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Sick of Being a "Stathead"

Is anyone who weighs stats more than their eyes sick of being called the many names traditionalists have given them:Statheads Statgeeks Statnerds Nerds GeeksWhat kind of name do traditionalists...


The Great Jeff Francoeur

I recently got into a very heated discussion on a Braves forum about the great Jeff Francoeur.The debate was on whether he was clutch. Right now, I couldn't care less about it because a clutch...



YEEEEEEEEEEEEA!!!We are officially official.Thank you.Greatest game in NJ football history, and the best moment for any NJ team since the Devils won the Cup for the first time in '95.Piss drunk....


Shoud the Cubs start looking at trading Zambrano?

Z is our best pitcher by far right now, but that does not mean he is flawless.He is charismatic, he is a friggin bull, he's young, he's got great stuff...but he has alot of flaws.One thing we worry...


Jeter Owned;lid=tab2pos1"5. Jeter doesn't provide the leadership needed.Jeter gets a lot of credit for his leadership, but where was he when the A-Rod soap opera...


2007 Breakouts...

What prospects should we be looking foward to NEXT year?What young star in the Majors will blow up next year?Theres alot to look foward to next year, but do you think it will top this years class...


Jeremy Hellickson...

For all the talk of Davis and McGee, Hellickson seems to get ignored. Maybe because he's behind them, but he's also the youngest out of all of them (he's 19 this year).He's a small right hander,...


(OT) May Have Torn my Rotator Cuff

So yesterday I had my first college baseball practice ever. It's not for a big school, in fact its a CC who plays under the NJCAA.So, I go to practice late because my last class runs into practice,...


Cain scrapped his curveball?

In his dominant start on Sunday Matt Cain struck out 9 against the Reds, but there was a noticable difference.Usually when you look through his highlights, most of his K's come on a hard fastball...


Poor Jeremy Bonderman....

These days all I hear is Justin Verlander this...Justin Verlander fact the comment that set this post off was one about how Andrew Miller would team with Verlander to be a dominant 1-2...


Will the Pad's move Matt Bush to mound?

If I remember correctly, alot of scouts liked Matt Bush more for his 93 MPH fastball and nasty curveball when he was drafted, no?Why has no one suggested this since he has sucked so much? He was...


What are we...retarded?

As if the Cubs couldn't piss their fans off even more, now supposedly 25 year old Mark Prior is being dangled for any of two +30, big contract players?WTF is WRONG with this franchise? Does no one...


Chase Headley

Chase Headley, 3B, University of Tennessee Hitting .386/.536/.696 this year, with 54 walks, 19 strikeouts, 12 homers in 184 at-batsDoes anyone know anything else about this guy? He looks like a...


Prospect Retrospective Request

John, do you think that sometime soon we can look back at the career of Ben Sheets.I know he's never K'd guys like he did last year, and I'm actually wondering if his stuff improved last year...


Best Scouting in the League

Which team, in your opinion, has the best scouting in baseball?I would have to go with the Twins, right over the Braves.For one thing, the Twins have a much smaller payroll and market.They...


Stathead or Traditionalist?

I know theres more to this than "if your not a stathead, your a traditionalist" and vice versa.But which side do you feel you lay more on?Me, I'm a "stathead." I like the logic in it, I like that...


Guys to Look out for in 2005

Who are some guys you would say to look out for in 2005?I'll list some of mine.Gaby Hernandez of the Mets. Good stuff, 91-93 on his fastball, good curve when he gets on top, decent change for a kid...

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