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Analysis from 1917: Babe Ruth


Fantasy has only been around for the last 20 years. Too bad, really. It would be way too fun to look back at what fantasy analysts were saying about Cy Young before the 1892 (1.93 ERA over 453...

Fantasy Football: Running Back Sample Sizes


"What state produces the most professional athletes per capita?" he inquired. I didn't know the answer, so we sat and speculated for a while. "Texas," my brother said. I wasn't so sure. It seemed...

Fantasy Football: Risky Plays


A few days ago I wrote about the safest players to draft early on. I did it for several reasons, namely because I believe security in early rounds is a skill that is often slightly undervalued, and...

It's official, we have signed RB Brian Westbrook to a one-year contract" The 49ers tweeted the...


It's official, we have signed RB Brian Westbrook to a one-year contract" The 49ers tweeted the above earlier today, knocking one more running back off the dwindling "lone wolf" RBs. It's still unclear what Westbrook's role will be at this point. However, I would say it knocks down Gore's value a little bit, though not a lot. Depending on where you have Gore ranked I would say he might move down a spot or two. In some ways, having Gore not take all the rushes might be a good thing for him, though inevitably he's going to lose a touchdown or two in the process.


Fantasy Football: Safe(r) Picks


You can't win your league with your first pick, but you can lose it. It's a frequently-heard statement in the fantasy world. And unlike most broad mantras, this one holds a large amount of merit. ...

Fantasy Baseball: Joe Morgan and Streaking Players


Fantasy Baseball: Joe Morgan and Streaking Players

Fantasy Baseball: Home Runs and Hate Mail


I'm a happy camper.  Why, you ask? Because I received my first piece of hate mail. Really, it was a hate "tweet," but I'm treating it just the same--I'm not going to let that technicality spoil my...

Fantasy Baseball: Throwing In the Towel


We're all the best. We're all experts. So when we talk about a losing fantasy season, it's not our fault. Injuries hit us--injuries to guys no one could forsee. Or we killed it in the roto...

"Brett Favre began telling Vikings officials last night he will NOT return for a 20th...


"Brett Favre began telling Vikings officials last night he will NOT return for a 20th season." This may be it for Favre. Maybe. The Star-Tribune is reporting that he texted teammates, "this is it." Reportedly, Favre's ankle is the reason for retirement. Assuming that the Tarvaris Jackson is now under center for the Vikings, this will hurt their team quite a bit. The big eight quarterbacks in fantasy now becomes the big seven, making it a little bit more important to snag one. Obviously Favre's "value" at this point takes a huge dip. But, assuming you are drafting today, Favre should still get drafted--I don't think I'll fully believe Favre is out until the Vikings are eliminated from contention this year. Sidney Rice, Percy Harvin and Visanthe Shiancoe's (and I suppose Bernard Berrian, too) value all should drop quite a bit too...we're talking about Tarvaris Jackson here. I will add that I think Sidney Rice's breakout last year was more about him than it was Favre. Depending on how far he falls in drafts, he might be a nice value play. I still think he is a very good player.


Fantasy Football: ESPN, Yahoo Differences


I once noticed early this baseball season that Clay Buchholz was owned in 100 percent of ESPN leagues, but in less than half on Yahoo!. I thought this was pretty interesting—that’s a large...

MLB Trade Rumors: The Final 15 Minutes


With about a quarter of an hour to go, a quick (and hurried) run down on where trade rumors stand. Adam Dunn--Ken Rosenthal has been insisting that Dunn will not be moved, but a plethora of people,...

Fantasy Baseball: Analysis of Podsednik, Oswalt Trades


I may have cursed Scott Podsednik. The underrated and incredibly valuable outfielder has had his stock hurt—and then some—by the trade yesterday that sent him to Los Angeles. Podsednik will still...

A Closer Look: Scott Podsednik


When I look back at it, it seems strange. Scott Podsednik’s average draft position on ESPN was in the 20th round (in 10-team leagues). His average buying price in auctions? 0.0. At the beginning of...

Fantasy Baseball: Best Case Scenarios for Trade Targets


Before I open up this piece, I think there is something always worthy of bearing in mind this time of year—deadline trades are overblown. It’s not that they can’t help a team—actual or fantasy—it’s...

