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I live in Davenport, IA and am married with two lovely daughters.I'm not as much about X's and O's as trends and analysis and will usually post on how the game has changed over time, and what it means for the modern game. I plan on blogging until the Cubs win the World Series, so...

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User Blog

An interview with Sean Forman founder Sean Forman answers some questions about his site and advanced baseball metrics.

My interview with Sean Forman founder Sean Forman took the time to answer some questions. See what he has to say on advanced metrics and where they may be headed.

The business of baseball: Chicago Cubs

Will the Cubs financial situation get in the way of their plans to renovate Wrigley Field and field a competitive club?

Baseball bumslayers

What's more vital to team success, winning at home or beating inferior opponents?

First-pitch hitting

How often do hitters swing at the first pitch, and what happens when they do?

2014 Team Previews: Milwaukee Brewers

Scott Lindholm's preview of the 2014 Milwaukee Brewers

How temperature affects hitting

There is a clear relationship between temperature and offense

Jeff Samardzija

Is Jeff Samardzija vulnerable in certain parts of the strike zone? Data from Brooks Baseball gives some clues.

The trade: an analysis

Are trades a dying breed, and were they ever as prevalent as commonly thought?

Rating managerial effectiveness

What are some ways to measure manager effectiveness? This post lists three.

What counts as a pitch count?

You can't watch a baseball game without hearing the words "pitch count," but very little emphasis is placed upon pitches thrown across an entire career. Can we find anything meaningful in the data?

Dr. Frank Jobe and what he meant to baseball

In 40 years Tommy John Surgery has gone from experimental to accepted. This post discusses the impact Dr. Jobe had on pitchers who underwent it.

Player performance in their free agent year

Do players perform better in their free agency walk years? Read and find out.

The real cost of a Mike Trout deal

Mike Trout is rumored to be about to sign a long-term deal. What is the real cost of such a deal, and what will he have to do live up to it?

Which comes first, payroll or wins?

There is a correlation between higher payrolls and more wins, but which is the cause and which the effect?

Pitcher aging curves

Visualizing pitcher performance by age.

The importance (or lack thereof) of stolen bases

How often do stolen bases directly lead to a run being scored? The answer might surprise you.

Hitting in deep counts

How does hitting performance change by the number of pitches seen? The answer may surprise you.

The best of 'Baseball Prospectus 2014'

In addition to brilliant analysis, there's some extremely funny writing in Baseball Prospectus 2014. One man's opinion of the best of this year's book.

MLB Attendance, 1950-2013

See how attendance has changed over the past 60 years or so. Is the current trend of growing attendance the real deal or a mirage?

Biggest differences between FIP- and ERA-

Often a pitcher's FIP- and ERA- will be similar, but not always. How many seasons show significant differences between the two?

Analyzing throws to first

Have you ever wondered how often pitchers throw to first?

Can Yasiel Puig sustain his success?

After his very successful first season, can Yasiel Puig keep up that level of production? See how other players in baseball history with similar first years fared in their second.

How well do umpires call pitches?

PITCHf/x data can show how well umpires do at calling balls and strikes.

Strikes outside the strike zone: skill or luck?

Are some pitchers better than others at getting strikes on pitches outside the strike zone?

MLB Salary Trends

Clayton Kershaw will be paid $30+ million a year--is there a limit to baseball salaries?

The Hustle Index

Can hustle be quantified?

Rafael Palmeiro falls off the ballot

It's not often players amass career numbers like Rafael Palmeiro and don't get enshrined in the Hall of Fame.

Batting Order Analyzed

How often do hitters actually bat in their batting order slot in an inning? Find out here.

K/PA+: A proposed new stat

Every other stat in baseball is normalized -- why not strikeouts?

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