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NXT recap, reactions: Fierce contention

Two main event caliber matches as Bayley faced Sasha Banks for a shot at women's champ Charlotte while Tyler Breeze finally locked it up with Adrian Neville for the men's title. Was it as good as...

Not surprising, yet still somewhat anxiety inducing


I mean, of course the Hulkster would pick the guy who is basically the 21st century version of himself. Does he have inside info, though? Or a farm? Via his Twitter, in response to Brooklyn Brawler.

'Dean Ambrose is a strange case' - Seth Rollins

It's hard to tell if the Architect's description of his past friend and current foe is work or shoot, but it sure is interesting to think about. Check out the whole quote from a recent interview...

TNA Impact preview for August 14, 2014

All the fallout of 'the craziest moment in TNA's history' - and you can own a piece of it! Or, you can just watch a renewal of the Team 3D/Hardys rivalry and a rejuvenated X-Division. Your choice.

NXT results, open thread: Wanna-Breeze

A 'live event' quality card includes the long-awaited showdown between #1 contender Tyler Breeze and NXT champ Adrian Neville. Two tag tournament matches wrap up the first round, and a women's bout...

Rap Genius presents...Paul Heyman


He's a 15-time champ, and he likes to have his fun, but not at your expense, so let us school you, son.

No, we're not from West Newbury, no we can't "hip-hop" like you, my client is the conqueror; I'm just Brock's advocating Jew! You see, my name is Paul Heyman, and my client is The Beast, and on the 17th of August, on your title he shall feast!

You don't like Paul Heyman Guys, you think their attitudes too smug. You gonna beat Brock's ass ‘cuz you the doctor of the thugs? I mean, you've beaten all the best, but now Lesnar's on your plate. You say your time is now, Brock says your calendar's out of date.

So here's some free advice, with SummerSlam drawing near: Get it out your damn system when you say, "The Champ is here!" Because we're six days away from the West Coast's biggest arena, where my client Brock Lesnar will conquer John Cena.

Not really, it's from WWE themselves. Still awesome, though.

The fall of the 'new Nation' and what it means


It's looking more and more like WWE has decided to not go forward with Xavier Woods, Big E and Kofi Kingston as a stable. Here's why that bums us out - and it might not be why you think.

Marvel movies, 80s rasslin' and WWE babyfaces

In the eighth episode of Like a House Afire, Sean finally get around to talking about Dave Bautista's hit movie, how it reminded him of 80s NWA and why WWE should apply the lessons of both to...

Main Event results, live blog: Open challenge

Complete results and a running live blog for tonight's (Tues., Aug. 12, 2014) episode of WWE "Main Event" from Seattle, Washington featuring the tag champs in an open challenge.

Too sweet


an NXT World Order? To read more Twitter reaction to Kevin Steen's WWE signing, including from Steve Austin and Dwayne Johnson, click here. This one is via the Twitter of the last 'too cool to be true' signing, Fergal Devitt.

WWE Network goes global, offers no commitment plan

See if your country is a part of the August 12th rollout, and get the details on the new subscription plan - which is cheaper than what had been discussed last month on the conference call. Will...

Hopefully it's blood, urine and vomit proof


They sure are getting a lot of mileage out of this design. But as last night's closing segment reminded us, black and white is preferable to red and orange. Get yours at WWE Shop.

...and it's official! SIGN STEEN SIGN

Well, that didn't take long. WWE makes it official, and even has an interview up with the newest member of the Developmental roster from his visit to the Performance Center last week.

Report: Kevin Steen arrives in NXT


That according to a picture making the rounds online and reading the tea leaves of Mr. Wrestling's own Twitter account. Check them both out here and decide for yourself while we wait for an...

Cena! Lesnar! Rueter! Roth! Cageside Live!

The Cageside Live podcast returns tonight (August 11, 2014) at 11:15 p.m. ET immediately following "Monday Night Raw" with a full review of the show, featuring John Cena's showdown with Brock...

Rivalry mode announced for WWE 2K15

Some new details about gameplay options in the upcoming release. Find out what '2K Showcase' means, who's featured and how - all announced today.

Heyman: A part-time champ is best for business

The one behind the one says that having his client, Brock Lesnar, hold the WWE title and only defend it a few times a year would be better for the product, the roster and the fans. Read his...

WWE Raw preview for August 11, 2014

Both Brock Lesnar and John Cena will be there to hype their SummerSlam title showdown. With that and so many other matches that have or need to get some heat for Sunday - why are we throwing a 61...

Smark's Shoot Standings for August 10

Everybody who comes to Cageside Seats has an opinion about what's going on in pro wrestling - the Smark's Shoot Standings (S3) are where YOU let us know YOURS.

Del Rio's legendary WWE career and bizarre exit

Our periodic videocast is back with a look at Alberto Del Rio's amazing WWE resume and where things went wrong for his becoming a Superstar. And we pick apart all the rumors about his exit to try...

So...this happened last night on WWE Network


Why is Adam Rose always offering his used suckers to people? Why does Renee Young want Sami Zayn to take it? Why does Sami give in? Why doesn't he use his hands? Discuss, Cagesiders. For extra credit, give us your favorite Against Me! song - bonus points if it's on Reinventing Axl Rose.

Heyman talks his dealings with TNA & Spike TV


More from his DVD promotional tour, this time giving a little more history on his discussions with the Carters and Viacom about taking over TNA back in 2010. What caused the deal to fall apart?

TNA Impact spoilers (Sept 18 - 25): No Surrender


Featuring the ladder match portion of the Wolves/Hardys/Team 3D series, and a championship showdown between the Bobbys Roode and Lashley that was built kind of like a certain SummerSlam showdown...

WWE Smackdown preview for August 8, 2014

A big chunk of the roster is overseas again. Will that leave us with another lackluster show to surround Dean Ambrose's reveal of the stipulation for his 'SummerSlam' match against the traitor Seth...

NXT recap, reactions: Alright, alright, alright

The tag tournament kicks off with two matches, a makeshift team and a surpising win. As usual, the NXT crowd are pretty into themselves. But in a change of pace, the women's match is the worst...

Rumors and theories about Del Rio's release

Nothing concrete yet, but that never stopped the internet before. An unsourced account gives a couple possible version of the altercation WWE refers to, while conspiracy theorists develop the "it's...

NXT results, open thread: Tag tournament, player!

Xavier Woods gets a chance to even the score with CJ Parker, as the tournament to determine the #1 contenders to The Ascension's throne kicks off tonight. What's next on the road to the next live...

Batista and WWE Creative had issues during run


He says that they didn't see "eye-to-eye" on storylines while he was there from earlier this year. Could these unspecified disagreements prevent his return, or are they a work designed to set...

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