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Matt Schaub Trade: Why Reggie May Still Draft a Quarterback High

In close to a year as a professional chef, I've learnt that while it's a job that has it's perks (free food, sleep all morning, works great when picking up women in bars/clubs) one of them is most...


Like It Or Not, The Raiders Are Drafting A Quarterback High.

It's no secret that the Raiders have a question mark at quarterback going into this off-season. Reggie McKenzie and Dennis Allen have all but confirmed the Terrelle Pryor era is over in Oakland,...


Ask A Raider Fan.

We may not be divisional rivals, but there are few rivalries in the league older or more brutal than Steelers-Raiders. The fact that we've played each other pretty regularly in recent years with...


A Post On Barret Robbins, Bipolar Disorder and How You Can Always Come Home.

By now, I’m sure most of you have seen and heard the radio interview Barret Robbins gave to CBS Houston on the Super Bowl loss, his role in the team collapse and his own struggles with bipolar...


Raiders Need To Build Around Terrelle Pryor

OK. First things first. I know damn well that it’s almost impossible to mention the name “Terrelle Pryor” on this site or anywhere in Raider Nation without creating a schism. Some believe he walks...


So Rolando got arrested again.

Yeah. Maybe now we can cut his ass without any penalty? It's not like we're getting even a bag of Doritos for his...


The Coaching Question.

Recently there's been a lot of debate as to who the head coach of the Raiders will be for the 2013-14 season. I'll give you the answer right now. His name is Dennis Allen. No matter how much...


Screwfish's Scouting Report: Jesse Williams (DL, Alabama)

The Screw is back. Now that I've moved into an apartment that has actual wi-fi (as opposed to my old caravan) and I got a new job where I'm in an office, I actually have some spare time these...


Raiders sign CB Joselio Hanson.

First saw it on Adam Caplan's Twitter, and it appears to be true - after a visit on Sunday, Oakland have signed former Eagles slot cornerback Joselio Hanson. Apparently it's for a one year deal,...


Indoctrinating Our Children Into The Raider Way.

Earlier this year, I became a father for the first time. My little girl was born on the 23rd of February and I could not be a prouder dad if I tried. Everything she does is magic to me, no matter...

Quick Mock Draft (Day 2)

As it says above. This is a follow-up to my last quick mock draft. No trades other than those already made, and explanations provided in comments when requested. I suspect one pick in particular is...

Quick Mock Draft

Exactly what it says. You want explanations, ask and I'll give them. No trades factored in other than those made already. Just one round.ROUND 1 1) Indianapolis Colts - Andrew Luck (QB, Stanford) 2...


Raiders interviewing Mike McCoy, Dennis Allen from Broncos.

This is an interesting move, but both Adam Schefter and Bill Williamson are reporting that we're interviewing Denver OC Mike McCoy and DC Dennis Allen for our head coaching job. Were Al still...


The Third Way.

In 1997, the Labour Party had a comprehensive victory in the United Kingdom general election, ending 18 years of Conservative yoke largely through "Third Way" policies, which blended social...


2012 sucks.

Granted, I've only got 21 other years to build upon, but so far the last two days have pretty much been the worst start to a year of my life. Capped off yesterday morning by the double whammy of...

Screwfish Mock Draft 3.0. (Trades included)

1) Indianapolis Colts - Andrew Luck (QB, Stanford)If the Colts don't lose the No.1 pick (and considering they play the lousy Jags next week and the Rams play the 49ers that's possible) then they...


Ask a Raider Fan.

Greetings Pride of Detroit. In preperation for this Sunday's upcoming Penalty Bowl (I believe there's some playoff spots to fight for as well) I have come from Silver and Black Pride to talk R...


Carson Palmer is killing our present and future.

In 1989, the Dallas Cowboys and Minnesota Vikings engaged in a massive trade that involved 18 players and draft picks. However, the best known part involved the Cowboys sending then-superstar...


Ask a Raider Fan

Greetings APC. I'm Screwfish, and I am your guest from Silver and Black Pride for the next couple of days in the leadup to Sunday's matchup between the irresistable force that is your offense and...


Ask a Raider Fan

Greetings Phinsiders. With our teams' upcoming matchup this Sunday, I have come from Silver and Black Pride to talk all things Raiders with you guys for this week. That's right, I'm here to...


Just win, baby.

Just win indeed. Now I don't think I'm exactly stating the observation of the century when I call that an ugly game. Our red zone offense was pretty terrible until the fourth quarter, we struggled...


My heart isn't going so good.

For the second week in a row, my team decides to make a game far closer than it needs to be. While the Raiders may have won the game, Hanie looked like a legit QB in the second half and I still...


Ask A Raider Fan

How goes it WCG? In anticipation of our teams' matchup in Oakland next Sunday, I have come across from Silver and Black Pride to talk football and my beloved Raiders with you guys for this week. I...


Fun game.

That is if your idea of fun is a coronary. At half time I thought we had this one wrapped up - then I remembered that I'm a fan of a team that have made an art of making games that look won at half...


Not a fun game, but I'll take the W.

Well, we won after we did all that we could to lose. That's about as good as I got for a game where all three elements of the Raiders - the good, the bad and the ugly - reared their head. Good:...


Ask a Raider Fan

How goes it Daily Norsemen? (That line was meant to be in my best Minnesota accent, which is terrible). With this week's upcoming Vikings-Raiders clash, I've come from Silver and Black Pride to...


Ask a Raider Fan.

Ah, AFC West divisional games. You gotta love them. I'm sure we all remember MNF Round 1 - while we were far from perfect in that game we still came into yr house and left with a win. Now it's the B...


Little Bye Week Break.

Gentlemen, I require some help. Recently, my basketball team received our new uniforms. And I don't think I'm exaggerating when I say that these are things of beauty. Not quite as beautiful as the...

Screwfish's 2012 Mock Draft 2.0. (2 Rounds)

Order is my own based on how I think the season will shake down. Trades are made up purely for my amusement. 1) Miami Dolphins = Andrew Luck (QB, Stanford) And the Dolphins win the "Suck for Luck"...


The Kool-Aid Isn't Working Here.

I woke up this morning and checked my Twitter feed. First thing I see is from a mate of mine (a Giants fan): "You guys blew your load on Carson Palmer." What? I hadn't even thought Palmer was a...

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