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Game of Thrones Season 3 Speculation and Information (book 3 spoiler-tastic!)

I blame this site for all the hours I spent wading through all five of the currently published GoT books, and, with the first official trailer released for Season 3 (see it here h...

The best part about the Raiders is making fun of their fans

Even SB Nation is making fun of how ridiculous those unfortunate people are.

A little bit of schadenfreude

Remember how Nebraska was joining other power programs in the Big 10 and they were going to be the next Ohio State and teach all those soft northerners how to play football? Even cfn's Big 10 homer ignored them. Nebraska was a key to the Big 8 (along with OU) and one of the powers in the Big 12. And now they rate as a "won't be a pillow fight" for Michigan. Congratulations Nebraska. You're now Iowa.


Conference starts for the Cats under coach Martin

It's an annual tradition around Manhattan - the Cats always start conference play slow and then get hot eventually. Daverone asked if someone could check out how the Cats started in conference...


EcoKat may be euthanized

  I can't help but feel bad for this PR mess for KSU. However, there is some good news - "Schulz and Morris added that she will lay low before the program is completely halted, and if she becomes...

Rivals preview of the Cats

There is nothing new in here, but I thought I should share. I think he's generous talking about the D: "The defense was weak against the run and allowed opponents to score at least 36 points in six games last season, including each of the last four." Weak? How about useless?

Mellinger's take on Jake

Unlike that execrable excuse for a journalist Robinett, Mellinger's actually a compassionate decent human being.

Two 3-run homers beat Nubs

Great job by the Cats. I don't know how a game against Nebraska (who is still in the conference!) is a non-con game, but I'll take it.


K-State Slate - February 15, 2011

Lots of articles today, I hope you enjoy what I've found, and please contribute what you've found too h...

A profile in courage against bullying

The story of a strong little boy doing what is right, no matter what.

Adding insult to this miserable season

I thought it looked really weird in person, and this explains what happened. Can this season end, please?


Where to park in Lawrence for the KU vs KSU game on the 29th?

I'm fortunate to have a ticket to the game on Saturday, but I'm unfamiliar with Lawrence and I don't know where to park.

Ty Zimmerman All-Freshman 1st team by

Good for Ty. I didn't realize he had such impressive stats. To be sure, if Lamur and Hartman had lived up to even half their preseason hype, Ty shouldn't have seen the field, but I'll take what I can get.

D-Train 2nd team All-American

Good for DT. I don't know if I agree with the mid-season slump he had (and his fumbles) but I'm delighted for him.


Exactly what I don't want to hear, and my greatest fear coming into this season

From this morning's K-State sports extra, Coach Martin is talking about missing the leadership and experience of Clemente, Colon, Merriewether, and Sutton: '"Those were four grown men, and we're...

Joe Posnanski on the KU miracle against CU

It is rather lengthy but I thought I should share. I like how Joe writes.


K-State Slate November 5

Since I'm the first one up this morning, I'll go ahead and share the links I've found

Thanks to Triston27 over at RCT for this gem. I think it's pretty accurate. What do you think?


Thanks to Triston27 over at RCT for this gem. I think it's pretty accurate. What do you think?

7,000 for Madness in Manhattan? That's it?

I'm not usually one to complain about number reported in the news, particularly for something like a free event, but I think there were more than 7,000 people in the Bramlage on Friday night. I was in section 16, and I did see that sections 3-22 on the opposite side were blocked off, so everyone could see the video screen on the giant sheets across the south end of the floor. It seems to me that it was over 2/3 full, and that would mean (of the 12,500 capacity) well over 8,000 people. For those of you who were there, did you see any empty seats in your sections? I didn't see any empty seats in my section or in 17, next to me, or across the floor.

KSU has #4 front-court in the country?

I think I like all this publicity, and Winn does have KSU ranked ahead of KU (#5) but after seeing what is happening with the other KSU players who got a lot of publicity this off season (Hartman, Lamur, the O-line) I don't know if I like it as much as I should.

Cats ready to move on

This is exactly what I wanted to hear out of the Cats after that game. I hope it brings on the same focus the Cats had after getting smoked by TT. If so, I think we'll be fine come Thursday. But then, the Cats said they were ready for NU and look how that turned out. I only give KSU a 55-60% chance of winning the KU game anyway right now, and without focus on the NEXT foe, not the last one, KSU won't win.


K-State Slate October 5, 2010

No Slate today so I think I'll jump in with what little I've seen

K-State has an idiot in the admissions department

Turns out some idiot at K-State screwed up the admissions rate. I thought 56% accepted was low for K-State. Good work you dumbass. Nevermind, nothing to see here.

Our Bruin brother's preview of the Cats

Good write up from Nestor. I like these inter-sectional games. Good dialogue, hopefully good games, but without the trash talking stupidity of conference games. I could get used to that. I think it will be a solid game but UCLA has been hit hard by injuries. Boy this is going to be a long week.

Rock M Nation KSU preview

Why is it some of the best previews I see are from amateurs? I'm impressed Bill C.

Bryce Brown is a putz

If this is really the way he behaves, I don't want him in Manhattan.

President Schulz on KSU's national reputation

I find it sad and depressing that my university, that I graduated from and now attend as a grad student, is so lightly regarded nationally. I'm glad President Schulz is going to try to improve that. I pray it works before the next conference Armageddon.

Pre-season Orlando paper has Cats at #94

I don't think the Cats will be one of the 30 worst teams in the country, even with Coffman at QB. Sure, I have purple-tinted glasses, but I have faith in Snyder. I do expect them to struggle to make a bowl with this unfortunate schedule.

Coach Martin is happy

Best part of the article - "By the way, Martin’s thoughts on Nebraska and Colorado: "I don’t care about them.""

UT commits to Big 12 with 10 teams, so long as A&M sticks around?

After reading PJs post about the Big East, I think I would prefer the Cats telling UT to shove it out of self-respect. I just don't know about this yet. I do like playing everyone in football, and bball would work great too, but no championship game means yet more lost revenue. Adding two teams could work, but who to add? New Mexico and Colorado State? I don't know.

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