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What history suggests we expect from Sting on 7/14


UPDATED. Based on his Twitter posts from yesterday, should we expect a big surprise on Raw? Or is there evidence from past mid-July announcements that would point to promising but less splashy news...

Were Cole and JR arguing about Cena during Raw?

WWE decided last night that Cena is 'the greatest WWE champ in history'. Jim Ross tweeted that he thought that was a bad idea. Did Michael Cole respond during the main event? And what do we make of...

Diva's lib: Women in 4 different stories on Raw

While it's not exactly 'Shimmer', last night's episode of WWE's flagship show featured Divas in four different storylines. They had characters, motivation, conflict - everything! Is it a positive...

OTTR Podcast: Ep. 66 -- Clash of the Champions XIX

Each episode features Mike & Rex discussing the latest news & goings-on of note. The new episode is ready for your listening pleasure! This week, they cover current events, and WCW Clash of...

WWE Legend confirmed for tonight's Raw

Find out who it is. Here's a hint, he was also in Montreal in 2012 for the show where Jerry Lawler suffered his heart attack. Here's another hint, it's not CM Punk.


Video: Santino announces in-ring retirement

WWE has published a story on their website and released video from the Toronto house show where Marella announced the end of his in-ring career due to another neck injury.

Stone Cold wants WWE to cut scripted promos


Talking about his new reality show Broken Skull Challenge, Steve Austin talked about the current WWE interview style. He thinks it limits the product and the ability of the workers to form...

WWE Network announces free preview week


No credit card required to check out the streaming service for free until next Monday, as long as you're not a current subscriber. It's a great deal for folks on the fence, but is it also a sign of...

Ranking the longest reigning WWE champions


The company's website set out to do just that in a recent article, and gave us a top ten. See which current stars made it, the ridiculous amount of days past stars held the belt, and how WWE can...

What Lance Storm and Cagesiders have in common

The Hart Dungeon graduate was catching up on his favorite pro wrestling show this weekend, and took to Twitter to explain why he loves WWE NXT. If you don't already watch, see why an ECW, WCW and...

WWE Raw preview for July 7, 2014

Chris Jericho makes his in-ring return against The Miz in Montreal. Find out everything else that's been going on, and that might happen tonight, in WWE. We'll wonder why folks want a Zeb Colter...

Santino staying with WWE, just not wrestling

Reports are coming in from fans who were at the Toronto house show where Santino Marella announced the end of his in-ring career, and it sounds like he'll be sticking in WWE as a non-wrestling...

Report: Santino says his in-ring career is over

That's what Marella told a house show in Toronto, near his real life hometown. Find out what he said and what it might mean for WWE, Emma, and more.

Petey Williams announces his retirement


The owner of one of the sickest moves in pro wrestling says he's called it a career at the age of 32. Get the details on his farewell, and watch him flip piledriver a bunch of dudes, right here.

Dean Ambrose's awesome Money in the Bank streak

But Dean hasn't won either of his Money in the Bank ladder matches, you say. True, but what he has done the last two years is much more satisfying. Read on to find out what it is, Cagesiders.

Smark's Shoot Standings for July 6

Everybody who comes to Cageside Seats has an opinion about what's going on in pro wrestling - the Smark's Shoot Standings (S3) are where YOU let us know YOURS.

Vote for the Greatest WWE Raw match ever wants to know what you think, and they're giving you eight choices. Click to see what they are and where the voting stands, and give us your choice - especially if your favorite isn't one...

John Cena not going on WWE's Australian tour

And the person the company has decided to replace him with tells us a lot about how high they are on him, and probably provides us a glimpse into the future.


Kevin Steen announces his ROH farewell tour

Is his next stop the WWE Performance Center? Get the latest on that, and learn his handpicked final opponents for the last shows he'll do for the company he's most closely associated with, right...

WWE Smackdown preview for July 4 2014

Get ready for a pro wrestling celebration of America's creation, featuring an Irishman fighting a Mexican for the US Title, with this preview. Also, who else thinks babyface Jack Swagger and Zeb...

NXT recap and reactions: Tyson's ratchet


A strong women's tag and Justin Gabriel doing things you didn't know WWE even allowed in his match with Sami Zayn are the highlights. Even CJ Parker is watchable. Can we leave Tyson Kidd's...

NXT results, open thread: Badly Fractured Friends

Complete results and open thread for tonight's (July 1, 2014) episode of WWE "NXT" from Full Sail Live in Florida, at 9PM Eastern on WWE Network.

Renee Young promoted to Superstars commentator

The ace interviewer will be adding to her already packed schedule as Tom Phillips' broadcast partner on the Thursday night WWE Network show. Read the reasons behind the assignment, and let us know...

Remember the TNA TV Title? Well, they finally did


The TV Title was left dormant by the Dixie Carter and MVP administrations for over a year. Taking over as Executive Director has required me to fix issues they left behind. Championships are the reward of competition inside the ring between wrestlers striving to be the best. As of now, the TV Title is inactive. I'm looking for our roster to step up their level of competition and wrestle on a higher level for the World Heavyweight, X-Division, Knockout and World Tag Team Championships.

So sayeth new authority figure Kurt Angle. Abyss' title reign ends at 393 days, during which he never defended the belt. From

Incredible fan video inspired by Bo Dallas

I got goosebumps. See for yourself and dare to...BOLIEVE!

Forbes asks if Cena as champ is good business


But are they asking the right question? Get a run down of their analysis, and see our alternative theory, by reading on, Cagesiders. Then let us know which you agree with, and give us your take!

TNA Impact preview for July 3, 2014

There's a new sheriff in town, and he's having a fourth of July party. Get ready for Kurt Angle's red, white and blue bash - featuring Bobby Lashley vs. Eric Young for the world title - with this...

Bad News Barrett undergoes surgery for shoulder

The procedure was a complete success, according to See what else they had to say about the former Intercontinental champ, and if we can infer anything about reprecussions for the man who...


Y2J WWE deal was last minute, back for summer

Chris Jericho dishes a few exclusive details in a video released to fans via a new subscription service called Tweet Secret. See it and learn more about the latest return from the master of...


Stone Cold talks MMA & more with Ariel Helwani

Steve Austin stopped by The MMA Hour to talk his new show, 'Broken Skull Challenge', and more. Check out video of their full conversation right here!

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