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I've been a Dolphins fan all my life. I may not always agree with a few of the decisions that the FO have made in the past but I will always be a Dolphins fan no matter what. They are the only sports team that I care about and my love for the team is to the death.

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The full eight-man practice squad.


This is our full eight man practice squad: Offensive linemen Andrew McDonald and Chandler Burden Wide receivers Jeff Fuller and Chris Hogan Linebackers Josh Kaddu and Jonathan Freeny Safety Anderson Russell Cornerback DeAndre Pressley

I'm just thinking out loud about our wide receiver questions but we definitely could use a proven...


I'm just thinking out loud about our wide receiver questions but we definitely could use a proven wide receiver. We definitely have some talented young guys on the team and it'll be great to watch them develop, but having another proven target for Tanny would help his development. How about this... We have a ton of QB's. I doubt we go into the season with them all still signed on. My guess is we trade Moore, let Tanny start and have Garrard as a back-up. That puts Moore on the trading block. Green Bay has a seriously pressing issue at the QB position. Behind Rodgers, they have no one. They may have the least QB depth in the league now that Flynn is gone. What happens if Rodgers goes down and they have to school a new QB on their system? Nothing good, I can tell you that much. One thing that Green Bay does have is a glut of receiver and tight ends. We have Philbin which would help in discussions. Why don't we trade Moore to the Packers for one of their receivers or a mid round draft pick? We can use the receiving help/draft pick and they can use the depth at QB. It just seems to make sense.

~Serge Himself

To all the Chad Johnson sympathizers...


I don't feel bad for Chad whatsoever. Everyone is blaming his wife, but come on... He knew what he was getting himself into by marrying her. She has a history of being nuts and aggresive and he has a history of being over the top. This was just a matter of time and it is a good thing it happened sooner than later. Playing on this team was a priviledge. We took a chance on him, conditionally. And he blew it. Seriously, are you going to support someone who yelled out to cops that he didn’t give a f+$# about his career? That means he doesn’t care about this team. And that's not something that his wife said that he said, that's something that he screamed at the cops. Seriously? I was all for supporting him as long as he kept his cool and played well. This is why our team can't take chances on players with "big personalities" at least not when the big personalities ammount to problems for the team. We need players that are upstanding if we are going to build a dynasty like Green Bay has. We don't need a one year stop-gap causing problems and polluting the rooks. Screw him and good riddance. We don’t need him.

Should the Dolphins consider James Jones?


James Jones is on the trading block with two years left in his contract. Obviously, the Dolphins are the first team that everyone will think would jump on a trade for him because Philbin's connection to the Packers and our perceived lack of proven wideouts. What do you guys think? Do you think Philbin will make a play for James Jones? And if you do think so, what should he offer in a trade? I think it's too early to speculate any kind of trade talk for a receiver without first seeing what we have on the team. It's only the end of OTA's.

Jeff Fuller was a first round prospect entering his senior season.


Everywhere I look on the internet, people are saying that Fuller has the potential to be a great NFL receiver. I really think we need to put this kid on the 53. He has the potential to be a true number one receiver given time and he has familiarity with Tannehill and the playbook. He had a rough senior season, but was plagued by injuries that helped in making him drop the football. If his confidence isn't shaken and he can get back to his junior form by not dropping the football, we may have truly gotten a diamond in the rough as an undrafted free agent. It could be a Bess-like pickup.


Screw PeyDay, it's time to roll with the Flynn-sanity!

Let me begin this fanpost by saying that I was a major proponent of Manning coming here to play for our Dolphins. I was star-struck. I neglected the fact that he was coming off of major surgery and...

Three Bronco's players test positive for PED's while Peyton's in town.


Three Bronco's players are facing suspension by the NFL for PED's. Not exactly something you want to turn up while you are trying to sell Peyton on coming in to play for you.

Reggie Wayne says in interview that he and Peyton Manning to Miami would be a good fit.


"I think it would be a good fit for him," Reggie Wayne told WQAM when asked about Peyton Manning signing with the Dolphins. "He already has a crib here in South Florida and its less moving he'd have to do. He's already familiar with the city, and I'm sure that the Dolphins fans would love to have him here. It's a great fit for him." Reggie Wayne told WQAM he can see himself teaming up with Brandon Marshall as possibly "working great, excellent. He's one of the best receivers in this league. It's definitely one of the best receivers in this league. And it would definitely be great for us to be side to side.... It would be a great combination. Then you throw in a Peyton Manning in there. It can truly be dangerous. The league might not want that." "I'm no agent of his. I'm just a lowly teammate, ex-teammate. But whoever gets Peyton Manning will definitely have a gem," "He's one of the best, if not the best quarterback in this league ever, in history. Him being in the Dolphins uniform, I can definitely see that happening. I really can. I really think he'd enjoy it, and the Dolphins organization would benefit from it. It'd definitely be a hell of a battle in the AFC East with the rest of those teams." "I can see it, and I'm definitely not opposed to it," Reggie Wayne told WQAM about signing with the Dolphins, along with Peyton Manning. "He's a great worker. I consider myself a great worker, and when you put great workers together good things happen. Me being in his trail to Miami. I would definitely love it. I'm totally available. My phone is working...I'm ready for anything that comes! I definitely see that in the mix."

Tannehill would like to play for the Dolphins and Sherman


Sounds good to me. Sounds like Sherman would like Tannehill to play for the Dolphins too. Especially since we don't have a QB coach on the team and Sherman will be the QB coach. I'll be very happy with this just as long as we take Manning in FA. Manning wouldn't need a QB coach anyways so that'd be perfect. Manning would be set while Sherman grooms Tannehill for the future. This would make it likely that Sherman would stick around with the team in an OC capacity rather than try to get an HC job with another team in the future.

Tannehill grades out higher than Gabbert or Ponder did last year.


A lot of people have Tannehill grading out much higher in the draft than they had Gabbert or Ponder in last year's draft. Somewhat surprising given all of the hype on Gabbert last year. I was always very much against getting Gabbert.

Peyton Manning says that he has no plans to retire.


Peyton refuted reports that came out today and yesterday that said he would retire because his recovery was going slower than expected. Manning says that he expects to be back and at full power and that he is working hard to achieve this.

Dan Marino's thoughts on Matt Flynn


Dan the Man might not have wanted to paint Flynn in a negative light, but it sure seems like he did. Not exactly a ringing endorsement.

The Jets hire Dolphins offensive line coach DeGuglielmo.


The Jets have hired the Dolphins offensive line coach as their new offensive line coach. lol, next season is going to be AWESOME.

Ross has a masterplan to fix our quarterback situation.


He's making it his number one priority and apparently he has crafted a fool-proof plan with several contingency plans that will allow us to finally land our franchise qb that we've all been craving since Dan the Man left us.

The Dolphins are considering Manning, Flynn or Griffin III, reports say.


Like we all couldn't guess this already. You can take it for what it's worth, but "sources" are saying it's who we're going to be going after. Tis the season of smokescreen though and this is a fairly general report seeing as everyone knows we need a quarterback and these are potentially the best three choices for us, barring Luck whom the lowly Colts have staked claim to.


The truth about McCoy. (For anyone that thought he was a better hire than Philbin)

Check to see what everyone over at the Mile High Report is saying about McCoy. Hey guys, this is my first post on the Phinsider even though I've been coming here for years for Dolphins...

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