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Vino Junk Drawer

The Junk Drawer is the place for off-topicness. Everything goes in here, except for discussion of the Blazers, or anything else on the main page. To get things started, the poster of the junk...

T-Shirt Jerseys?


Apparently the league, meaning Adidas, is going to start experimenting with short-sleeved jerseys. And yes, they look terrible.


Variation of Batum to SG

Here's my idea: Trade #10 pick to Indiana for Danny Granger and Indy's #23. Package #23 with 1 (or more) 2nd rounder(s) to move up into the mid-late teens and draft one of the Centers left...

Mark Cuban considers drafting Britney Griner


My initial reaction is that Cuban is just trying to get attention. But...... could he be serious?


Jiu Jitsu seminar......questions.

Where to start...... For those of you who are interested, and don't already know, apparently Renzo Gracie is opening up a gym in Portland, Oregon, right across from my hometown, and name sake,...

12 yr old cancer patient dies as Roy Hibbert is on his way to visit him


Boy's last wish was to meet Hibbert, passes away as Hibbert drives to airport to fly to Sacremento to surprise him.

Hawks, Nets agree to Joe Johnson trade


Nets trade away, basically, all their assets, "Not willing to wait" for Howard

Clippers fire Dean Demopoulos


I always liked Dean with the Blazers, and wonder if theyll look at bringing him back. Note: you have to scroll past the golf stuff to find the story, in the link.

Larry Brown reportedly agrees to coach SMU


Which would seemingly make him unavailable to be the Blazers next Head Coach and/or GM

Nexersys exercise machine


Apparently this is like a kickboxing and "personal training" machine that also has some kind of "video game" functions. Has anyone ever heard of, or used this?


End of Season To-Do-List

As we speak, the Blazers are losing to the Mav's which is not a surprise at this point in the season. Whatever minute playoff hopes we had disappeared the moment that Aldridge was ruled out for...

S Rincon flying to S America Mon. to finally finalize a complicated loan w option 2 buy deal....


S Rincon flying to S America Mon. to finally finalize a complicated loan w option 2 buy deal. Really exciting 18 year old prospect. #rctid Speaking of prospects, Trencito Valencia's recovery looks very positive. Will know a lot more in 2 weeks.!/MerrittPaulson

On JJ Hickson

I am one of many who have been very impressed with Chad Buchannon's performance as "Interim" GM thus far. Personally, I think the tag should die, but thats an argument for another day. But one of...

What should I wear to the Blazers-OKC game on Tuesday?

  1. Oden Jersey
  2. Oden Draft Party T-Shirt
  3. knockoff Damon Stoudamire Jersey
  4. Something non-Blazer

John Wall

It looks very likely that the Blazers will have two lottery picks this coming offseason, barring a drastic turn by either us or the Nets. The question is, what do we do with those picks? It seems...


March Madness is HERE!!--- Draft Drawer

The Big East tournament kicked off today, which, in my opinion, marks the official start of March Madness (no offense to the Mid Major's who have already crowned Champions). This is the time of...

"Fallin in love with you" Axe commercial...... I was thinking that it would make a pretty cool TA...


"Fallin in love with you" Axe commercial...... I was thinking that it would make a pretty cool TA video, if someone with the proper skillset were to put said skillset to work. Any thoughts?

The Marinovich Project


Documentary about Todd Marinovich. Thought it might be of interest to some here due to the Marinovich's training being discussed. Documentary airs Saturday, Dec 10th at 9pm (EST), following the Heisman presentation.

Players start voting today, Owners follow suit tomorrow


Player vote opens 6pm (Eastern) Wednesday and runs through 4pm (Eastern) Thursday.


What happens to D-Leaguers

I was just channel surfing, and noticed "D-League Season Preview" was on NBATV, which made me think, with the lockout, what happens to players under contract with NBA teams who are playing in the...

Merrit Paulson on The Sports Insider (Edited)


Many interesting bits. A lot of stuff about the stadium. The thing that stuck out most was Paulson mentioned something along the lines of "Our GM is very close to signing a guy who has a higher ceiling than anyone on our roster." Update: Give this a listen it has a ton of interesting information.

Answer to the lockout?


Iverson to host 4 team Las Vegas Superstar Challenge. Set to announce captains and rosters Wednesday.

White defeats Blue 176-171 in OKC Charity game, participants talk lockout


Durant gets triple-double. Beasley scores 54 then does his best to piss off the Union- "Fighting over 3 percent, that's kind of retarded to me," Lockout aside, I would enjoy some games in the 170's.

Looks like Steven Colbert has the lockout just about solved.


Looks like Steven Colbert has the lockout just about solved.

End of relegation in the EPL?


Apparently, snooty foreign owners don't like their multi-million dollar investments getting bumped down to secondary leagues.


My solution to the lockout

First, as a bit of an aside. does anyone know what, if any, role Paul Allen has in negotiations? I think he should be involved somehow. To my knwoledge, he is the only NBA owner who is also an NFL...

Amare Stoudemire says players will give "serious" consideration to starting their own league.


Something that has been the center of much passionate debate on these boards, is apparently being considered for real.

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