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I am committed to perpetuating the goal of complete and utter world domination by Emanuel Ginobili, and will forever stand by his side in achieving this goal even if it means walking through fire, jumping between Mr. Ginobili and Ron Artest, or spiking the Zinfandel of a certain coach who chooses to scream at him.

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  • NBA San Antonio Spurs
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The Non-Spurs NBA Championship Game 1 Thread

Well, It's Game 1 tonight. And I find myself in a pickle. I can't help but feel that aligning myself with one of these two teams would be tantamount to compromise and failure. I feel like...

"Spursfan" is the new insult

There's really nothing to say. I had plenty of words after the second and third straight losses, but after the 6th? I've got nothing but a combination of rage and confusion and apathy. I see a team...

Denver without Duncan

Denver without Duncan: two random Spurs fans recount their adventures at the Pepsi Center

This Week's Sports Illustrated Players Poll: The Most Annoying NBA Head Coach During Games‏. "In...

This Week's Sports Illustrated Players Poll: The Most Annoying NBA Head Coach During Games‏. "In this week's Sports Illustrated Players Poll, 138 NBA players were asked, "Which coach is most annoying during games?" Almost two-thirds of players selected the Orlando Magic's coach Stan Van Gundy (65%), followed by the Los Angeles Lakers' coach Phil Jackson (7%), the Milwaukee Bucks' coach Scott Skiles (7%), the New Jersey Nets' coach Avery Johnson (4%) and the San Antonio Spurs' coach Greg Popovich." How is Popovich even ON this list?! I'm guessing that his 3% is 100% current Spurs.

HELP NEEDED! I need some PtRer help. JRDub mentioned the other day that a FanShot would certainly...


HELP NEEDED! I need some PtRer help. JRDub mentioned the other day that a FanShot would certainly prove successful, so we'll see. I've collected all 4 of the San Antonio Express-News front pages from each of our championships. Put them all on the wall in the man-cave, and they look sweet. Only problem is I never was able to nab a copy of the 2003 front page, so I got the Express-News to just send me a lithograph (basically the same as the newspaper page, only digital photo quality not printed on newspaper) instead. It's completed the set, but it stands out slightly from the others because it's not actually newspaper. And the "standing out" of course bothers me. I wish all four were lithographs since those actually look better, but I'm too far along for that. So my question is- somewhere, somehow, one of you has this 2003 newspaper cover. It's in good shape, and you just saved it because you're a true Spurs fan, and now it's in some box in the closet and you haven't looked at it in years. Well, I need your help. If you have a copy and it's in good shape and you'd be willing to send it to me, I'll trade you straight across for the framed copy I have. As I said, mine is the exact same only the official SAEN version, printed on photo paper. It looks great and is already professionally framed behind UV-resistant, non-glare glass with a powder-coated black metal frame. It's about a $250 value, and it's all yours just for sending me a newspaper that you're not using. Please, make sure the newspaper copy you have is in good shape. If it's torn and rolled up and it's got your coffee stains on it, go screw yourself. I'll even pay all the postage, I just appreciate your help. And you'll LOVE the framed copy I have. That's the picture of it above, and it'll look great in your house or apartment or bridge embankment. Email me if you're able to help. mrfurious11@hotmail.com

SiMA's Random Thoughts: Volume 1

SiMA's Random Thoughts: tackles Billups, the rash of trades, the big market/small market question, Dallas' performance and Duncan's haircuts of the past.

Reason #87 Why I'm a SPURS fan - HUMILITY


Classic Terry douchery. Hey Jay, just be thankful that San Antonio is no longer bringing Manu off the bench, or you'd be a distant 2nd at best. Enjoy your All-Star Weekend in LA....ohhhh, oops. Sorry.

The Final Stand of the Big Fundamental

The Final Stand of the Big Fundamental: Could the impending CBA mean that we're seeing Duncan's last days on the court?

The Spurs’ Style Change: Lemons to Oranges

The Spurs’ Style Change: Lemons to Oranges. SiMA examines the "WHY?" behind what we see on the court, and makes us thirsty.

