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OT: US is Through to the Knockout Round World Cup Open Thread

We love you, we love you, we love you and everywhere we'll follow, we'll follow, we'll follow, and we support the US, the US, the US, and that's the way we like it, we like it, we like it, w...


OT: World Cup Open Thread

Since a lot of us are into Jogo Bonito and will mainline every game of the World Cup, I figured we should have a dedicated place for it. A cool link: Non-Soccer Fan's Guide to the World Cup I...


OTM Community Awards 2013: Results!

After 3 weeks of nominations and votes, and another tacked on for that little holiday thing, we arrive at our final results. We'll start with some of our informal awards, added on when the...


OTM Community Awards 2013 - Commenter of the Year

And now, the big one: Commenter of the Year. It's been an historically great season, both for the Sox and OTM. I can genuinely say I've never enjoyed my time on OTM more than this season. From...


OTM Community Awards 2013 - Rookie of the Year

Now we get into the two big ones, at least by traditional baseball standards. For those folks joining on 1/1/13 or after, who somehow managed to avoid both the curse of September 2011 and the...


OTM Community Awards 2013 - Funniest Poster

Fanpost the second: Who's the funniest bastard on the site? The one who makes seasons far worse than this one tolerable. A special note: Due to his outstanding late-season contribution, Negaduck...


OTM Community Awards 2013 - Best Baseball Knowledge

It begins: welcome to the first category of the 2013 OTM Community Awards. Who is the most knowledgeable person on OTM about our wonderful sport? This can manifest in comments, fanposts, and...


OTM Community Awards 2013 - Commenter Nominations

UPDATE TUESDAY 12/10/13: Due to AlohaSox running away with Most Enthusiastic (way to suggest a topic, nerds), I've added a few new topics at the bottom. These are going to go into an "all the...


OTM Community Awards 2013 - Call for Categories

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, it's time once again for the year-end OTM Community Awards! A recap of the process:We begin by nominating the topics, then vote on the candidates for each,...


OTM OT: Over The Monster GTA V Crew

Heya folks- Sorry for the OT post, but I started a crew for anyone on Over The Monster who wants to play together for GTA Online. The illustrious name is DISCIPLES OF ACEVES. So that we may...


OTM Community Awards - Results!

Voting has finally ended, and it's time to honor the best our community has to offer. For whatever that is worth, I guess. In addition to bragging rights and the ability to add your award to your...


OTM Community Awards - Commenter of the Year

This is the big one: Commenter of the Year. The award for the best overall quality in posts for calendar year 2012. This should go to the best representative of our community in all aspects of...


OTM Community Awards - Fanposter of the Year

Ok, now that my teeny-tiny problem of being autobanned has been solved, Fanposter of the Year! Who has produced the best original content and breaking news scoops in 2012 in the Fanposts and...


OTM Community Awards - Gammo Award for Best Baseball Knowledge

We're finally there: voting for the OTM Community Awards. OTM is chock full of people who know a ton about baseball, both inside and out of Boston. Who will take the award for being most...


OTM Community Awards - Nostradumbass Award for Inexplicable Prescience

We're finally there: voting for the OTM Community Awards. Who will be crowned Nostradumbass, the king of being totally right with projections in spite of a total absence of logic? A lot of truly...


OTM Community Awards - Funniest Poster

We're finally there: voting for the OTM Community Awards. Funniest Poster should be a hotly-contested category, with many worthy nominees. There are several commenters that routinely make me...


OTM Community Awards - Rookie of the Year

We're finally there: voting for the OTM Community Awards. Next we have the Freddy Lynn Rookie of the Year award. This will go to whoever has registered for SBN in Calendar Year 2012, thus...


OTM Community Awards - Most Missed Poster

We're finally there: voting for the OTM Community Awards. We're going to start off with the Most Missed Poster award, for those commenters you most wish would be back regularly. This poll is...


OTM Community Awards - Commenter Nominations

Ok folks, part 2 of the OTM Awards: Call for Nominations! READ THE FOLLOWING, SO HELP ME GOD: I don't want to decide who are the nominees, so here is how this will go. For each of the...


OTM Community Awards - Call for Categories

So last year Marissa took the time to create awards for the community, and I figured I would pick up the slack this year. I wanted to crowdsource the different potential categories before we do any...

Josh Beckett sues company for Ocelot abuse


"Los Angeles Dodgers pitcher Josh Beckett is suing an Eagle Ford Shale pipeline company for destroying an endangered ocelot habitat on his ranch in La Salle County." Wat.

Bobby Fired!


Hooray! Our long national nightmare is over.


Free Ticket for Tonight

Not much to it: Going to my cousin's wedding, and I have a free extra I can't use for tonight. First person to respond with an email address gets it (electronic ticket). It's not in a good spot,...


OTM OT: Dealing With Spam

While we're enduring an assault from every team that plays the Sox, it looks like we're suddenly getting an assault from every Thalidomide Baby who thinks it's funny to troll the site.   I think...


The Alternate Universe 2011 Boston Red Sox

I was thinking about how close we came to the utter devastation of the Red Sox culture and experience back in 2002, had we not been sold to John Henry and NESV.  Specifically, here's where we could...


What would you give Albert Pujols?

Note: everyone on the planet knows that Pujols will re-sign a monumental contract with the Cardinals that will keep him there for his entire career.  But it's January and we have nothing else to...


Tickets! Who got 'em?

Who's ready for another interminable round of Virtual Waiting Room waiting?


December ticket on-sale Open Thread



A Guide to Fenway Seating

(This was originally posted to Fire Brand of the AL in 2007)   In order to help those who attend games at Fenway Park (and even that requires a fair bit of luck), I write these guides to hopefully...

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