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Jimmy Graham


Hey guys, this is a graphic of our very own Jimmy Graham which I worked on. You can download it and resize it as needed for your various phones and devices. Let me know how it looks, etc. Thank you. I hope y'all like it.


Statistical Breakdown of WR Usage

The NFL today is considered a "passing" league. The aerial attack is more important than ever. Thus, it gives rise to the importance of skill positions like quarterback and wide receiver. How do...

Saints Have a Dirty Little Secret


"Because of his stature, impaired downfield vision and need for ego-satiating stats..." "... the complications of shortness — both physical and mental — leave him vulnerable." "...because the television networks want you to believe you’re watching a once-in-a-lifetime performance. Drew Brees is Dan Marino and Bart Starr rolled into one tiny package!"


Saints-Titans: "Gut check" in Music City

I don't know about the rest of you, but I have gotten a little bit disappointed in the Times Picayune's coverage of the Saints. The articles just don't seem to have that flair anymore, and an elite...


Hate, thy name in ESPN

Someone in ESPN needs to be fired   If you’re a Saints fan, do yourself a favor and don’t try to watch fastest 3 minutes. NOT A SINGLE MENTION of the Saints. Even in a sub-section about records,...


Verdict: Part Deux

  Bout this time last year, I had written a piece about the outlook of the NFC South and the possible finish of each team. In it, I was cautiously optimistic and predicted at least a 2nd place...

Anybody else wanna pummel NFL.com?


NFL rankings from supposed experts....Chargers are ranked 1...the Saints are ranked 8...nuff said.



"I can eat oreos faster than you, Peyton." "Hey, I don't think he liked that joke. Did ya like it Peyton? I don't think he liked it." "Hi. My name's Scott. I'm Japanese."


Analysis For the Off-season

Well fellow CSC members, the Saints Superbowl season is nearing an official close, and the new season is upon us. Even if it does take some time for hell to unfreeze. With that said, here's an...

Someone get Sean Payton 50 copies of this


Obviously, someone didn't sleep well last night...


A Day in the Life of Jeremy Shockey

  Now, now Saints fans and fanatics alike, I have, like a lot of you, been bored out of my mind just waiting for training camps to start. And I really don’t hate Jeremy Shockey. I like his...



Hey i just got my fantasy team and i would appreciate it if you guys were to rate and leave comments on it. I was pretty psyched about this team especially if Reggie Bush can stay healthy the whole...


More Disrespect (Aaarghhh!)

   And so the disrespect continues. The latest from sporting news. In  a list of the top 25 impact players in '09, Drew Brees is ranked 13. The Offensive Player of the Year is ranked 13th. Guess...


The Verdict: Bayou Style

With all the chatter and actions taking place around the NFL, it seems like a good, if not great time, to talk about the one and only NFC South outlook. I guess it will be hard not to be biased for...


4 Reasons To Keep Believing


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