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Nothing like some drunken Freddy Garcia...


Nothing like some drunken Freddy Garcia...

Milton Bradley Getting Sued


Apparently you have to pay rent. Who knew?


Finding A Home For Brandon Marshall

So let's be realistic, whether you like the reasons why or not, Brandon Marshall has probably played his last game in Denver.  He doesn't get along with the coach and the coach isn't going anywhere...


Pop Culture Lists of the Decade and/or 2009 (OT)

Because... A) I love lists. B) I love looking at other people's lists. C) No one's posted one of these yet and we're running out of the properly do so. D) We've done these before and it's been fun. ...


Bill Simmons's Pacer Ideas

[From the FanPosts, sethgrandpa shares some thoughts on the Pacers' trade options from Bill Simmons. Only problem I have is him wondering if it's still too soon to joke about strip clubs and gun...


Josh McDaniels As An Offensive Mastermind

  When we hired Josh McDaniels he was touted as an "offensive mastermind."  Now people have varying opinions on how he's doing based on beliefs about the organization or certain moments they...

Tinsley May Sign With Memphis


Oh Chris Wallace...you are truly a god amongst horrible GM men.

Caple Investigates Cups & Beltre's Injury


My favorite line: "Yankees pitcher CC Sabathia says he doesn't wear a cup, nor does Seattle pitcher Ryan Rowland-Smith, even though he once saw a catcher get hit there so badly that the player went into shock and needed an ambulance, paramedics, an oxygen tank and, eventually, ultrasound. (On a positive note, Rowland-Smith says the nurse performing the ultrasound on his teammate was very attractive.)" RRS you sly dog you.


Pirates Apparently Trying To Extend Sanchez and Wilson (Update: Psych!)

Via Buc Dugout and the Pittsburg Post-Gazette. The Pirates have approached shortstop Jack Wilson and second baseman Freddy Sanchez about multiyear contract extensions, putting on hold, for now,...

Riggleman Probably In - Acta Out in Washington


Riggleman really can't catch a break can he? Well, I liked the guy so I hope he and Strasburg do well. Here's to Bryce Harper!


Pacers To Swap #13 To Bulls For Two 1st Rounders?

Possibly HUGE news.  Once again via ESPN's Chad Ford, who'll probably sue me for using all his material shortly: Chicago has talked to the Nets, Bobcats and Pacers about swapping No. 16 and No....


A Simple, Logical Trade Idea

So I know rosterbation is silly, but in light of some recent subpar ideas, and becuse I'm bored, here's an idea that could work. Pacers send Jamaal Tinsley and a their 2nd round pick in 2010 to...


Blair, Lawson, & Carroll Red-flagged For Injuries + Notes

According to ESPN's Chad Ford, it looks like bad times for some of the Pacer's potential draft targets. Foremost among the troubles is many Indy Cornrows' members favorite target, DeJuan Blair. ...

Harry Caray discusses Manny, Predator, and Pete Rose.


Harry Caray discusses Manny, Predator, and Pete Rose.


Sleeper QB To Watch

Mike Reilly6'3" 214 lbsCentral Washington via images.townnews.com   This kid has has the potential to be a diamond in the rough.  He's projected as a 5-7 round pick mainly because of the level...


Dennison's Real Interview

As you all know Rick Dennison interviewed for the head coaching opening today.  I think it's safe to assume he's not going to get the job.  So why even bring him in for an interview?  Good faith? ...


Top 10 Lists For 2008

It's that time of the year again.  I'm surprised one of these posts hasn't been up already.  I really love seeing what other LLers tastes are, so let's get to it.  What are your Top 10s (or 5s) for...


Your Earliest Broncos Draft Preview

Oh how flawed a team the Broncos are.  Between anything the defense does, the dropped passes, and the missed kicks, it's clear that this team cannot wait until Draft Day.  As bad as the loss to the...


Dye ----> Reds: Bailey ----> White Sox

Via the Dayton Daily News: http://www.daytondailynews.com/s/content/oh/story/sports/pro/reds/2008/12/07/ddn120808spredsweb.html Well Ken Williams apparently wants an all new team.  Homer Bailey...


The Common Thread In The Losses

The Broncos lost the game versus the Raiders when Hillis fumbled inside the 10 on the first drive.  That sounds stupid, but hear me out... If you look at at 4 of the 5 game the Broncos have lost,...


New Ownership Featuring Gillick A Possibility?

http://cbs.sportsline.com/mlb/story/10884085 Kind of just expanding on previous rumors, but word is a group led by Microsoft exc and part owner Chris Larson and featuring Gillick might buy...


Your Big Board

So with the draft a day away I thought it might be interesting to see who all of you think are the best players.  So I made up a big board in hopes that some of you might do the same.  Keep in...


Mariners Draft Room Discussion

  I was just wondering what it would've been like to throw one of us into the Mariner’s draft room…   Me:  “Hey guys thanks a lot for letting me be in here.  I have to admit, this is pretty...


LL TV Poll

So after reading some of the impassioned House thread I was curious how diehard LL is House-wise.  So I thought I'd check.  This is nothing more the pure curiosity on my part. There is no denying...


Oh Good God... (Yankees' Slump Busting Thong)

So Jason Giambi has come forward with the story of how he has a golden thong that apparently he wears in games when he's in a slump in order to bust out of it.  (Ironic because it clearly doesn't...


Official Venting Thread

Ok.  I've had enough.  The Bloomquist for Clement pinch hitting thing put me over the line.  That was literally the worst in-game move I've ever seen.  EVER.  I don't remember the last time I...


Did Anyone Else See This?

In the Braves game they had a righty reliever (Resop) in the game, but they wanted a lefty (Ring) to come in to face Adam LaRoche.  Instead of taking Resop out they moved him to LF.  After Ring...


Man That'd Be Nice

If the M's would admit players suck and just eat contracts *coughcoughCarioandsomanyotherscoughcough*.   O's cut Gibbons despite contract: http://msn.foxsports.com/mlb/story/7970788


Open NCAA Tourney Thread

Just thought we might need one of these. Best 2 sports days of the year.

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