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Peacock killer looks exactly like Mike Ditka

He's even got the sunglasses.

Muschamp accidentally recruited all of Twitter

He's excited about us! He needs us!

Hard rain at Yankee Stadium leads to tarp mishaps

They couldn't unroll it, and then it almost ate a person.

Yadier Molina leaves crackers for Jose at plate

Brotherly love with peanut butter filling.

Whale gives ride to unsuspecting kayakers

A whole damn whale just swam over and picked them up out of the water.

Little doggies lead Commonwealth opening ceremony

Scottish sports event, Scottish Terriers ... it's so simple.

The Knicks waived Shannon Brown


The roster is down to 14ish men.

Jack White is at the Cubs game looking very upset

What's he so sad about?

Embiid has moved on from Kim Kardashian to Rihanna

Joel's found someone else to slide into his DMs.

Mascot Chat! Bears and Bees and River Cats, oh my!


Finding the best team names and mascots in the Pacific Coast League (Part 2).

Varejao with a hat looks like just a regular guy

An investigative report reveals Anderson Varejao did not cut off his hair.

Blue Jays and Rangers delayed by pigeon invasion

These birds just wouldn't get off the field.

FIFA 15 unveils Clint Dempsey cover with banner

Video game cover release via tifo!

Ballgirl fields fair ball, wishes she didn't

What ball? I didn't catch any ball. I didn't even see a ball.

Team to demolish Bieber, Cyrus merchandise

The executive responsible for the notorious White Sox promotion disaster is bringing it to the minors.

SummerKnicks 80, D-League Select 73


The Knicks are headed to the next round of the Summer League playoffs.

Wizards Summer League block gets Beal's attention

Daniel Theis is his name, and this is one of the best blocks you'll ever see.

Tim Howard is the defender the Knicks need

And he's already suited up.

Morey donated thousands to whoop us in ping-pong

Rockets GM Daryl Morey had an evening of athletic glory, paid for by the generous donations of Daryl Morey.

Lynch won't dress up or pay attention at the ESPYs

ESPYs ≠ that action

Ivan Johnson got ejected from a Summer League game

It was only a matter of time.

Don't catch a Giancarlo Stanton homer barehanded

It will injure you.

The beefiest day in NBA offseason history

Hooray for beef!

Environment activists unfurl sign at All-Star Game

Well, that's one place to get your message out.

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