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70 Years Ago -- Three Way Baseball Game

Al has noted a couple of anniversaries this week. One of them happier than the other -- The Sandberg Game, which I am old enough to remember watching. As many of you know, June 6 was the 70th...

Carlos Zambrano in Venezuelan League Brawl


This isn't going to make teams notice you in a good way, Carlos.


Tanaka might be staying home; Posting system not changing (at least not yet)

Per Rotoworld I have mixed feelings on Tanaka. The Cubs need a true ace, but there are questions as discussed by others here about the mileage already on his arm, plus the posting fee. If he...


aaronb owes Cubs Care, and it's gotten even uglier around here

The original point of me posting was to remind aaronb of our bet; payment is due of $25 to Cubs Care. h...


Francoeur-Castro Parallel? How about Green-Epstein.

This post is probably two or three weeks late, but the inspiration for it happened today.Today is a warm, humid day in SE Wisconsin. I was driving home for lunch with the windows open and had...


Aerial Photos Of Wrigley Field, Lakeview, Downtown

OK, I'm no Katie Casey, so these images aren't as sharp as the ones that she posts. But I think that I can defend the quality of the pictures pretty easily. For those of you that don't know,...

MLB targeting Braun, A-Rod


Something else to discuss while we wait for Opening Day and for Tunney to go away. I know a handful of people that know Dino Laurenzi; I don't know how he feels, but these people would be delighted to see Braun get what he has coming to him -- even the Brewers fans.

Is Brett Jackson coming up for the next homestand?


Several articles about this in the last few hours; Vitters may be coming soon, too. I'd say bring him up and see what he can do. Trouble will be finding playing time for the others if no one is moved, because there's no point in bringing up Jackson to have him sit.

Lake View Proposes More Night Wrigley Field Events


We probably could use something else to talk about.

Will the Cubs carry 13 pitchers?


I don't know if Rudy has a philosophy or I have a philosophy on hitting," Sveum said. "When you deal with 12 individuals and you're trying to be consistent at this level, you have to treat each guy individually." Yes, I know this really is likely just a throw-away line, but I thought since we like to discuss lineups and rosters around here that this would be something other than Yu Darvish / Prince Fielder to kick around. And, man, I hope not. 12 is too many, let alone 13.

Another reason the Designated Runner is coming to the American League


How long will owners tolerate their multi-million dollar hitters injuring themselves on unnecessary home run trots? Personally, I can't STAND to see the likes of Jose Guillen plod their way around the bases. They are paid to HIT! Don't tell me about strategy or playing the whole game, either. There is nothing more boring than watching a manager decide whether or not to use a pinch-runner. I'd like to see 50-man rosters to eliminate that useless nonsense and get baseball back to where it should be - nine guys swinging as hard as they can to hit the ball as far as they can, and have someone else who can't hit run for them.


So much angst about Ricketts (rev'd)

Ok, I am editing this after all. The post below was meant more as a response to the sentiment that the Cubs' new ownership is inherently inept because they haven't overhauled everything.  The...


An open letter to Ryan Theriot

A pitcher with control problems just walked his counterpart, and you, as the leadoff man with less extra-base power than Worf, decide to swing at the first pitch with the bases loaded? Your lack...

Phil Rogers writes a column that actually makes sense


Or at least doesn't make me laugh out loud at its absurdity.


Overflow Thread 1: The Sky Is Falling (Jake Fox Traded)

Instead of taking over other subsequent front-page posts with bemoanings of how this means "fourth place here we come", here's a new thread to talk about it.  No disrespect meant to those who are...


Updated! (Poll): Ask BCB - Wacky Trade Proposals

A recent fanpost and the subsequent reaction has me thinking that we need one consolidated repository for all "No bleeping way" trades, much like the most "popular" beat writer to BCB does each...


Brewers Marketing: Fueling the Perception

I've been to many Brewer games over the years, having grown up in SE Wisconsin.  Most of the fans that I've interacted with at Brewer-Cub games have been knowledgeable and friendly (except for a...


Time to DFA cries of "DFA" and "Waivers"

For months now, we've been reading constant calls to DFA this player or that player.  Now that July 31 is astern, we're hearing daily cries to put one player or another on waivers. Note - the...

How about something upbeat? Pirate farmhand from South Africa with a great attitude


I did a quick search, so I don't think this has been posted, but the article is a couple of weeks old. Too bad this kid isn't a Cub.

Jamie Moyer - Class Act


Always liked him; too bad he wasn't able to stick around with the Cubs longer - in either stint.


Fandom Redux

This is meant as a response to a lot of the discussions that have been going on lately and not a knock on Drew’s post from last week.   A lot of the topics discussed on this board are...


Revised [Grow up, Carlos. (Zambrano misses flight)]

Ok, I'm not going to delete this, because people have made good points on both sides of the argument.  For as good of a job as I thought I did not getting P.O.'d during the game, I was irritated...

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