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Disappointed in MHR this season

I really like MHR but I have some criticism. I understand these writers are volunteers (right?) and do this out of a passion for our beloved Broncos. They deserve credit. Hopefully this can be...


Free Agency - Who is left?

From my understanding, the Manning signing still leaves us plenty of cap room. Infact, we should still be under the minimum cap requirement. Which begs the question, who else is left to sign?


Watching the draft

Can anyone else here relate? You grew up watching the draft, your buddies came over, drank beers, sometimes played Tecmo Football, maybe rented UFC 1 or Hockey Fights. Ate game meat, steak or...


Questions about the Spread Offense

I don't know as much as some of you about the spread. I understand what it is but not why QBs from that system don't succeed in a pro-style offense. My other question, is why wouldn't the spread...


I've seen enough of Tebow - cut, re-position, anything but QB

I think fans saying he is showing improvement and needs more game time just won't see things anyway other than what they want to see.  Tebow just can't hack it at QB.


Update on the DTs we passed on the draft

I, along with many others, wondered loudly why we didn't draft a DT.  Or sign a big DT in FA.  I always geek out for the draft, buy the Pro Football Weekly guide, start highlighting people,...


Talk Radio Delusional

I checked out 104 the Fan and was listening to the Al and D-Mac show. Some good stuff for sure.  I liked Al a lot. However, some guy got on preaching about the impact  of fans and this is where I...


LT Question

A friend of mine once told me this LT story that is fantastic, which I have since told others but it occurred to me it might just be a story.  Can anyone collaborate this? (greetings from Denver)


I spoke to the Lord and...

One of my poker buddies uses this expression instead of swearing and this couldnt be more true for me today.


Scrappy Bill's Realistic Mock

I criticized other's mock so I think it's fair I make my own.For reference, I'm using cbssports.com rankings.Kyle Orton traded to Arizona for picks #69 (3rd) and #133 (5th).   Borrowed from GB2.C...


Mocking the Mocks or how to make a better Mock

There are quite a few sayings about the best laid plans going to hell. When I played Madden, I loved the draft.  I would save my game, auto thru the draft, check out the results, reload and draft...


Please sell me again on Fox

I'm not saying I'm anti-Fox but I wanted to do some number crunching on the Panthers and his yearly rankings are nearly identical to Shanahans.  Good year, bad year.  So I ask you, please sell me...


Offseason Questions:

Experts, please chime in.


Satan's greatest trick was convincing the world he didn't exist

The Broncos are going to draft Luck.


This remind you of yourself? Memory Lane

Let me set the scene for you.  20 years ago. NFL draft, a couple buddies (the smart ones) are over, beer, brats, lots of different meats, possibly 2 tvs, one for techmo bowl and a draft guide...


Couple Questions

Long time fan, found this site and love it.  Good bye Denver Post.I like the intelligent debate without all the crazies and insults.

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