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PHI at DAL: Kyle Orton open thread

By popular demand, your late game open thread!


Happy Saturday.. or... The Imperial weekend thread reborn

Well, it is almost 1pm Eastern and no tracks yet. :/ I am sitting here watching Texas and Oklahoma and it is a pretty good game. I don't normally watch college but nothing is on and my butt is...

looking at my old posts I found this


This is really old but seems fitting. I was looking at the Colts with Manning. Wow, how times have changed.


The Game of a Lifetime, Part Two

Welcome to the new world. Whatever your interpretation of the Mayan calendar may be, this is a new day with a new year coming with new opportunity. So here are a few more pics, these were taken...

My Trip to M&T Stadium


If anyone is interested, this was our day. I am a Ravens fan most of the year...


The game of a lifetime

Let me introduce myself. I am Sean and I live in Pennsylvania :) Kaptain Kirk helped me get a pic posted in yesterdays Tracks and I saw a couple of comments about how I didn't fit the mental...


Visiting M&T Stadium

Hi Folks, I'm bringing my step-son down to see the Broncos/Ravens game live. I am a huge Broncos fan, he is a Redskins fan. We both love football in general and I splurged on some nice...

philip rivers fail video-worst day ever


Got this off the SBNation main page. I figure some of you may like to see it.


Train kept a rollin all night long

The hits just keep on coming for my Denver Broncos. I really do hate it and now we are sure to have the annual did he play well enough and will he retire drama. Ah well, It is Peyton "Freakin"...

Brady Quinn apologizes for unflattering comments about Tim Tebow in GQ article


This seems to be a pretty complete article on the QB situation in Denver up to and including today's events. I like the part where he says Denver is considering re-signing him. I have suggested this and still think it is an idea worth exploring.

It's all over Fat Man!


Why Tom Jackson was and will always be one of my favorite Broncos. I am posting this for ncm as he asked what the signifigance of the statement is to Broncos history. Comments are closed in that thread so what the heck, it's a fanshot now.


My New Hat

DSC00798 (via mcwhom) Thank You, MHR!! This probably should be a fanshot but I want to share several pictures here. I am a bit late as well, I actually got it last Wednesday. So...


The Denver Tebows

Yep, it sure seems that way these days.  Almost everything written on MHR is Tebow related.  Even ESPN and NFLN have moved on realizing that there is a story about our defense to be discussed. ...


Just Start Tebow

That's right, I said it.  Why not?  EFX needs to make the masses happy.  Why not do it?  Orton did not look any better than the rest of the team.  We don't expect to make the playoffs.  We are a...


Our QB Options - Poll

Here we go.  The Broncos have four QB's that are showing promise.  Orton, Quinn, Tebow, Webber. We have three vets and a rookie.  Two have been on multiple teams with less than stellar records. ...


Fluff piece -- Fluffy Qb's? ... More of my ramblings

The Eagles are overjoyed.  One of the local sports guys is an Eagle fan and you can hear it in his voice.  Haven't even been to BGN to read up, I would be too disappointed.  Honestly, I am bored...


Various Rantings

 The QB debate has come back full force, the lockout now has new momentum, and training camp may just be wishful thinking.  I haven't read up on the courts ruling and barely read the news report. ...


Caption Fun Anyone? Part Deux

Got some good captions from the last pic.  BRONCOS_49ERS_JL63 (via mcwhom) My favs: After a long search for a real coaching staff the Broncos front office think they’ve found their guys.  CPT...


Caption fun anyone?

It's a slow Saturday.  I am watching racing myself.   Thought it would be fun to go look for an image and post it. I hope everyone is having a good day , it's time to  warm up your funny bone, and...

Court Hearing today


No decision today. Court advises sides to make a deal.


What do the Broncos mean to me?

top_mhs_banner (via mcwhom) Petitions, A Lockout, QB Roulette, and Summer is almost here.        Good Morning and welcome to decision day.  Well, sort of, we will get a ruling which will lead to...


Summer racing and burning feet

Good morning to all and Happy Memorial Day.      Had a good day of racing yesterday with two fantastic finishes.  I feel bad for the rookie at Indy but I know one mistake he won't make again.     ...

Flash Points: Franchise-turning events


Something from Bill Williamson. This is some fun stuff, the Denver choice was a no brainer for me.


Kyle Orton, Tim Tebow, and Brady Quinn

     Sunday morning, got my coffee, waking up.  What's this?  A Redskins QB controversy?  Hmm, still questions in Denver, at least for the fan base.  What will our Broncos look like if we have a...

Lock out story on SBNation


I know there is a lot of animosity toward the lock out. Still, I found this an interesting read, even if it is depressing.

Rally to restore NFL football


Everyone sign this petition. What the heck, at least it is something we can all do.


Horse Traxx

Good Morning and welcome Just a little headline hunting to get the juices flowing.  If you saw a good story I didn't find please add it in the comments 'cause I want to read it too  :D Jump on into...


So much activity, what to do, what to do....

Hello fellow Broncos fans.  The QB issue always has us going but we have had some good conversations on other topics in here lately and I have been scanning posts looking for the updates.. Yes, I...


Horse Trax

I am not sure how well this will work out but I have been missing the trax.  So, I am going to attempt to post some news links.

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