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You don't use me enough in your writing

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Tracking down my online haters


Mirtle tweeted this. It's a good read


Into the fiery red depths

If going from Kingston to DC to see a Canucks game seems crazy to you, you might be on to something. Why I didn't think to go to the game in Ottawa, I have no clue - I must have been doing...

Why the Canucks can't be stopped (Hint: The NW sucks)


This is something that I've been thinking about a lot lately. I was even going to make up a little chart to show how bad the NW is this year, but Lambert has done most of the calculations already in the article. The main point: the NW is bad. Really, really bad. And because we play so many games against them, we have one of the easiest schedules in the league. To me, this makes all the games against Western teams not in the NW even more important. Everyone always talks about "measuring stick games", and it's almost a cliche now (there you go Section, more of them), but I think it's a very appropriate term to think about whenever the Canucks play the other top teams in the West, since we don't get to play them all that often. What do others think?

Nabokov Leaves KHL team for family reasons


He apparently left for North America, sources maybe think his family isn't adjusting to Russia? Anyone think he might try to find a team in the NHL again, and if so, what are the chances a team like Tampa goes for him? They could sure use some better goaltending...


How to (mis)Pronounce the Vancouver Canucks Roster (Part 1)

The idiots that mispronounce Canucks players' names


Your Score Predicting Wizardry Handbook

In the run up to the game against the Avs, Zandberg wondered why everyone was piling on the 4-2 Canucks winning score bandwagon.  He postulated that 4-2 was the most common score from last year,...

New off-season vehicle for Sharks fans/players? (seen first at PPP)


New off-season vehicle for Sharks fans/players? (seen first at PPP)


PSN User Names

More on the Hawks' wonderful predicament next year...


Is it mean to laugh at someone's misfortune? F*** that, they just won the cup. HAHA

Thanks Google Ads, for rubbing it in....


Thanks Google Ads, for rubbing it in....

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