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Open Game Thread: NCAA 1st round edition

WKU vs Miss Valley State. Sean Woods vs a team from the Commonwealth. The winner gets the University of Kentucky. Let's talk about it here or until someone else starts one. Sort of torn because...

Darius Miller with Tony Delk circa 1996. Ahh ;-)


Darius Miller with Tony Delk circa 1996.   Ahh ;-)

Beware of Shabazz Muhammad


There's only one place he can end up then, right? ;-)

College RPI Team Comparison Tool


I ran across this last night and thought I would share. You can use this tool to select any 2 teams and do a side by side comparison. They breakdown records against Top 50 RPI, Top 51-100 RPI, home vs away and many other areas. This is very similar to what you will see come selection time when comparing resumes of teams on the bubble or vying for the top seeds. Check it out!


President's Day: What college basketball coach (past or present) would make the best President?

I was out running errands today and was listening to Jeff Goodman and Bruce Pearl's show called Inside College Basketball on satellite radio. They had an interesting topic that asked the question,...

Anthony Davis Swat Map.


Anthony Davis Swat Map.

More Red Meat for the Base


We are getting way ahead of ourselves here. This is a question that surely has no right or wrong answer. Win a championship first and then we can talk.

Watergate, Iran-Contra and now this!


Ok, not quite to that level but had to get your attention ;)

DeMarcus Cousins makes Saturday Night Live


I am going to go out on a limb and say this is the first for a UK player.


College Football: 2011 College Bowl Thread

College Football: 2011 College Bowl Thread. A Sea of Blue's open thread for 2011-12 college football season.

2011-2012 Kentucky Basketball: "The Pursuit For #8"


Sweet video. I am pumped for this season. (sorry if this has been posted)

Sewanee, Long Lost Member of the SEC (Interesting)


This is pretty interesting. I have never heard this before. I bet Forty can recite the entire recruiting class their first j/k


Conference Realignment and the BCS System

With all the talk of conference realignment and the fast moving landscape of college football, there has been alot of talk about how this affects the game.  I had an interesting conversation with...

Rex Chapman Tweets about Palin - Rice "Fling"


Just a little context. There is a rumor in a book coming out about Sarah Palin that she slept with Glen Rice while he played at Michigan. Rex has some thoughts! lol

ESPN Sports Science: Randall Cobb Kickoff TD


Hey why not? Just another reason to post this amazing TD.


ASOB Fantasy Football

Hi everyone.  I was just curious to know the ASOB screen names for each member of the league.  Other than JLeverenz and a2d2, I am not sure who else is in the league.  It is important to know this...


SB Nation iPhone App

Just wanted to share with everyone that I downloaded the free SB Nation iphone app and really like it.  You can set your teams, blogs and sports preferences for faster access.   You also have a...

Cheating for Dummies: Your Guide to Smarter NCAA Rule Breaking


Just thought I'd share this. Found it funny and astute. Coaches would make terrible criminals.

Kentucky Athletics lips sync video of Dynamite...all sports teams


I found this on CNNSi's Extra Mustard. All the sports teams did a lip sync video. Jorts cracked me up. A must see.


Just a few words on the eve of the Final Four

Our father who art in Kentucky, let basketball be thy game. Seven banners won, the eighth to come, in Rupp as it is Big Blue Nation. Give us this day our defensive effort, and forgive us our...

Video: Harrellson blasts Sullinger


This play will live in my memory for years. And I thought a technical may have been called there but obviously glad they didn't.


Sec Tournament Open Thread

Just thought I would start a thread for those who are watching the SEC and would like to chat about it.  Who do you think takes the tournament?  Will a neutral court be the cure for UK's road...

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