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We Are Losing at Moneyball.


Billy Beane is still the king of Moneyball. Read this and see how a good team can be built for $60 million and some luck. Why can't we do this? Because we don't have Beane.

Cole Hamels mustache hot-dog cannon


Yup, still a douche. Probably shot grenades out of this instead of free hotdogs.


Wil Myers for Jon Niese?

Just reading a very interesting article by Jeff Passan on Yahoo! Sports. Passan believes that the Royals top prospect, Wil Myers is available for a good front of the rotation pitcher, could...



Just an eye opener for those that want to trade away Niese...be wary of who you want to trade him for.

just wondering what others think of the new layout and design at AA? I actually like it, but all...


just wondering what others think of the new layout and design at AA? I actually like it, but all the white is killing my eyes! Why so much white? let the discussion begin.

Oh Ken! You've done it again! Bay trade to Marlolins.


Ken Rosenthal taps one of his marvelous sources who tell him that Bay nearly went to Miami. I don't know if this was news elsewhere but it is new to me.

Irving Picard No Captain Jean-Luc Picard!


"Irving Picard, who is liquidating con man Bernard L. Madoff’s estate at a cost so far of $318 million, won a bankruptcy judge’s approval of $43.9 million in fees for himself and his firm for four months’ work. Picard’s law firm, Baker & Hostetler LLP, charged $43.2 million for Oct. 1 to Jan. 31, while the trustee’s bills were $713,799, according to court documents. Arriving late at a Manhattan court hearing after a delayed train, Picard asked U.S. Bankruptcy Judge Burton Lifland to approve the fees, which he said he discounts by 10 percent, because of his "hard work" on behalf of investors in the Ponzi scheme." Nice work if you can get it! This guy (and most lawyers) are out for the $$$$ and not the best interests of the clients they are representing. Argue with me if you want but taking $43m for four months work is robbery! Who is the thief here? "What is robbing a bank compared with founding a bank?" -Brecht What is setting up a Ponzi scheme compared with clawing back the dough?

Beltran or Posadatran????


(Pulled from a comment I made) His eye was swollen He had to move to the #9 spot, what an insult!!! he had to be pulled from the lineup 'she' had a hissy fit and pulled herself from the lineup Yet another whining Met! He plays like a 'true yankee' MSM love him, he is a fan hero MSM mock him, #BlameBeltran!!! 5 rings! left the bat on his shoulder, it was a curveball! Swing! Wife says he has a bad back Couldn't play through a little cranky knee for two seasons We look forward to his retirement and his number in monument park trade his bloated ass for some C prospects He is going out on top his bloated ass is done, ship it out!

What do we get back?


So Joel Sherman has himself worked into a frenzy now that he thinks the Mets season is over. 'Tradez Da Corez' is pretty much what he is saying and to some extent it makes some sense. Beltran will not be back and we cannot offer him arbitration due to a clause Omar agreed to. Sherman also thinks Reyes and K-Rod are worth trade objects for other teams. (I don't agree with trading Reyes btw) So, not being a major follower of other teams minor league teams and their prospects. So I am asking; who will want them or others on our team? What/who do we get back in return for each of these guys? When will these prospects start to help us?

Mets case could expose MLB books


Wooooooooo! does this not sound interesting? Every team in the MLB might open their books to scrutiny! The MLB PA must be salivating about this! I wonder if Jeffy knows what a pariah is? The highlights of the story are; "The Irving Picard lawsuit filed against the Mets' ownership group could result in the financial records of several, if not all, other Major League teams being examined in court" "Because of the many connections among the MLB office and the 30 major-league clubs, Picard may be able to argue successfully that he should have access to some of the league’s financial data. Baseball officials generally work hard to keep their books closed to the public." "If the trustee is able to trace funds from the Madoff scheme to any accounts of the Mets, he’s going to be able to open up the books and follow that money in the discovery process," said G. Marcus Cole, a Stanford Law School professor and expert on bankruptcy law. "That’s for certain." Said one former club president: "This is bad news for the Mets and everyone in baseball. Because of revenue sharing, everybody’s a partner of everyone else in a greater way than ever before. The discovery process and document searches aren’t going to be confined only to the Mets. This will get back to MLB." The executive added that the league’s business partners — such as networks, corporate sponsors, and other advertisers — could conceivably become aware of financial information that wasn’t previously available to them. Armed with this data, those entities may be able to negotiate contracts on terms less favorable to MLB and its clubs Jon Paul Morosi and Ken Rosenthal -Fox Sports

Freddie Wilpon is Hosni Mubarak, neither understand that no one likes them.


Worth listening to this short but really interesting interview with NYT reporter Ken Benson. $200m is a ton of money to pay for a spot in the owners luxury box!

Dickey is a God


From SI.com After Bronson Arroyo won the NL pitchers Gold Glove it was revealed that the great lord R.A. Dickey (R.A. stands for Really Awesome for those that don't know), deserved the award more. "Most deserving pick: R.A. Dickey, Mets Dickey fielded the third-most chances of NL pitchers (61) and fielded the most without committing an error. He started four double plays, which ranked tied for third; he picked one runner off; and he had the added degree of difficulty associated with throwing knuckleballs to home plate and fastballs to the bases." In a related story, 45 players and 20 managers have been found Knuckleballed to death, the Police have no leads as to who committed this justified act.

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