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This is maybe the most hideous promotional poster the UFC has ever produced.

Sweet slo-mo shots of Fox Sports 1 Debut

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Awesome high speed camera shots including Travis Browne's knockout and Chael's belly to belly suplex of Shogun.


UFC Fight Night 26 Fallout Shelter

I just thought I'd share my opinions about the UFC's FS1 debut in convenient bullet form for you to disagree angrily with. Chael Sonnen def. Shogun Rua via Submission Rd. 1 (to old age before...


Mike Pyle Should Have Lost: How Right Decisions Become Wrong Ones

It's coming: a fanpost about judging. A fanpost that will probably piss you off. No, I'm not going to propose a "solution" to the judging problem. All the solutions on the table are wrong, and...


The Joe Silva Hat: UFC 159 Edition

After UFC 159, there are tantalizing matchups to be had everywhere, and here are the ones I would make. For those who are lazy and don't want to read my reasoning, the matchups I'm suggesting are...


How to make sense of middleweight

With Vitor Belfort derailing the expected matchup between Michael Bisping and Anderson Silva, and Silva announcing he would be sitting out until summer, we're going to need some middleweight...


Putting On the Joe Silva Hat: Munoz vs. Weidman

Just a little post event matchmaking for UFC on Fuel TV 4. If you disagree with me, via Chris Weidman: This was a stellar performance, but I think throwing him to Silva is...


Why Anderson Silva can beat Jon Jones

I'm a believer. Jon Jones will be the most decorated combat sports athlete in history before his career is up. The amount that he has already achieved against the former champions of a division...


UFC 146 Fallout Shelter

So now that I've had a bit of time to digest this weekend's UFC 146, I thought I'd gather a couple of thoughts to rub together and see what everyone else thinks. Junior dos Santos looks like he...


UFC on FX 2: Announcer Hot and Cold

Often after UFC events, armchair announcers call for a change. Goldie could be replaced by a soundboard because all he does is call out the time remaining in the round and shout "it. is. all....

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