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To Next Season and Beyond


A look at Edmonton's cap situation over the next three years.

Regarding NHL Equivalencies


What factors other than source league should be taken into consideration when discussing NHL equivalencies?

Leon Draisaitl - Comparables


Which top draft picks have performed similarly to Leon Draisaitl since 1980?

Oilers v. Canucks - Isaiah 61:1-3


The Spirit of the Lord is among us, for he has anointed us to bring good news to fans in need.

Oilers v. Kings - 1 Chronicles 14:8-10


When the Sabres heard that Edmonton had been anointed masters of tanking, they resolved to strengthen their position at the bottom of the standings.

Top 25 Under 25 - #2 Ryan Nugent-Hopkins


How is Nugent-Hopkins doing compared to his draft comparables?

Oilers v. Avalanche - 2 Samuel 2:8-10


"'Who are you?' Dallas said.

Steve Tambellini Wins in All the Wrong Ways


Steve Tambellini has been voted the worst Oiler ever.

NSS 16 - (1) Shayne Corson v. (3) Steve Tambellini


Is Shayne Corson the worst Oiler ever, or does that title belong to Steve Tambellini?

Oilers v. Ducks - Psalm 43:5


Why am I always so discouraged?

Oilers v. Coyotes - 1 Samuel 2:31-33


"The time is coming when I will put an end to the love affair the city of Edmonton has with the Oilers," says the Lord, "so that it will no longer serve to distract the people."

NSS 16 - (2) Pocklington v. (3) Tambellini


Does your blood boil more for Peter Pocklington or for Steve Tambellini?

NSS 16 - (1) Shayne Corson v. (13) Pat Quinn


Was Pat Quinn or Shayne Corson more (negatively) impactful as an Oiler?

Oilers v. Ducks - Lamentations 4:1-2


O how the games have lost their luster! Even divisional rivalries have become dull.

NSS 16 - (2) Pocklington v. (7) Boulerice


Are you more embarrassed by having Peter Pocklington as a former owner of Jesse Boulerice as a former player?

Oilers v. Sharks - Psalm 68:21-23


God will smash the heads of our enemies, crushing the skulls of those who have harmed us.

NSS 16 - (3) Steve Tambellini v. (6) Ty Conklin


Is it Steve Tambellini or Ty Conklin who causes the most gnashing of teeth?

NSS 16 - (1) Shayne Corson v. (8) Barry Fraser


Are you more appalled by Barry Fraser's drafting or Shayne Corson's... everything?

Oilers v. Rangers - Mark 9:30-32


The fans followed Kevin through another lost season, marching toward another draft where they could once again be the center of attention for all the wrong reasons.

NSS 16 - (5) Sebastien Bisaillon v. (13) Pat Quinn


Did Sebastien Bisaillon's short tenure or Pat Quinn's slightly lengthier one depress you more as a fan of the Oilers?

NSS 16 - (1) Shayne Corson v. (16) Chris Pronger


Is Shayne Corson or Chris Pronger the player you'd most like to forget in Edmonton Oilers' history?

Oilers v. Ducks - Psalm 7:3-5


O God, if we have done wrong, then let our opponents overtake us.

NSS 16 - (2) Peter Pocklington v. (15) Daryl Katz


Is Daryl Katz any competition for Peter Pocklington as the worst owner in Oilers' history?

NSS 16 - (3) Steve Tambellini v. (14) Kevin Lowe


Steve Tambellini is the worst general manager in Oilers' history. But has Kevin Lowe been more damaging to the organization?

NSS 16 - (4) George Burnett v. (13) Pat Quinn


Which of these two Oiler coaches was really the worst in the history of the team?

Oilers v. Sharks - Revelation 16:1


Then I heard a loud voice from heaven call out to eight angels saying, "Go and pour out on Edmonton the eight bowls of the wrath of God, one for every season of their misery."

NSS 16 (5) Bisaillon v. (12) Strudwick


If Sebastien Bisaillon was the worst player to ever suit up for the Oilers and Jason Strudwick was the worst to play 100 games, which one is actually the worst Oiler?

NSS 16 - (6) Ty Conklin v. (11) Steve Smith


The Not-So-Sweet sixteen remembers two of the more painful moments in Oilers' history.

Oilers v. Flames - Psalm 48:4-7


I remember a time when all teams joined forces and turned against Edmonton.

NSS 16 (7) Jesse Boulerice v. (10) Bryan Marchment


The Not-So-Sweet sixteen sees two of the dirtiest players in Oilers' history compete for a spot in the quarterfinals.

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