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Michael Kelly (ACC Rep) Interviewed on Jeff Cameron Show on ACC's Officiating in the Miami Game


Pretty funny at the 3:34 mark- (After Kelly stated the hit was "determined clean and legal, and it is a situation that should not have been warranted a flagrant foul and an ejection.") Jeff Cameron: So the call was incorrect? Kelly's Answer: "The... the call... the call... was in... was in... the... the call was in... uhhhh...." Jeff Cameron: Was incorrect..? Kelly: "Yea, I guess... I.. I... I... I mean.. I... I... I... it was a legal hit..." HAHAHAHA... ACC Officiating is just goofy...

FSU Fan Reaction to This Loss...


FSU Fan Reaction to This Loss...

FSU to SEC: Article on Fans' Influence on Conference Realignment


Any ideas on how we can make an influence on this? I'm sure MOST FSU fans want this to happen. If there was ever a time, now is the time we should make our opinions known. It's worth a try.

ACC Wants UCONN and Notre Dame


Breaking reports are saying the ACC will accept UCONN only IF Notre Dame comes with them

Beebe Bows Down to Oklahoma's Request


Big 12 commissioner, Dan Beebe, is stepping down after the conference's recent turmoil lead to Oklahoma requesting his resignation. Conference commissioners' new favorite word- "Stability." This move was absolutely necessary for the Big 12 to move forward in some light.

Missouri Heading to SEC After All, Auburn Will Move to SEC East


SEC Expansion could stop here, or it could stop at Oklahoma and Oklahoma State if Oklahoma isn't satisfied with Big 12 Reform. And, if Oklahoma goes to the SEC, does Texas head to the ACC? Reports say the ACC won't accept Texas Tech because of academics, and that's one of the reasons why Texas-ACC talks died. Will Texas leave TT behind if Oklahoma does in fact bolt the Big 12 for the SEC? Or will it stay behind, adding new members to the Big 12? But, if they do stay, and the Big 12 remains, the same problem exists that made the old Big 12 schools leave in the first place- The Longhorn Network. In the end, no matter what conference Texas decides to be in, I believe they will ultimately have to either share at least some of the network's revenue or give up the network all together. Blame Conference Realignment on the Longhorn Network? I think so.

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