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You better tie a 2x4 across your ass before you go poking around with Jenna Jameson. Otherwise, you'll fall in and will never be heard from again.

User Blog

Hearing like Derrick

A short interview with Derrick Coleman for the Hearing Loss Community.

FG Video Preview: Marshawn.

Darren Sharper. No other words needed.

FG Video Preview: Week 5

We're in business!

FG Video Preview: Week 3

Our epic journey continues!

FG Video Preview: Week 2

Our Independence day!

FG Video Preview: Week 1

Its that time again!

FG Video Preview: Playoffs!!!

Still alive!

CLinkr: The Seahawks GIF site! Playoffs!

A Rare sighting of a superb owl.

FG Video Preview: Week 17

Hi Danny's Mom!

FG Video Preview: Week 16

Hold onto your Butts!

FG Video Preview: Week 13

Dolphins game sure was anti climatic. Losing Sherman and Browner sure is shitty. Hopefully we don't end up in a free fall. We need to call on some extra help. To defeat the bearists. ...

FG Video Preview: Week 10

3 + 18 = 43!

FG Video Preview: Week 9

Hold onto your butts.

FG Video Preview: Week 8

More boobies!

FG Video Preview: Thursday Edition!

Thursday Edition! Nothing special about it!

FG Video Preview: Week 6?

How are we already at week 6? This mean 5 weeks till baby..... shit.


FG Video Preview: Week 4

This is going over here for the time being - because I have no idea how SBN 3 works yet! Stupid Handbook and my inability to look at it. Pretty much my response after the game last week. Thank...

FG Video Preview: Week 3

The Legion of Boom was in full effect last week. Wilson played well - but I'm still waiting for this type of performance. (That bitch is running loose) This is how I feel about Bevell's...

Sunday Morning Gifs / Hawk of the Day!?

Happy Birthday Pete! This is also going to evolve into the weekly "Post your Hawk of the Week" So feel free to add your predictions to the comments - Don't forget to include your player of...


FG Video Preview: Week 2!??

Last week was a nightmare, but starting the season 0-1 makes Jacson's 0-4 a real possibility. But, three tough games ahead of the Hawks isn't my greatest fear...


My Expectation for Russell Wilson

(in gif form)


FG Video Preview: Week 1

So this is back.


Video Preview: We're Winning and its Fun!

Our whole running game is finally working in unison and its paying off with a better product.


Video Preview: Week 13 (single video this week)

Sometimes I feel like there is a disconnect with our offensive play calling.


Video Preview: Week 11

With our O-Line hurting - this may be Marshawn's Sunday. 


Video Preview: Week 10

The Hawks keep hurting themselves with so many penalties. 


Video Preview: Week 9?

This is how I feel about this team. 


Video Preview: Week 8

Last week was abysmal... It was like watching two late onset down syndrome dogs hump a hammer dulcimer. 


Video Preview: Week 6

Go Get'em Charlie!

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