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I was born and raised in Kansas and I attended Kansas State University and the University of Minnesota Law School. I moved to New York City in 2000 and I've been here ever since. But my obsession with the Kansas City Royals has only grown since I moved here.

I will state my opinions clearly, boldly and sometimes undiplomatically. Sometimes I'll agree with you, but often I'll disagree with you. I will challenge your statements and I'll be critical. Don't take it personally. I just state my opinions and I enjoy a good discussion or debate more than merely expressing my agreement.

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Dayton Moore Blames Parking Lot for Poor Hitting

[Dayton Moore recently gave an interview to Jeffrey Flanagan of Fox Sports where he discussed Kauffman Stadium’s negative impact on the team’s walk totals. Now, in Part 2 of Moore’s series on...


The best of the Greinke trade: Escobar vs. Cain

Two and a half years ago, the Royals traded the best player they'd had in a long time, Zack Greinke, for a package of young Major Leaguers and prospects. The Royals haul of Alcides Escobar, L...



We've got some guys who haven't got really untracked yet. When they do, it's going to be a fun little venture."

Thank you Bob Dutton for giving Yost's exact quote. I see at least three mistakes in either grammar or word usage (including one made up word). If I were writing a novel with a coach character and had him speak like this, it would seem trite and stereotypical. And yet it is reality. Thanks, Ned. http://www.kansascity.com/2013/04/22/4196592/royals-still-waiting-for-offense.html

Royals Confidence Index - March 2013

It has been a long three years since the last Royals Confidence Index, and an amazing five years since the first one. We are long overdue, and I'm curious to see what the fan mood is. Spring is...

BREAKING NEWS: Honest FA says he would sign with whoever offered him the most money


He tells you flat out his free agency was about the money, first and foremost. Others claim it isn't, but they're fibbing. Greinke is incapable. Greinke, who got a $147-million, six-year Dodgers deal, is "well spoken, insightful, unfiltered,'' general manager Ned Colletti said. Exactly right. Especially the unfiltered part. And money in free agency, to him, was no small thing. "It's obviously the No. 1 thing,'' Greinke said. "I could play for the worst team if they paid the most … If the last place team offers $200 million and the first-place team offers $10, I'm going to go for the $200-million no matter what team it was.''

From Jon Heyman

Five Players to Be Wary Of in 2013


1. James Shields [Why? Moving to a more hitter-friendly park and pitching in front of a worse defense]


OT: Election Post-mortem

We did such a good job in the other fanpost about being civil about politics, I thought we could take another crack at it by discussing what happened last night. What I have in mind is no gloating...


A look at free agent starting pitchers

The following is not going to be a comprehensive analysis of the best free agent starting pitchers. But I think it does provide some interesting information about them. Most importantly it will...


What grade would you give this hypothetical offseason?

We have made many suggestions for what the Royals could do this offseason to improve the team. But that could, and probably will, differ greatly from what Dayton Moore actually will do. In my...


A Plan for 2013

I think the Royals can be much better and even a contender in 2013. But it would take the right combination of moves. So I put together a plan which is both realistic and affordable. Give it a read...

Whitlock tears Posnanski (and his book) a new one


This might be old news, but if it hasn't been discussed, I thought it might be interesting, since many people here have strong opinions about Posnanski, Whitlock or both. Interestingly, Whitlock's major problem with this book (he has read an advance copy) isn't his handling of the Sandusky/Paterno scandal. Whitlock describes the book as an amateurish, thin re-hashing of old Paterno stories, offering little insight or new information. Whitlock's critique of the book is scathing, to say the least.


The Royals 2013 Payroll

As the Royals play out the string of another lost season, a Royals fan's thoughts, as always, turn to the offseason. There will be tender/non-tender decisions to be made and the ever present...

Rockies do exactly what the Royals should do


The Rockies are going to let Dan O'Dowd keep the title of "General Manager," but they are essentially demoting him to "[focus] more on the minor leagues and player development while assistant general manager Bill Geivett will oversee the daily operations of the major league club." Demoting Moore in this manner would be perfect. Those are the things he's good at. Of course I don't think the Royals have anyone in house to promote to take over other GM duties. They would have to bring in someone from the outside.

Roman Colon clears waivers and is outrighted to Omaha


Man, we can't get rid of this guy. In a humorous side note, the brief Rotoworld write-up of this transaction includes this sentence, "The 32-year-old right-hander is likely to spend the rest of 2012 in the minors." That's funny. He'll likely be back in a week or two and then back to Omaha. And then back to KC, etc.

