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Restructured Contracts

I haven't seen any posts about it but apparently Thomas Davis, Ryan Khalil, and Johnathan Stewart have all restuctured their contracts to create an additional $7.2 million in cap space. I won't...


Black Pants for TODAY'S Game Against Denver

According to DeAngelo Williams, the Carolina Panthers for the first time in their history will wear black pants during today's game. This move has been long awaited and should be greeted warmly by...

Teams Calling About Steve Smith


In what has already been a tumultuous season, it appears teams have been inquiring about the availability of Steve Smith... has some pretty good things to say about Cam, BAMF, and the Panthers


Glad to see we're still getting some national buzz. I wish we were a bit more under the radar, but a little recognition never hurt. I also wish expectations were a bit more tempered surrounding Cam. He had a great rookie season and naturally raised the hopes of fans, analysts, and experts alike. I just don't want him to have any kind of decline and then have everyone turn on him the way they did Josh Freeman. Albeit, Cam has a much higher ceiling and has already produced at a level that Freeman never has, but still... Fans, and the media (in particular), can be very fickle. I am very optimistic and believe that we are witnessing something never seen before. I think that Newton could truly be the LeBron James of football (minus the whole leaving Cleveland thing, of course). For such a small fanbase, our voices are heard and we are quite the outspoken bunch. I think we're in for a awesome ride! I'm all locked in for a GREAT season! GO PANTHERS! BTW: 23-8 so far in Madden. Add me on XBOX Live: Clay Davis 336 (no that's not my real name, it's a character from the HBO show The Wire). And Yes, I am a girl. Add me on Facebook: Sharissa Allen

Johnson is not crazy about his, "Big Money," nickname, inspired by his comment after signing his...


Johnson is not crazy about his, "Big Money," nickname, inspired by his comment after signing his deal that, "big money," brings big expectations. "I don’t like that," he said. "People always call me that, though." Johnson believes the name implies he is driven solely by dollars. He seeks to prove that is not the case.

Travelle Wharton: Out For The Season


Travelle Wharton is done for the year. Less than one quarter into the preseason and it's over. Sad news. He was always the consummate professional, class act, and nice person in general while here in Carolina. This may sound awful, but... It seems like we ducked a few punches this offseason. Almost everyone we let walk or traded away has been injury bitten pretty much immediately after they left (i.e. Schwartz, Goodson, Wharton). The only player flourishing so far has been Naanee.

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