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Rambling thoughts on the ACC and Duke and this magical season

The following is a really long discussion about statistically how amazing this season is, yet how equally horrible the ACC is, as an entity. Duke gets the fury of my wrath and scorn for the ACC....


Punting... The weak link in our chain this year

Cason Beatty is in his second year as our starting punter, after taking over for one of the best punters in the nation and in school history, in Shaun Powell. In his senior season, Shaun Powell...

Coaches still give FSU no respect


Oh well, we tried. Go Cardinal and geaux Tigers.


Good time to revisit the ole FSU-holding issue

Way back in 2011, I wrote this article. Reread it and you'll see that that there was something fishy about the tendency of refs to call holding penalties on FSU as opposed to its competition. It...

Interesting Early F/+ Rankings


FSU checks in at 4th, which isn't too too surprising, but where some other teams rank may catch you off guard: Clemson - 24 Florida - 8 Miami - 26 Ohio State - 12 Pitt - 53

ESPN Corey Martinez commitment story - Look closely, and you'll see something alarming


"Coach [Rick] Trickett and I have a great relationship. We've bonded over the years and the times that I've been over there. Our relationship is really good. Not a lot of kids like Coach Trickett's coaching style, but I don't mind it. It's something that appeals to me." Notice anything wrong here? Let me pick this apart a bit for you. "Not a lot of kids like Coach Trickett's coaching style." Let me point out, this is not a recruiting analyst saying this. This is not a TN member. This is likely not someone reading message boards and knowing what people think of Trickett. This is firsthand experience of speaking with recruits and knowing the TRUE feeling regarding Trickett's coaching style. I doubt we will ever land top echelon O-line recruits with him as our coach honestly.


National Program Rankings

Everyone knows that there is a big difference between the quality of a TEAM and a PROGRAM. A team is comprised of current players, and, if you want to stretch it, the incoming recruiting class....

FSU @ VT Play by Play


Everyone look at the last drives of the first half and the second half. The hurry up spread offense (probably similar to the HUNH that Clemson runs) is CLEARLY what EJ is best suited for, as it allows him to spread the field out (albeit creating more reads) and make his legs more of a weapon with the increased spacing. It is unfathomable to me that we don't just say screw it and make this our base offense for the rest of the time EJ is around because he seems so comfortable in it. On another note, if we don't beat the tatas off of Maryland, all of our coaches should be fired on the spot. I'm talking something like 70-3. That is an unprecedentedly bad team with no QB whatsoever and although they have a decent defense, Clemson ran roughshod all over them. This should be a nice tuneup for UF but anything besides a ridiculous blowout is unacceptable.

FSU @ Virginia Tech F/+ Ranks


Virginia Tech: 83 - Off F/+ 28 - Def F/+ 65 - ST F/+ 57 - Efficiency FSU: 33 - Off F/+ 5 - Def F/+ 20 - ST F/+ 8 - Efficiency

Dear God, help us all


Who I believe, to my knowledge, to be the worst AD in the history of collegiate sports will stick around for another year. Why? WHY?

Usain Bolt Breaks Olympic Record


Why is this relevant you may ask? Because Marvin Bracy would've placed t-9th at the OLYMPICS with the time he recorded at the age of 18!

FSU Homefield Advantage (or lack thereof)


Interesting where we fall on the list, but read the description and see that it might be good.


Questions as of July 22, 2012

As I have a day of complete downtime, for once, and we're in a boring period of the college football calendar year, I find myself wanting to generate some buzz with a few questions.

Phil Steele ACC & Bowl Pick (respectively)


Phil Steele ACC & Bowl Pick (respectively)

Great, Jernigan out 4-6 weeks with PARTIALLY torn MCL


At least he should be fine for the season, and he does happen to play in our deepest position group, but never good to see a guy of his talent suffer a torn anything. Anyone ever have one of these injuries that could enlighten? On a side note, how the hell has a link to this not already made the front page?


I need football, so here's my WAY too early win Win Shares estimates

vs. Murray State - 1.00 ... There's a greater chance Tebow wins MVP than us losing this game, and both are 0%. vs. Savannah State - 1.00 ... There's a better chance that Tebow sets the passing...

Umm. I've never been a huge Maguire fan but the coaches see something and I'm quite impressed by...


Umm. I've never been a huge Maguire fan but the coaches see something and I'm quite impressed by this video. SIAP.


No holding for FSU... what else is new?

Does THIS ARTICLE look familiar? It should. According to Clark’s research, Seminoles conference opponents have been called for five holding penalties against Florida State all season. That’s...

"In regards to Xavier Rhodes' "struggles' in practice, Jimbo said maybe the other two corners are...


"In regards to Xavier Rhodes' "struggles' in practice, Jimbo said maybe the other two corners are just better right now." "And with Harris and Reid, the Seminoles have two pretty good ones. Not like there's not depth at CB." Ruh roh, like zoinks Scoob. What's up with our freshman all American? He's CRITICAL to the success of our defense as he is the perfect zone corner.

The FSU Defensive Line and the Relationship Between Sacks and Passes Defended

Today, I will be doubling your pleasure and doubling your fun. You will be fortunate enough to be reading a two part article that will go over the 2010 vs. 2011 defensive lines and also the...


College Football - Professional Baseballs' Little Brother and Its' Dirty Little Secret

Who's your favorite baseball player? Even if you don't like baseball, I'm willing to bet you'll name a power hitter or pitcher. Regardless, as I'm sure many of us on here are aware, professional...


FSU/Recruiting-Related Twitter Accounts

'm creating this post as hopefully a guidebook of sorts that people can look to for all Twitter knowledge. Twitter has clearly become one of the most popular forms of social media and one of the...


Comments, questions, concerns and considerations about Clemson

Over the course of the last few months I've seen some things written about Clemson on this website and others that I would like to discuss here. Let me preface this however by stating that this is...

Notice the Florida talent and FSUs crop already!


28 of the top-150 prospects are from Florida (18.67%), which is 8 more than the closest state (Texas), which we just so happened to pull the top prospect out of. Also, keep in mind that Texas wrangled the most top-150 prospects according to ESPN's list, but with 17 commitments, their 8 in the top-150 is only 47% of their class. Our class has one less top-150 commitment (7 - good for second in the nation), but keep in mind that we only have 10 commitments, so a stunning 70% of our class so far are ESPN top-150 prospects. With lots of uncommitted prospects left in the top-150 that we have a realistic shot at, such as: #9 Stefon Diggs #15 Jameis Winston #22 Andrus Peat #29 Chris Black #41 Nelson Agholor #136 Brian Poole #147 Kent Taylor we have plenty more opportunities to add even more top tier talent!


The 2012 QB recruiting dilemma

With a #1 recruiting class in the books, it is time to take a look now at the 2012 class (which is likely 1/3+ full already)! More specifically, I'm going to start a discussion about 2012 QB...


An obnoxiously far look ahead to next year (with some assumptions of course)

This season surpassed our expectations. Whether we win the bowl game or not is of no consequence to the season having exceeded expectations for three reasons A) The average user (including Bud)...

FSU 16th in new BCS standings


I could see an argument for 14th-15th but I don't really care about rankings... they don't affect whether we win or lose and if we win, everything will "correct" itself


Pros and Cons of Wake Forest Game

Instead of doing a thorough review, I'm just going to do a nice, tidy list of the good that I saw/came from this game and the bad. But first, I'll give a short synopsis. The game ball should go to...

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