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Morning Links (1/31)


Well, it's time for me to move on, ladies and gents. Using a stale piece of hardtack (my sole means of sustenance and remuneration), I have tunneled out of my cave, pausing only to thank you,...

Morning Links (1/26)


Rumor has it Toews will be rehabbing his hand/wrist/whatever injury in warmer climes. Good for you, Cap. Get some rest: With a nine-game road trip on the docket immediately after the break, and a...

Morning Links (1/24)


The Blackhawk calendar you got for attending the first home game may say it's Tuesday, but to the Hawks, it must feel like a Friday. Tonight's game against Nashville is the last one before the...

Morning Links (1/19)


I'm new around here so help me out: If a blowout victory is a David Lee Roth, is a blowout loss a Gary Cherone? You have your choice of two middle names (Francis or Caine) if you need an extra...

Morning Links (1/17)


Stalberg is named NHL's second star Chris Kuc writes that Kane knows Sharp's pain CSN Chicago's Chris Boden sizes up potential trade partners The guys from Cheer the Anthem also talk trade J...

Morning Links (1/12)


Links and stuff. Game Previews: (Trib); (; (Cheer the Anthem) Kids making the most out of their time in the show (Myers) Bruno making the most out of his limited...

Morning Links (1/10)


Now see, I had this brilliant, erudite survey of the Hawks' recent losing skid to preface the links this morning, but...yeah...Sam pretty much nailed it. Oh, well. Let's just skip to the links....

Morning Links (1/5)


The Ban-Hammer cometh and smote Carcillo a mighty seven games. Not much to complain about there: Keith Stone is guilty as charged, and a repeat, repeat, repeat offender. Carcillo might be...

Morning Links (1/3)


So...whoever had last night as a game Carcillo would hurt the Hawks with a bad penalty (and earn face-time with Shanahan) in the SCH pool please contact Sam in Human Resources for your...

Atop the Sugar Pile 12/29


When last we scaled Mount Sucrose, Toews was earning Hart Trophy whispers and Crawford was still wandering around the lower realms of Matheson’s “What Dreams May Come.” The Hawks were riding a...

Morning Links (12/29)


Links. You know what to do. Beat Game Recaps: (Myers); (Jahns); (Kuc); (Rogers) Blogger Game Notes: (CtA: Bartl's Boxing); (Hockeenight); (The Third Man In) Hawks taking it easy with Carcillo,...

Morning Links (12/27)


I might apologize for reusing this slightly modified image, but I'll quit recycling this 'shop when it stops making so much sense. The Tunnelbana kept a rollin', and a rusty but opportunistic...

Morning Links (12/22)


On Tuesday I virtually guaranteed Morin would bring you out of your seat, but in two games, Morin has spent most of the time in his on the bench. Well, I'll take my medicine on this one, but I...

Morning Links (12/20)


Before the links, please to enjoy these sparring shots from the southpaw. You are welcome to scroll past my drivel and go directly to the links, but I recommend you hug your elbows to your sides...

Morning Links (12/15)


Here are your links for this victorious morn. And at the risk of officially exhausting my play on Minnesota's nickname, click your terrible clicks, post your terrible posts, link your terrible...

Morning Links (12/13)


When the Hawks hike into the wild tomorrow night to clash with Western Conference-leading Minnesota, a national audience (Versus) will be treated to a juxtaposition of playing styles. The Wild...

I Know What You Did Last Friday / Morning Links - 12/8


The Ghost of Rick DiPietro's knees (and hip, and cerebrospinal fluid, and...) warns: DO NOT UNDERESTIMATE THE ISLES Here's the thing: Someone forgot to remind the Islanders that they stink. Wang...

Morning Links (12/6)


Oh, those wily Coyotes. Their desert voodoo worked its dark magic on Montador's skates and Crawford's depth perception the first twenty minutes and change of the game, but Tazer broke out his...

Morning Links (12/1)


As much as the Isles may seem to be a good foothold out of the slough, the Hawks risk getting chunged by Charles Wang's plucky youngsters if they take the ice with St. Louis on their minds. No...

Morning Links (11/29)


Today's links are brought to you by the letter Q, leftover turkey recipes, Park, Ride, Fly on Toews' back transportation services, and day-appropriate Southern Rock ballads. ("Freebird" is...

Morning Gizzards and Giblets (11/24)


Happy Thanksgiving, all. I'd be more thankful if the Hawks managed to steal a point or two in Silicon Valley last night.  But hey, they had a pulse and it is not like they didn't have their...

Morning Links (11/22)


With any luck, Sin City set the Hawks' souls on fire. They'll need it. The Hawks resume the circus trip against the Sharks tomorrow night. They'll meet the Sharks headed in the opposite...

Morning Links (11/17)


Patience. Focus. Discipline. The Hawks made Miyagi proud last night by not taking dumb penalties and making the wolves of the sea pay dearly for theirs. Even without Seabs' underrated first pass...

Morning Links (11/15)


Over the span of the three-game winning streak, the Captain has four goals, two assists, and is a +6. Toews is also a few bounces away from leading the league in faceoff wins, averaging over 60...

Morning Links (11/10)


This blog is in need of some levity, and frankly, Columbus' mascots are some low-hanging fruit. Seriously, what opiate-induced night terror inspired Stinger? The manic, "remember me, Eddie, when...

Morning Links (11/8)


The Hawks hit the road to take on the Blues tonight (second cousins' trip?), eager to put Sunday's meltdown behind them. Coach Q forgives, but doesn't forget. Q put the lines in a dryer at...

Morning Links (11/3)


The Hawks will run into some familiar faces tonight in the Sunshine State, and they will do so with Dan Carcillo, who returns from suspension. Dan "Suspended...Always" Carcillo has "felt shame,...

Morning Links (11/1)


Happy (belated) Halloween, all. The Hawks were full of treats and scares last night. Stalberg wore his clutch costume for the second game in a row and Keith left the game with a dreaded UBI. The...

Morning Links (10/27)


Sorry, folks. No clever Photoshop or witty banter today. Captain Trips is making its way through the Southpaw household. With my last, phlegm-choked breath, here are your Thursday morning...

Morning Links (10/25)


The Ducks and one of the most dangerous lines in hockey flap into the UC tonight a game over .500. If there ever was a time to reunite Marlboro 72 just for giggles, this might be it. Spin the...

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