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Kiper's Draft Grades


The one and only Mel Kiper with his first pass at draft grades. And oh boy, even though he hates on our draft, experience has taught him to temper his scorn soooo much. It's so funny to hear him try to hedge and give himself outs while predictably bashing PCJS. It's good to be the champs!

Grantland Ponders What Could Have Been With A-Rod


Interesting article here. Grantland writer Rany Jazayerli considers how A-Rod's legacy might have been different had he (1) stayed in Seattle, or (2) successfully been traded to the Red Sox. Not as much talk about the M's as you might think, but a good read nonetheless.

Richard Sherman Was Just Fined For Taunting


So it took five days, but the NFL decided to fine Richard for unsportsmanlike conduct/taunting. Best thing about it is it will breath new life into the Sherman story just when it had a chance of dying down. Terrific.

Russell Wilson Was Just Selected In MLB's Rule 5 Draft


Seems the Texas Rangers want a piece of our DangeRuss. Can't say I blame them.

Check Out The Sea Hawkers Podcast!


If you haven't already, check out this excellent podcast! These guys are fun, friendly, and HUGE Hawks fans. They have interesting guests, and they're representing the 12th Man from the depths of frozen Montana. Check it out, give them a listen!

49ers Memo Instructs Fans On How To Cheer


This is too easy to make fun of. But I'm sure it will just juice up their homefield advantage soooooooooooo much.

Kyle Seager Listed At #48 On Grantland's MLB Trade Value Column


Over at Bill Simmons' pop culture, sports, pop culture, gardening, horoscope, pop culture, literature, pop culture, and book club website,, baseball writer Jonah Keri has a nice blurb about our own KS, in which a couple of rival execs are quoted with glowing comments.

Earl Gives Mo #25


Earl will switch to a TBD number.

C.J. McCollum Interviewed on TrueHoop TV


Henry Abbott offers this short piece and a couple of great video interviews with C.J. McCollum. The kid looks calm, cool, and collected. Really quite impressive. Should be a great character fit with Portland. Also... Abbott and McCollum made a bet about how many Twitter followers C.J. would have by Friday night (tomorrow), so if you have Twitter, follow him! If he gets to 100,000 he has to write a feature about Henry Abbott. Let's put him on the spot and see if he follows through!

Seahawks-49ers Preview Trailer


The 49ers-Seahawks edition of's 2013 movie trailers series.

Russell Wilson Featured In ESPN Draft Intro


In case you need a little hype heading into day 2 of the draft, here's ESPN's draft intro video, featuring a healthy dose of DangeRuss playing host. This guy. He can do no wrong. Unfortunately I can only find the video on Vimeo for now, so a link will have to suffice.

Seahawks re-sign Hauschka


Steven is back, reports Danny O'Neill.

LA gets some love from


On Sekou Smith's Hang Time blog, writer John Schuhmann has a nice little piece on LA's effectiveness against the Heat and the rest of the league this season.

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