Fantasy Baseball: Josh Beckett's Return


Owning Josh Beckett this season has not been fun. For the 45.2 innings he has pitched, he killed his owners’ ERA and WHIP. Some were almost thankful when we went to the DL—there was no obligation...

Fantasy Baseball: Midseason Starting Pitcher Rankings


After much stat crunching, a lot of thinking and a decent amount of math, the starting pitcher rankings are finished. The four of us ranked what we believed to be our top 70 pitchers, though 80...

A Closer Look: Jered Weaver


It doesn’t take a genius to say that Jered Weaver is having an impressive season. At this point, he’s 9-5 with a 3.16 ERA and a 1.07 WHIP. Oh, did I forget to mention the 142 strikeouts? But I’m...

Fantasy Baseball: Gutsiest Midseason Calls


As our regular readers know, we’re just finishing up our midseason baseball rankings right now by position. Certainly, it will be great to see how accurate our predictions were, and we will...

Fantasy Baseball: All-Star Break Cold Streaks


Welcome to the All-Star Break. For most of us, it’s the three worst days of the baseball season. Maybe not the baseball season. I guess I should revise to be the three worst days of the fantasy...

Fantasy Baseball: Midseason Outfielder Rankings


Whew. For those of you who have never done rankings, let me just tell you: It's much harder than it looks. For the outfielders we ranked our personal top 50. As always I'll remind you that these...

From Buster Olney's twitter: "Executive involved in Cliff Lee talks: The Yankees-Mariners deal 'is...


From Buster Olney's twitter: "Executive involved in Cliff Lee talks: The Yankees-Mariners deal 'is just about done.'" Twitter is abuzz right now with Cliff Lee to the Yankees rumors, the Yankees will be giving up Jesus Montero in the process. Lee is actually scheduled to pitch against the Yankees tonight, so we could have a "walk between the clubhouses" type of deal. Assuming the deal goes forward, the fantasy impact is probably fairly negligible. Lee moves to a tougher stadium and a tougher division but gets a vastly improved offense behind him. A slightly higher ERA and slightly more wins are to be expected, but overall the impact should be minimal.


Fantasy Baseball: Midseason Shortstop Rankings


We are now officially past the half-way mark in the season--and more than halfway through our rankings. Below are the shortstop rankings, anyone who qualifies at short in Yahoo, ESPN or CBS leagues...

Fantasy Baseball: Bedard's Start Pushed Back


"SEATTLE -- The projected return of Erik Bedard to the Seattle rotation has been put off at least until later in the week and possibly until after the All-Star break.All systems were go when...

Fantasy Baseball: Bedard Makes Last Rehab Start


Erik Bedard threw his last rehab start in Triple A Thursday. From the reports, it sounds like it was a very successful outing. Bedard threw 81 pitches over 4 1/3 innings, giving up one unearned...

Fantasy Baseball: Hot Streaks, July 1


Time for another installment of recent hot streaks—which I’m thinking of making a regular feature by the way. Hot streaks one week, cold streaks another. Seems like a decent plan. Besides, with...

Fantasy Baseball: Midseason Third Baseman Rankings


And we move to the hot corner. A word of warning to the readers: some of us are on different schedules due to the long weekend, etc. So I believe there may be some unsolved confusion over position...

Fantasy Baseball: Midseason Second Baseman Rankings


Below you will find the compiled chart of our second baseman rankings. I'll tell you now it was a murky, murky group and while each of us only ranked 20 players, 27 different names (and it could...

Fantasy Baseball: Midseason First Baseman Rankings


Below you'll find our midseason first basemen rankings. Brian (bluethunder33) has been added to the rankings corps for a fourth perspective, which is nice to have.  As always, remember that these...

Fantasy Baseball: Midseason Catcher Rankings


As we make our way toward the All-Star Game, we thought it would be prudent to start our midseason rankings. Every few days, you’ll see a new set of position rankings, starting with catcher, today. ...

Fantasy Baseball: Strikeout Efficiency


FanGraphs added swinging strike percentage to its repertoire a little bit ago, but only recently has one been able to sort the leaders of the stat. Inspired by this, I decided to do a little number...

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