The Day the NBA Stood Still

The Day the NBA Stood Still: The Biggest NBA Game EVER! Srsly? SiMA unloads his thoughts on tonight's game

Relishing the Now

A treatise on ACLs and why Spurs' fans should appreciate DeJuan Blair now.

Class. Honor. LA. ------------------------------ And here's the link: ...


Class. Honor. LA. ------------------------------ And here's the link: http://espn.go.com/video/clip?id=5055604 Of course. I never saw this coming. And so the pandering psychological game continues. Anyone want to take a $100 bet that the refs DRAMATICALLY swing their calls in favor of LA if we meet again? No? No one? Kobe, not even you? What's awesome is that ESPN doesn't even have to work for these stories anymore- it's as easy with Phil to just play Mad Libs with his interviews, and then insert a different date/opponent name/ref name/player name in each time.


Special Thank You to San Antonio SPURS Owners

So, we had this idea. Regardless of what your feelings are on the season thus far, it’s something we need to do as loyal SPURS fans and it’s overdue. It's time we thanked Peter Holt and his group...

Yet another reason to be disgusted by the Thuggets


I was tempted to say, "Yet Another Reason to be Disgusted by some of our Rivals," but that's not really accurate for either of these teams. I know Cap will agree with me on this, but thank God for the San Antonio SPURS. The denver thuggets consistantly exhibit examples of character-less contributors (not to even mention the story from last week of Ronaldo Balkmans' DUI) and with each day's new story confirming this, I grow more and more grateful for our SPURS. PS- Also, thank goodness we didn't ever sign Smith; he would have been a cancer.


"I hate Tony Parker/God save the Mace" - phx suns recap

I was so close to just posting political pictures and giving self-assumed witty political commentary speckled throughout this recap. But then I realized…… I’m not an asshole. If you’re looking for...


phoenix preparing for our boys

http://www.azcentral.com/sports/suns/articles/2008/12/23/20081223spurs1224.html   This is a great article from the Arizona Republic this morning about the SPURS.  It's actually a pretty good...


Article on DRob's HOF induction/SPURS culture

Our own frequent commenter Kid Dynamite had a great piece on David Robinson's 2009 HOF induction and relevance on the SPURS culture over at 48 Minutes of Hell this week.  You guys should check it...


Finally.... the Redemption Game - thuggets Recap

You have to understand, it is awful watching a SPURS game in Denver. I’ve never simply said that because I live...


The Internet is fun

Somebody finally figured out how to post pics!  I've tried for some time, facing constant ridicule from ATS for my lack of technical skills.  But with a cold, slow day at work and special...


Manu having surgery

http://msn.foxsports.com/nba/story/8502882?MSNHPHMA So that's happening.  Awesome.  So much for the pipe dream that rehab and rest were all that is needed.  No speculation about how long he'll be...


PtR - All-time great Quotes

So I realized the other day, we've talked about a database for vintage PtR quotes for some time and haven't acted on it.  There have been some gems over the years, and there needs to be somewhere...


It's not over...

Lots of national commentators are already swinging over to the SPURS, and virtually declaring the series over.  "Nooch is demoralized," "Nooch is lost and confused," "San Antonio has figured Nooch...



There's been so much said about the phx series, and rightly so.  It will go down as one of my favorite SPURS playoff series' of all time and I think it represented more than just a first round...


phx is a miserable place to lose...

This is exactly why I love the SPURS and love PtR- No one is panicking, not even the clingers from SpursTalk.  No one is jumping from the bridge at the new hope and belief we gave phx today.  No...


Thoughts for your evening cup of tea... from PHX

Well PTR, here I am in phx, the land of the sun and many pools and today..... broken dreams.  Full of such enormous joy that I could hug each of you.  (Wait...that was weird.  Scratch that.  I'll...


Dear phx and followers:

Dear phx- Thanks for your stay in San Antonio, it was fun and we only hope that you enjoyed your stay since you may not be coming back until next year. As a basketball fan, I've taken the liberty...

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