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MKE-STL series (It's raining and people are bored)

The Brewers play 3 against the Cardinals this weekend.  They are tied for first; the Cards are the traditional rival and have arguably the best manager in the game, while the Brewers have finished...

Milton Bradley to get his hearing in Houston


I didn't see the argument, but I did see the pitches -- bad. From what I've read, the contact was incidental and the umpire did nothing to diffuse the situation.


All-Star Voting -- Making a Joke of a Joke

Ok, I'm trying this again.  MLB and Fox's claim that, "This time it counts!" is pretty much embraced by no one, yet Selig insists that it's the only logical way to determine home-field advantage...


Joe Magrane on Felix Pie

Joe Magrane, MLB Network analyst, during the Baltimore Orioles preview (30 teams in 30 days) commented on Felix Pie -- "He got himself a bit twisted around last year" and went on to say that it was...


Convention Leftovers

For a change of pace, I'll post something that makes no reference (other than this sentence) to newly acquired relief pitchers, backup catchers or potential acquisitions. Late last season, I made...


Hopefully the last Hershiser to the Cubs post

As the fanposts on Jake Peavy are lengthlier than the federal complaint against Blago, I thought it might be fun to revisit Cubs rumors that never came to fruition. About 10-12 years ago, Orel...


Piniella in NY Daily News Column

Lou Piniella was the topic of a short column in Friday's NY Daily News.  It touches on Lou's former, and hometown, team being in the World Series and his take on it. More interestingly, it talks...


Cubs pick up Harden's Option - No surgery needed

Here's a link to the Trib's blog I'm a bit surprised that no surgery is needed, with the velocity down.  If he can pitch like he has in the past, this is obviously a good thing - but he's...


Must we mock other teams?

As has been mentioned several times this year, this is quite possibly the best Cubs overall team that anyone alive has witnessed.  I'm old enough to remember the early 1980's, and it's certainly...


Off-day fun : Raising $ for Project 3000

Ok, the off day is almost over, but let's be honest.  We're all going to be stir-crazy waiting for 6:10 CDT Friday.  The Zambrano news is good, so we can turn our focus back to the on-field action. ...


OT: Ford Frick Award -- Goofy

It's not new in 2008 that fans get to vote for their favorite broadcasters for induction in the Hall of Fame, it's just (in my opinion) stupid. According to our favorite reporter, Joe Morgan was...


Suds-Stars August 18

The Brewers lead 6-0 in the fourth, all on 2 out runs. words words words words words words words words words words words words words words words words words words words words words words words...


Cubs-Brewers: Can't we all get along?

Before you post flames -- No, I'm not suggesting that Cubs fans suddenly start cheering for the Brewers or vice-versa.  Or that people should stop talking trash.  I'm just suggesting that we can...


Jerome Holtzman 1926-2008,1,2172202.story Hall of Fame baseball writer Jerome Holtzman passed away last weekend, the Trib...


OT (because we need it): Strat-O-Matic

I was going to save this for an off day, but I figure we can all use a distraction from the Cubs right now, especially with a west coast starting time on Monday. I'm wondering how many of you have...


"L" flag

According to Bruce Miles in today's Daily Herald, the Cubs are considering no longer flying the "L" flag to notify the El passengers and neighborhood if the Cubs lost.  The assumption would be that...


OT: Mom's OK

Many of you that were still around after the amazingly bad 7th inning on Thursday reading the game thread saw my post about my mother's heart attack Wednesday night/Thursday morning.  It wasn't...


OT: Another WI topic - Madison Cub game viewing

First, thanks to all for sharing your Wisconsin stories. A few of you mentioned the possibility of a Madison get-together.  CF'82 threw out a few dates; Stadiumguru suggested sometime after school...


OT: Cubs fans with Wisconsin connections

Over the last few months, I've noticed that there are a lot of people on BCB who, like me, have Wisconsin ties and are Cubs fans.  I've exchanged posts with a few of you in the last couple of days. ...


Overflow thread - Cubs vs Pirates May 18

Go Cubs Go Cubs Go Cubs Go Cubs Go Cubs Go Cubs Go Cubs Go Cubs Go Cubs Go Cubs  Go Cubs Go Cubs Go Cubs Go Cubs Go Cubs Go Cubs Go Cubs Go Cubs Go Cubs Go Cubs Go Cubs Go Cubs Go Cubs Go Cubs Go...


All Star Votes and WS Home Team

As Al noted, the voting has begun.  Being relatively new to this community - not having found the site until last off season, I don't know what the consensus is on this, but I think the ASG...

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