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WalletPop Lists MLS Tickets as Among the "Ten Things You Shouldn't Buy in 2010"


Before we get started, boys and girls, it is the time of year where we must review Laurie's Philosophy on Trialists. So let's take a look at it again: Trialists are like chickens. You don’t want...

To Get You in a Draft Kinda Mood...


I would like everyone to please note for once I have used a bit of self-control and avoided all puns connected to phrases like "feeling drafty." You're welcome. Just for fun, I thought I'd give...

"And Then His Career Was Tragically Cut Short by a Falling Iguana"


Less than two days left in the 2010 MLS Combine, and I am thrilled to report that up to this point nobody has been killed or injured by falling iguanas. Contrary to what you might be thinking, this...

Next Up on the Agenda: The SuperDraft


So. We have survived the old year and are looking toward the new. Or at least I've survived the old year. If you're reading this, I'm assuming you have too. Unless you're a zombie. (Can...

The Biggest Gift the Sounders Gave me in 2009


May 23, 2009. Colorado Rapids vs. Seattle Sounders FC. Remember the game? My guess is probably not, at least not much. The team didn't play all that well, and it was one of the oh-so-many draws...

A Look Back at 2009: Freddie Ljungberg's First Goal for Sounders FC


Journey back with me to the Toronto game. April 4, 2009. Fredy Montero, our superstar in the first two games, had the "flu." Which turned out to technically be more of a "Blue Flu," meaning the...

Does This Break Anyone Else's Heart?


Spotted this on the "Who Are Ya?" T-shirt site. Check it out. Philadelphia Union colors. Sigh. This was supposed to be done in Rave Green. (Still not over the expansion draft. I think this is...

I'm Pretty Sure You Need to Follow Seattle Offside on Twitter. Or Else.


So back in July when I set up the Seattle Offside Twitter account, I created what I am quite sure was an extremely clever haiku to introduce our Tweets. Resistance? Futile Seattle Offside now...

And for Christmas I Got...


So for Christmas my husband got me (among a few other things): 1) A Sounders sweatshirt. That kind of female-y pastel one. 2) A Sounders white longsleeve T-shirt 3) A Sounders license plate...

Brad Evans Called Up for USMNT Camp. Coach Bradley? We Expect to Get THE SAME BRAD EVANS Back When You're Done


Uh-oh. Remember last time we got Brad Evans back from USMNT duty, last summer after Gold Cup? I spent the following two months thinking we should put Old Brad's photo on a milk carton. Let's hope...

You'll Enjoy This Brian Schmetzer Interview


I got an email today from Rocky Cole, who writes our RSL blog and who's also a staff writer at Soccer Hype. He has a great interview up with our current Assistant Coach and former USL coach Brian...

Kasey Keller Expects a "Lockout." From a fan's practical perspective, that's not much different from "Strike"


This breaks my heart but doesn't surprise me. In his latest blog post, Kasey Keller is predicting a "lockout." Yes, that does mean what you think it means. As players we have been told of a...

The Post that Comes Before the Post Where I Link to Everybody Else


I was going to make this a links post, simply because there's nothing to write about. I even had a mental list of stuff I was going to link to. And then I went to find everything and discovered...

Thoughts on the Collective Bargaining Agreement and the Chances for a Strike


I was going to write up something for this page on the CBA deliberations and the chances for avoiding a strike. Then I realized it was more general-interest than Seattle-specific (even though I'm...

Hair Crimes of Sounders, Past and Present. An Excellent Video.


When bad hair attacks, it's not pretty. Apparently we're not the only ones who have interest in the ghosts of Sounders' hair past. And present. The blurb on the video reads: I made this video for...

More Male Bonding: The Sounders Guys do a Preseason Trip, and This is How it Plays Out


We all know by now the results of The Camping Trip, right? (If your answer is no, be sure to click on the link. This post requires prior knowledge.) But there are still things for the guys to...

The Oddest Things Show Up in Google Alerts


Got a link to a site today that contained the following question: Your question What is the height (length measured vertically) of Karl Fredrik Ljungberg (born 16 April, 1977 in Vittsjö,...

The Post in Which I Appoint Myself the Unofficial SSFC Team Mom. Just in Time for the Holidays


In case you hadn't noticed, it is currently the butt-numbingly deadly-dull off-season, where there is nothing to write about. It is also the time of year when our thoughts turn to family. And...

Fredy Does an Ad for Comcast


Sorry about the lack of recent updates; my blogging time has been going to the main page to give Daryl a vacation. (On a related note: Ladies? You might enjoy this about the side effects of the...

Snowboarding? Starring in a Shakira Video? OR: Freddie Ljungberg's Offseason is a LOT More Interesting than Yours and Mine


I am already so bored by the off-season I could scream. Not so for our Freddie Ljungberg, who reports on his blog that he just got back from Hawaii and is now off somewhere else engaging in some...

A Very Happy 40th Birthday to Kasey Keller!


Seattle Offside would like to wish very happy birthdays to two very important people: Happy 40th to goalkeeper extraordinaire Kasey Keller and his ever-present gum, and a very happy NOT-40th to...

A Poem of Encouragement for the Newly-Waived Evan Brown, Lamar Neagle and Michael Fucito


Happy belated Thanksgiving to all Seattle Offside readers. With luck, you have survived the holiday with your nearest and dearest like I have: without stabbing anybody. Or even better, without...

Want to Drop Le Toux a Note? Here's the adddress


If you're someone who'd like to drop Sébastien Le Toux a note of appreciation for all he's done for the Seattle Sounders (both versions) and their fans, here's the address: Seattle Sounders FC re:...

The Post Where We Let Ourselves Grieve Over Losing Séba


If you're stopping by here to say that things could have been worse in the expansion draft, and that Sébastien Le Toux's salary wasn't justified by his production, and that it won't be that hard to...

And in the Expansion Draft We Lose...


We lose Sebastien Le Toux. I am crushed. I have nothing else to say. (Photo: Rod Mar)

No Word on Expansion Draft Yet


The draft was apparently at 10:00, but it looks like the official announcement has been postponed till noon. Stay tuned.

Who Does Our Philly Blogger Think His Team Will Take?


Educated guesses from Andrew at our Philadephia Union site on who's going to go from the expansion draft. Yes, he thinks they'll take our beloved James Riley. (Editorial comment: NOOOOO!!!!!) G...

Expansion Draft Time. Who Are Our Unprotected Players?


AAAAAAAAAAAAAAGGGGHHHHH!! That's the sound of my maternal area imploding as I see some of my favorite players left off this list of players protected for the expansion draft. Alonso, Osvaldo Evans,...

The Best Sign at the MLS Cup


The best sign at the MLS Cup (sorry for the blur):

MLS Cup: RSL and LA Battle for Our Love. Who Wins Out?


MLS Cup! Tomorrow! In our city! Are you excited? I am, believe it or not. More than I expected to be. Because it's not like the Sounders themselves can ever manage to get not one but two...

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