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MSU blog previews the game

FINALLY! Our friends at The Only Colors, MSU's SBN blog, appear to have awakened to the fact that there's a game in East Lansing Friday night, and have posted their perspective on its keys for both teams. Their prediction: Boise State will jump out early, but the Spartans will rebound to prevail 24-17.

2012 Bronco Nation Viewing Parties--throughout the country

The BSU Alumni Association has posted Bronco TV viewing parties for much of the 2012 football season. There may be further additions later on (I really don't know). Check out your locality, then gather the faithful and trek on down to cheer with fellow Broncos.


Fall Scrimmage Photos, Part 2

A few of the shots I took at the 2012 Fall Scrimmage. (I had to split them into two groups, so be sure to look at Part 1 as well.)


Fall Scrimmage Photos, Part 1

A few of the shots I took at the 2012 Fall Scrimmage (Had to split them into two parts, so look at Part 2 as well.)

ATTENTION! Road Game Attendees

The Boise State Alumni Association has announced dates, times, locations, menus, and costs for Bronco Nation to attend pre-game rallies for games at Michigan State, Wyoming, Hawaii, and Nevada. If you're going, bookmark this URL.


All Hail! Kevan, Drew, and Nick

We’re rolling down towards the opening kickoff, and soon posts will be flying like Kellen’s passes. Before the air gets too congested, though, I thought it would be appropriate to pause for a...

Thomas V. Munson Obituary

Tom's service will be held July 14 at the Hilton Garden Inn. "Tom was a true BSU Bronco fan! He loved the tailgate parties, OBNUG, and of course -watching BSU Football." If you wish, you may leave a comment in the Guest Book:

Rumor: Mountain West Connection reports Boise State to stay in MWC; story disputed

The reporter is Chris Maathuis of Las Vegas KLAS TV Channel 8. He promises details on the decision, but more than three hours later nothing is posted. Here is the KLAS website:

Isaiah Crowell Dismissed By Georgia Football After Arrest

In case you missed it in the SB Nation sidebar, Crowell, who ran 15 attempts against the Broncos for 60 yards last year, was carrying a concealed handgun (with an altered serial number) under his driver's seat when stopped by the cops. But it's this comment by Dawg Sports Manager T. Kyle King that really caught my eye: "Hopefully, folks read all the way to the end of Seth's article and saw that this was the first arrest of a Georgia football player for a felony in several years." Wow, Kyle. Sounds like you guys are really on a positive roll. First felony arrest in several years! Keep up the good work! UPDATE (If anyone is still watching, since this is off the front page.) Crowell reported to be headed to Alabama State, an FCS school.

Michigan State DT transfers to NMSU

I can understand a young kid feeling homesick, but leaving Michigan State for New Mexico State???

Kellen Moore: No QB will be more motivated than me

Kellen "was the most popular search item on Sunday."

Boise State football team cited in Forbes ranking of Boise as #2 best city for raising a family

Boise, Idaho used to be America's best-kept secret, but that was long ago. As both natives and newcomers are well aware, we enjoy the good life here. It's a wonderful place to live, full of nice folks who even display an amazing tolerance of dUI Vandal fans. Forbes Magazine has rated Boise No. 2 in the nation for "Best Cities In Which To Raise A Family." The full story can be viewed by clicking on the title above. And this excerpt: "Life is good for many families in the Pacific Northwest’s third largest city, with lower costs and less crime than the region’s two biggest metros, Seattle and Portland. And there’s the local powerhouse football team, the Boise State Broncos." along with a photo can be found here: Ah, it's good to live in the Big East. Er, West.

Idaho’s "Gruff Luck" 2012 Profile?

SB Nation has this story about the Vandals posted in a right-hand sidebar. Don't read it on a full stomach--wait at least two hours after eating. Idaho is arguably ranked as one of the top 121 FBS teams in the nation. What's that you say? There are only 120 FBS teams? Well, the ranking still stands. I found an apparent error in author Bill Connelly’s final story line, wherein he wrote, "Good luck, Coach Robb P.S. Akey. You're going to need it." I believe he left the "O" out of "Coach Robb P.O.S. Akey."


Blue & Orange Game Tailgate!

Announcing the Official Unofficial OBNUG Blue & Orange Spring Game TAILGATE

C of I will make decision about resurrecting football program

That's THE College of Idaho, Vandals. I remember when we used to play C of I in the olden days.

Watch Combine live online

Also, Cripe is posting results here: (Sorry--looks like you'll have to cut and paste for Cripe's column.)


BSU hater not doing well in Texas race

I realize this is not a political blog, so my apologies, but this has to be shared. "He who shall not be named" (Aig-Cray Ames-Jay) is not faring well in his attempt to mess with Texas voters. ...

Boise State to request $17.5 million bond for new football facility

"The complex will consist 'of approximately 69,000 gross square feet of all-sports training and hydrotherapy facilities, a strength training and cardiovascular room, football team locker room, football team meeting rooms, football coaches’ offices, football coach and staff locker rooms, academic study areas, a recruiting lounge, equipment storage and checkout, loading dock, and other infrastructure support spaces.'"


"A chance for change in the BCS"

Tim Dahlberg, AP writer, penned this commentary about the possibility of an inertia change in the BCS after the 2011 season's joke of a mythical national championship. While it's mere speculation...


OBNUG Tailgate Review and Photo Gallery

A bunch of Broncos herded into the corral (the Ram Restaurant & Brewery) Friday night for an evening of fun, talk, and libation. As HSridge wittily put it, "This is the biggest blind date I’ve...

Broncos in Senior Bowl: "Outstanding Group"

Cripe has a good report about our boys in the Senior Bowl practices. The above quotation is from Jacksonville Jaguars general manager Gene Smith.


Announcing the First-Ever 2012 TAILGATE

Unofficial OBNUG Informal Post-Season Indoor No-Host TAILGATE.

Patiently awaiting the next riders, be they players or coaches. (Taken at the New Mexico game,...

Patiently awaiting the next riders, be they players or coaches. (Taken at the New Mexico game, December 3, 2011.)

Coach Kellen (someday)

He'd like to come back after a go at the pros. We'll leave the light on, Kellen.


Help recruit Boise State's next Rhodes Scholar

Want to get involved in a personal way to help BSU recruit new students? As our academic reputation grows, so do our chances of landing in a major athletic conference. This just in from the Alumni...

Things are slowing down a bit on FanShots, so I took this opportunity to post this photo of our...


Things are slowing down a bit on FanShots, so I took this opportunity to post this photo of our wonderful 2011 offense. Taken from my seat on the 23-yard-line at the NM game, December 3, 2011.

Our quiet and well-behaved South End Zone at the New Mexico game, Dec. 3, 2011. Can you pick...


Our quiet and well-behaved South End Zone at the New Mexico game, Dec. 3, 2011. Can you pick yourself out?

"Touchdown production was simply their natural occupation." -- SI

Sports Illustrated's Holly Anderson writes about the MAACO Bowl and the end of the Kellen Moore era. Worried about our future? Here's the final sentence in her article: "Is this, clutch those pearls, twilight for Boise State? Petersen practically snorts: 'No.'" 'Nuff said. C'mon, 2012. Let's put a whuppin' on Michigan State! (Remember, they used to be coached by John L. Smith, one of the biggest tools in the Vandal's burgeoning tool box.)


It's hard to stop a train

During the lull before the Maaco Bowl Las Vegas, I thought you might like to see some photographs of a special model train painted in Bronco livery by a member of my model railroading club, the R...

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