Is Dayton Moore's ability to evaluate MLB talent improving? (2012 stats on some recent MLB acquisitions/extensions)

  1. Jeff Francoeur (0.1 fWAR, -0.9 rWAR)
  2. Bruce Chen (1.2 fWAR, 0.3 rWAR)
  3. Yuniesky Betancourt (0.0 fWAR, -0.2 rWAR)
  4. Humberto Quintero (0.3 fWAR, 0.4 rWAR)
  5. Jason Bourgeois (-0.3 fWAR, -0,3 rWAR)

Piccolo also says Odorizzi is most likely the next pitcher called up #royals


Piccolo also says Odorizzi is most likely the next pitcher called up #royals

Bob Fescoe's Twitter feed

Alcides Escobar vs. Mike Aviles this year

  1. OPS - Escobar .753, Aviles .800
  2. wOBA - Escobar .340, Aviles .342
  3. Fielding Runs - Escobar -0.9, Aviles 3.5
  4. Base running Runs - Escobar 0.2, Aviles 1.9
  5. fWAR - Escobar 1.0, Aviles 1.7

Count on a rainout tonight


It started pouring at about 8:30 am. It is supposed to rain all day, with rain intensity actually increasing through gametime. And I have tickets for tonight's game. And tomorrow night. And it's supposed to rain tomorrow.

The Royals have done a poor job of developing pitchers


So argues Marc Normandin (formerly of Baseball Prospectus and currently of SBNations Baseball Nation).

"When a player’s bat is ready for the major leagues, you need to find a place for him."


"When a player’s bat is ready for the major leagues, you need to find a place for him."

Dayton Moore on why Myers played third base in a recent AA game. The fuller explanation excerpted in the comments.

Getting around the international FA spending cap


There are loopholes that creative, innovative, motivated organizations are utilizing to circumvent (at least to some degree) the international FA cap.

Baseball References upgrades its version of WAR


Baseball Reference has made several changes to its versions of WAR for both position players and pitchers. The biggest weakness of the old Baseball Reference WAR (rWAR) for position players was that it used a non-play-by-play metric for the defensive element (TZ w/o position). It is now using BIS's Defensive Runs Scored (DRS, aka Dewan's Plus/Minus). This is a PBP-based defensive metric at least on par with UZR, and arguably better (but they use similar methodology). In my opinion, the new rWAR for position players is roughly as good as Fangraphs WAR (fWAR). For pitchers, some tweaks were made to rWAR, but it is still based on Runs Allowed, with a team defense adjustment. I think they have improved rWAR for pitchers, but in my opinion it is still inferior to fWAR for pitchers over smaller samples of data like a few years. When you're looking at 10+ years, go with rWAR. I think both should be taken into account and given their proper weight, depending on the amount of data you're looking at. The link has lots of info in it, but near the bottom there's a good chart which lists the differences between old rWAR, new rWAR and fWAR. One thing to remember is that this upgrade is currently being informally peer reviewed, and Sean Foreman has already made some tweaks since the rollout last week. I'm sore some more tweaks will be made. For those interested in the 'inside baseball' of sabermetrics and some of this informal peer review, you can view the threads discussing this upgrade at Tango's The Book Blog and at Baseball Think Factory.

Some Danny Duffy stats

  1. 3.57 ERA
  2. 3.41 FIP
  3. 3.58 xFIP
  4. 3.62 SIERA
  5. 3.89 tERA

I don’t know all these scientifical words; for me, it’s a bone bruise.


I don’t know all these scientifical words; for me, it’s a bone bruise.

Ned Yost describing Greg Holland's left rib stress reaction.

Tiny sample size fielding stats (in reader-friendly list form)

We have a miniscule amount of fielding data, so let's look at it. These are really small sample sizes, so I don't think there's a ton of meaning here, but let's just list them and see what's...

Yost doubles down on stupid/aggressive base running


"We’re going to keep playing that way," he said. "One of the neat things about our club is our kids are aggressive. They do want to play to win. It’s fun when you have a group of guys like that. They don’t want to be harnessed. "So we try to teach them how, when and why so we make the best decisions we can make. And I don’t have any quibbles with any of the decisions we made (Monday). They were all calculated. They were all good opportunities, but (Oakland) executed." "We don’t have to run in those situations," Yost said, "but we’re trying to win the game. We could cover our (backside) and never run, and never get thrown out, and say we just didn’t hit. But then you’re not playing the game to win. "If you make (the other team) execute every time, you’re going to come out on top way more than you’re going to come out on the bottom. It’s just that (Monday) night, they came out on top in every situation and we lost the game 1-0."

Lee Judge on the Royals team leaders


The leaders are Francoeur (of course), Gordon, Chen, Maier and Kendall (of course). It is full of Judge gems. Francoeur gets praise for making the team take down pictures of top prospects in the Royals clubhouse. Kendall apparently taught Hosmer how to hit. And Hosmer apparently reacted by saying, "thank you. And please correct me on any future mistakes I might make."

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