the PAC 12.  What has not been known until this moment, is that UT is negotiating on behalf of both the Texas and Oklahoma schools. My sources...

Before Football Starts, a Few Thoughts on the Realignment Game


On the eve of the second round of realignment in as many years, a few trends and stories worth following, in no particular order.

Open Thread: NFL Draft Day Two


Thus far we have A.W. to scenic Buffalo. The good news is the city has a certain charm and gorgeous weather in the summer. The bad news is he'll be playing for Chan Gailey in the kind of winters...

Tim Cole and Malcolm Brown commit to UT, ruin Mike Sherman's nap time.


It's good to see the new staff landing some top targets targets.  Ghost of Big Roy will be by later to tell you more, but a top DT prospect and a rangy linebacker are impressive additions for Manny...

Question of the Day: Would You Still Be A Fan If Texas Went Pro?


First, a little background is probably necessary.  The business of NCAA athletics is often as interesting to me as the events themselves.  And lately, with sports news focusing on cheating, alleged...

A Brief Matter of Perspective


The blogosphere has been faced with an interesting question recently, "When is it okay for Texas fans to root against Texas?"  The answer, fortunately, is quite simple.  Supporting a college team...

Morning/Afternoon Game Thread


Watching football?  This is your place to comment about it until the Texas game.     And whatever you do, I advise you not to think about how Northwestern's Dan Persa (75.7% completion percentage...

Waiting for Vince: A Tragicomedy in Two Acts?


  William Mack Brown: I can't go on like this. Greg Davis: That's what you think. Brown: If we parted?  That might be better for us. Davis: We’ll hang ourselves tomorrow. (Pause.) Unless Vince...

Afternoon/Evening Open Thread


Football is a cruel mistress, but I have no plans to stop watching.Vent your rage against the burnt orange sun here.  Use this for the usual envy/enjoyment/schadenfruede.

Second Half Open Thread

via cdn0.sbnation.com That's what she said...

Anti-BCS Group Calls in the IRS.


I can't say exactly why, but tax attorneys tend to take college football very, very seriously.

Coaching Expectations - Texas Edition


"The only thing that disturbs me about my profession is the fact that people give you too much credit when you win - and too much criticism when you lose. I'll be the same person and do the...

Realignment Roundtable


In which Txtwstr7, Hopkins and LH try to figure out what happened over the last 24 hours, aside from the obvious. 1) Before discussing the merits of the "new" Big 12, I...

Athletics, Research, and Filthy Lucre: Part One of a Love Story


I have been drafted to be BON's resident Longhorn economics writer.  You can probably gauge your interest in anything I will be writing based on the prior sentence.  Expect enough data to evidence...

Ochocinco and Jordan Shipley - Roommates Part Deux?


@Jordan_shipley where the f%#% are you at? I'm level 3 pissed, tweet me back now, draft is over , we are suppose to bond now #cigars about 8 hours ago via OCNN @jordan_Shipley man if you don't return my text you ain't super-sizing when we go to McDonalds and I'm gonna flat your car tires #serious about 9 hours ago via OCNN Carlos Dunlap and Jordan Shipley, time to make them great #McDonalds then i got to take them to #claires and get them some jewelry - NFL Network, make this a reality show. ASAP.


I Knew Him Horatio…

This is my first fanpost, hopefully it will be better than a cruise to despair.(1) Be gentle with me. Please. "Genius is not replicable. Inspiration, though, is contagious, and multiform — and...

AP publishes poll votes


BZ has already pointed out the issues with polling for champions, but it's still an enjoyable topic of conversation. Besides, the AP doesn't play with the BCS kids anymore.

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