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The one constant through all the years, Sam, have been the Spurs. This league has rolled by like an army of steamrollers. It has been erased like a blackboard, rebuilt and erased again. But the Spurs have marked the time. This team, this game: it’s a part of our past, Sam. It reminds of us of all that once was good and it could be again.

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Spurs take 2-1 in Finals. However...

This is the main NBA page of ESPN the following morning: Big picture news and articles: LBJ calls legends (Apparently he called legends 2 years ago after losing to the Mavs) Dr. Jack tribute...


Duncan's Spurs vs NBA franchises

Many things have been said about the great Spurs' run since they drafted Tim Duncan but each day there is a little something that comes up and makes you appreciate being a Spurs' fan even more....


After more than 20 years: My first Spurs game

After more than 20 years being a Spurs fans I'm finally getting the chance to watch them live for the first time. I live in northwest México, a few hundred miles south of Phoenix and I have never...

Photos of Spurs in México


Photo gallery of Spurs spending time with Triquis kids. They played a barefooted game. Triquis won 10-4.

New knee ligament discovered


As impossible as it may seem, two surgeons at University Hospitals Leuven have discovered an entirely new part of the human body. It is a ligament in the knee and it appears to play a role in patients suffering from a tear in their anterior cruciate ligament (ACL), a common sports injury.

TrueHoop TV: The end of the Spurs?


Henry Abbott interviews Shane Serrano, a Spurs "fan".I normally like what Abbott does so I can't understand how he thought this was an interview worth of publishing or someone worth interviewing at all.


Tuesday Losers Thread: LA Lakers @ OKC Thunder

I'm watching the game on TNT and wondering if we can find a way for both teams to lose this game? I can't decide if I prefer the Thunder to lose a few games to extend the Spurs'lead for the 1 seed...


Danny Green's confidence

Like many of you, I've been waiting for Danny Green to come back to Earth and see more of his cold side. However, I believe this is not just another streak. For the last few weeks since he started...

The Truth Behind NBA Chemistry: Who Has It?


A good article trying to defend the effectiveness of Durant-Westbrook duo while showing the best units (5, 4, 3 and 2 players). At the end the article comments about the lack of Spurs' unit on each of the first 3 lists.

Lots of Spurs related questions this time in Hollinger's chat today. Lots compared to most ESPN...


Lots of Spurs related questions this time in Hollinger's chat today. Lots compared to most ESPN chats. He has nothing but good comments about SA. Ethan ((Providence)) Sup John, who do you actually have winning the title? Why? John Hollinger (12:25 PM) Spurs. Because they're better than everybody else. John (USA) Bigger threat to San Antonio LAC or MEM John Hollinger (12:28 PM) Tough question. Memphis beat San Antonio last year and has shown they can defend the Spurs' stuff much better than most; but the Clippers' pick-and-roll game can give the Spurs trouble and they don't match up well against Blake. John Hollinger (12:28 PM) But ultimately I'd say Memphis. The Spurs will just shred the Clippers' defense to pieces, and it's hard for me to imagine a Popovich-VDN battle swinging in LA's favor. Joe (NY) You are basing picking the Spurs on them beating a horrible Utah team in the 1st round?? Whether they draw LAC or Mem in round 2 and then OKC or LAL in round 3 it is gonna be alot tougher John Hollinger (12:33 PM) I'm picking them based on their going 28-3 in their past 31 games, and winning the season series against every remaining team in the West, with at least one humiliating win against every one of them. Or how about this: They're 22-3 in their past 25 road games. Two of the losses came when they sat their starters. Nobody's beating them. Joe (NY) Miami would have the 3 best players in a series against the Spurs. Tough to overcome that even considering Heats lack of depth John Hollinger (12:43 PM) Two best, yes. But I'd argue 3, 4 and 5 play for San Antonio, as do 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, and 12. Chalmers could probably be the Spurs' 10th man if he applied himself; he's the fourth-best payer on Miami. That's why I'd take San Antonio. Adnan (SPCR) Is Gregg Popovich an all time great coach? John Hollinger (12:43 PM) Beyond a shadow of a doubt. Automatic Hall of Famer. Ant (SA) How many more games until the Spurs current winning streak ends? John Hollinger (1:09 PM) I'll say Game 3 of the second round, en route to a five-game series win. But we'll have plenty more time to dissect those possibilities in next week's chat. That's all the time I have but thanks again for all the great questions. We'll do this at a date and time to be determined once I know where I'm going to be in round 2.

Chat with John Hollinger 5/10/12

Fix tanking: Grade on a curve


Another great article about how to fix tanking in the NBA. This one proposes to order teams' picks on the draft based on how well they did according to expectations going into the season.

Timeout hurt offenses


Thanks to the people at NBA.com/stats, we now have some insight. According to their research, in crunch time, NBA teams are more likely to score if they don't call timeout. It turns out that in no scenario were teams more likely to make a shot when they called timeout.


Spurs should be considering Howard

Or should I say, Howard should be considering the Spurs? It might not be that crazy at all.

48MoH - Competitive balance: It’s not the market, it’s the owners


...you cannot hand the Lakers a nuclear missile and then cry about them having nuclear missiles. In reality, the Los Angeles market size did not create the current Lakers superpower. Michael Heisley and Chris Wallace of the Memphis Grizzlies did. Read more

Silver and black memories: Duncan’s near quadruple-double


A lot of NBA fans remember this game and the gaudy statline that Duncan put up. One lesser-known fact is that Duncan set the record for blocks in an NBA Finals series. Basically, Duncan was a monster at this time. Read more: 48MofH

Larry Coon: Is the NBA really losing money?


Great explanation of what the problem is and why neither side wants to give: "The players have indicated they are willing to share in a legitimate burden, but so far have insisted on an optimistic interpretation of the state of the league, while denying culpability in factors about which they have no say. The owners are fixed on a pessimistic interpretation of the league's health, and a more drastic response to the problem. And the two sides now have had two years to dig in their heels and refine their rhetoric."

The NBA is opening up League Pass for the last few days of the regular season hoping to get people...


The NBA is opening up League Pass for the last few days of the regular season hoping to get people to sign up for the playoffs. Check it out: NBA League Pass Free preview

Tony Parker Diagnosed with Strained Left Soleus San Antonio, TX – The San Antonio Spurs today...

Tony Parker Diagnosed with Strained Left Soleus San Antonio, TX – The San Antonio Spurs today announced that guard Tony Parker has been diagnosed with a strained left soleus after undergoing a MRI earlier today. He is expected to miss two to four weeks. He will not accompany the team on this week’s road trip to Memphis and Cleveland in order to begin his rehabilitation program in San Antonio. Parker, in his 10th season with the Spurs, is averaging 17.1 points, 6.6 assists, 3.1 rebounds and 1.24 steals per game while shooting .518 from the field. Parker is one of two players in the NBA to average at least 15.0 points, 5.0 assists and 3.0 rebounds and shoot at least .500 from the field. Spurs.com

D-Will to Nets


Trying to rebound from the disappointment of their failed pursuit of Carmelo Anthony, the New Jersey Nets have agreed to a blockbuster trade with the Utah Jazz for Deron Williams, sources said on Wednesday. Via ESPN

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