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User Blog

NFL's most overrated players





MYTH #1: THIS SHOULD BE A FANSHOT: Fanshots are simply not important enough to give proper recognition to exploding the myths surrounding the GREATEST OF GREATEST GREATNESS, the almighty AMERICAN...

Cool Grantland Article on the Cowboys-Redskins Rivalry

For the Cowboys, by contrast, the rivalry is not quite this big a deal. "There are more potent rivalries for Cowboy fans at the moment, particularly with the Eagles," Sham argues. "When one of those teams is particularly good, Cowboys fans will pay attention. When it's not so much the case, Cowboys fans are more ho-hum." (He adds: "Older fans would, I think, very much say that the Redskins are the no. 1 rival, and that [they] will always be.") Still, the Redskins' two-a-years leaves the Steelers and Niners rivalries in the dust. Starting with Allen — whose son Bruce is the current Skins GM — Washington got under Dallas' skin more than any other team. As Accorsi noted, the Skins happened to be great at the same time as Dallas and more often than the Giants. As for Philly — they can call me when they win a Super Bowl.

Tony Romo had no booze at his Bachelor Party; Played Hide & Seek


The group closed the weekend with a hopscotch round robin tournament

Someone is being added to the Cowboys' Ring of Honor this season


Drew Pearson? Larry Allen?

Franchise Tags


Can one of Jerry's Kids explain to me again why Doug Free was not franchised?

This has nothing to do with the Cowboys, nothing to do with sports even


Caroline is my niece, and her Grammy is my Mom. I am hesitant to post this. I know it is a violation of the rules, but I am going to wing it. Thanks in advance. Sean

Desean Jackson i an Arrogant Punk on the field, but this is very cool of him


Anyone who is not an Eagles fan dislikes Desean, and understandably so, but he deserves a thumbs up for doing this

Peter King Article from 2005 Ranking young QBs


The whole thing is sort of interesting, but skip to page 3 to cut to the chase

JimmyK AKA ByeDawk, Looks like owe you beers next time I am in New York


That may be awhile as I no longer live in NJ, but I do not skip out on my bets

Darren Woodson on the State of the Cowboys and Jerry's Role


Has some interesting things to say about the coaching styles of Jimmy Johnson and Bill Parcells, and what Jerry needs to do moving forward

Crayton Criticizes Phillips


Says he is too laid back, does not instill discipline, and has nothing whatsoever to do with the offense

Jerry Tried to Fire Wade but Could Not Find a Suitable Interim Head Coach


Transcript of the conversation at the link UPDATE: Don't click the link unless you have a sense of humor

No More End Zone Celebrations


Wade Phillips has ordered the team to abide by College Rules and just hand the ball to the nearest official

No More End Zone Celebrations


Wade Phillips has ordered the team to abide by College Rules and just hand the ball to the nearest official

An Open Letter to Roy Williams


Roy, I have been openly critical of you during your tenure in Dallas. I have mocked your abilities, sarcastically referring to your awesome blocking skills whenever your name came up. If you are honest, you will acknowledge that you made it easy for me. Until this year, you sucked while wearing the Star. This year is a different story. You have been on fire, playing with passion and intensity, not making boneheaded errors. I will leave it to others to play armchair psychologist and try to figure out why you have come to life. Let me just say, Well Done, Roy, Well Done. In a lousy season for Cowboys fans, you have been one of the few bright spots. Sincerely, Seanrude PS In the words of Han Solo, Don't get cocky, Kid. You need to keep up this pace. I hope you do.

Pacman Jones Arrested. Yet Again.


Wasn't there a guy on BTB who wanted every one to eat crow about Pacman? Pacman is a dolt. UPDATE: Looks like it was a case of mistaken identity. Pacman is still a dolt

Boxes of Beer Suicide Pool


Fellow Beer Blogger THE VICEBLOGGER is running an NFL Suicide Pool. The winner gets beer from all over the country (limited to US residents only, sorry OCC). Details at the link. I won a partial share of the NCAA pool the Viceblog ran, and got some absolute stone cold winners, stuff I'd never get unless I travelled around the USA with a cooler and a bottle opener. Probably not something that the Bud Light drinkers here will be interested in, but if you are a beer geek, and you happen to win, it is pretty cool. You can enter anytime before sunday, unless you want to pick either the Saints or Vikings, you need to enter before kickoff tonight

Tony Romo Skips Golf Tourney to Play Catch with Dez


Romo had a tee time to try to qualify for the Byron Nelson Open, but chose to get some reps in with Dez Bryant instead. Good for him. While others disagreed with me I never liked the golfing stuff in the offseason, and think this is a good move. Who knows, maybe he and Roy will finally get on the same page!

Super Bowl Highlight Films on HULU


The Super Bowl Highlight films are up on HULU. For some perverse reason, I have been watching the Cowboys' losses

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