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- Became an A's fan in 2003; baseball is my number one sport
- Became a Packers fan in 2010-2011; ended up experiencing the Super Bowl win
- Became a Lakers fan in 2012-2013
- Became a Manchester United fan in 2012-2013
- Also a supporter of all Seattle teams as well as the Brooklyn Nets
- Write and record raps in my free time @Kid_Jaz on Twitter, Kid Jaz on Youtuve

A Fan Of...

  • MLB Oakland Athletics
  • NBA Los Angeles Lakers
  • NFL Green Bay Packers
  • EPL Manchester United
  • FIFA USA, Cyprus, England, Greece
User Blog

LA Wasn't The Right Place For Dwight Howard

I think it's wrong to call the acquisition of D12 one of the biggest signings in Lakers history, but obviously there was plenty of excitement in Lakers Nation after LA picked him during the same...


GOG #28: Aw, They're In Our League...

SCORE YOUR LAST GOG PROBABLES The A's take a break from tearing up interleague play to play the Royals, who are sitting in third place in their division at two games under .500. Oakland...


GOG #12: Seattle Mariners - Our Heads Are Held High (ANSWERS POSTED)

SCORE YOUR LAST GOG After the debacle at Cleveland, the A's head back to the west best coast to take on the division rival Seattle Mariners. Amazingly, we have managed not to draw King Felix,...


Mike D'Antoni - Doomed To Fail (In The Eyes Of Many)

When Mike Brown got fired, there was a lot of talk about who the next Lakers head coach was going to be, and once Phil Jackson's name came up it was immediately obvious who Lakers fans wanted to...


The Lakers Conspiracy - How 'Bout No

As a Lakers fan, I realize that most other Lakers fans do not buy into the whole "conspiracy theory", so this might actually be a better post to put up on other teams' blogs, but I don't feel like...


GOG #1: Seattle Mariners - And So It Begins... (ANSWERS POSTED)

After closing out their ST campaign with a satisfying series against the Giants, theA's prepare to kick off their 2013 season with a four-game set against the Mariners at the Coliseum. There is...


The Return Of Baseball, And Other Random Things

I hope everyone had a lovely offseason, because I didn't. I mean, winter is never the best time of the year for me (I don't like the weather...) and this year was particularly bad. I dunno how it...


A Personal Confession

Well.... It is almost 2013 and I have been on this blog since earlier this year,commenting and posting along with a group of people who are a helluva lot smarter than I am and who are very...


Did Mike Trout Really Deserve The ROY Of The Year Award (Or, Should It Have Been Closer Than It Was)?

Everyone is familiar with Mike Trout's sensational rookie season. And I mean everyone. It's not just the media that were going crazy over the Angels' youngster, it was the baseball world in...


2012: A Season I'll Never Forget

At first, I was thinking of titling this post "2012: A Season We'll Never Forget", but I think behind every magical season is a magical story for each fan who lived through it, so - as a young A's...


The A's Unlikely Heroes

"Ah, September... How art thou? 'Tis been long since last we were acquaintedth. I have been suffering from, if you like,an ailment of the most serious type that had caused many to believe that I...


The A's Bullpen Issues, And How To Solve Them

To be honest, these are more suggestions then actual solutions; I"m no manager. Also, sorry if I'm posting this a rather short time after my last post, but I just feel this is something I'd like to...


Some Fun Stats About The A's And Yankees

In light of the A's recent dominance of the Yankees - and of baseball in general - I've pulled out a few little nuggets about these two two teams, in hope that Oakland will do the impossible and...


How Good Is Pedro Figueroa (Or, Is He Any Good At All)

Yesterday, after Bartolo Colon made the mistake of actually moving off the mound to do something other than go back to the dugout and pulled his fourth chin (the official diagnosis is an oblique...


Josh Reddick: Yes, He's For Real

First of all, I'd just like to say sorry to paris7 for screwing up on the Giants' GOG; I'll do my best not to mess up next time! In 2006, the Oakland A's signed Frank Thomas, an aging veteran to a...


An Amateur Analysis Of Brad Peacock

This is my first statistical post, and it could be ridden with mistakes. I'm willing to learn, so if I've grossly misinterpreted something - or if you have any suggestions - just please add 'em in...


A Thoughtful Post

First of all: hey. I'm Scotty J, a 13 year-old A's, Packers and Lakers fan who's half-American, half-Cypriot. I've been an Athletics fan my whole life, and I love my green-collar baseball. I joined...

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